Shawn MakrisUnlicensed Contractor / Faulty Work

Shawn Makris was recommended to me by my real estate agent Jonah Mesritz (Summit Reality Group - California) in October 2014. Shawn and Jonah live on the same property in Vista, CA. I later found out that Shawn Makris is not a licensed contractor in the State of California, yet the licensed real estate agent (Jonah) continues to refer him to his clients for building / construction needs.
Shawn Makris and I discussed, emailed and texted regarding the re-model of my small 1300 sq foot home from dates October 2014 through November 2014. The estimate for the remodel was for approximately $84, 000. There was a finish time line of November 14, 2014.
On the date that I moved in, the house was not finished. I gave the crew another week... the house was still not finished and many of the items were incomplete and faulty. At this point, I had already given Shawn Makris $120, 000. This amount does not include many of the items that I paid for myself (approximately $29, 0000 for appliances, tile, shutters/blinds, shower doors, doggy door...) I would like to get my money returned to me so that I can hire a reputable building contractor to correct the faulty items and to complete the remodel job of my home. I would also like the public to be aware about the scam that is occurring between the real estate agent (Jonah Mesritz) and the unlicensed person (Shawn Makris) that is referred to as "contractor" "project manger", etc. Public Beware!

Shawn Makris

Jan 06, 2015

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