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I recently attended a seminar of success Resources and masters of wealth( 2/12/14) in Australia.
There were numerous speakers, including Ropbert Kiyosaki( author of Rich dad, Poor dad.)
All the presenters were quite slick, I signed up for two courses, ( shaun Shelton, property investing and Daniel Miller, online marketing) as they push incentives to get you to sign up there and then.
When I got home I did some online research and found quite a high volume of negative reviews, particularly about Shaun Shelton, leading me to conclude that the information given by the speakers at the seminar, was misleading and deceptive.

I cancelled the booking under the "3 day cooling off agreement". They agreed to refund, but 6 weeks later, I am still waiting for refund and they do not answer my emails.
All which confirms they are a shoddy lot. So I would NOT recommend them or any of the speakers on the circuit that revolves around Success resources, Masters of wealth or Empowerment International

Jan 12, 2015
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  • Bl
      Mar 25, 2015

    Something smells fishy about this scheme. we were herded into a room with sandwiches on the chairs, we had to go outside & get our own...even very elderly people.our names were printed on a large sticker & we were asked to fill in a sheet with our details, which I was not impressed by. We had to hand that info over BEFORE we could even enter the room. We both just put the bare minimum & wrong numbers on the sheet.etc.
    My guest & I were herded up to the front row & I feel it was in the order I applied to come, as my invitation had a large number in top left corner that I had noticed & wondered what it meant. Thus they would have the most keen(or so they thought) to invest & make money up the front of their Income Education seminar.
    Sadly they were very wrong with me as I was not interested in the least...just came for meal, camera, to meet people, etc.
    Shaun Shelton was very hard sell & I could then see why the name tags were used. He would pick those that seemed the most interested & deliberately use their name which was to make the person feel important. He asked about who wanted to make money (just in many different ways)& the crowd would put their hands up each time. We were not allowed to ask questions, were told these would be answered one on one.
    The guys all in blue tops seemed very impersonal & were not interested in us in any other way than to get us to sign up. One did say how are we today?...while we were eating, in an american twang. But it was a rhetorical question only. It felt like we were being herded to be sheared like sheep & also being treated like pre-school children.
    Also, S.S.. said we would have a 10 min break, I went for a cuppa milk, the men in blue only were interested in the signing up process...we had to find our own milk. Many signed up & thats when you were given the free camera...not in the tea area. So i asked a blue man & got one for my guest as S.S. Comes back to the front & I presume because they had enough signed up, more or less told those that were not interested to leave.
    Write this down..he kept ordering us & those either side of me would do so. He was appealing to people's greed. I cannot be manipulated in this way because I have not a materialistic bone in my body. He was barking up the wrong tree with me.
    I have since read that there are 3 courses that you will be encouraged to attend & of course, pay for. Very sad that they have to use such hard-sell tactics. Very impersonal & lacking in consideration for the elderly especially...they wanted the was very obvious. Sadly, I did not know many of the attendees, but the ones I do know, I have now warned...CANCEL & get your money back:( AVOID!

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  • Ha
      Mar 30, 2015

    My sister and I attended the same seminar on the 2/12/2014. We signed up for the S.S Property Investing course as he made it sound like a very interesting way to make some extra money on the side. I must admit that I was convinced by the 'client testimonial' that was performed up on stage, and the promises of a high quality course where I would really learn about property investing.

    After paying the full sum, my sister and I awaited hearing back from Success resources, so that we could find out where the course was being held, what time it would start, etc. As the weeks ticked by and we heard nothing, we started to call the office; everyone was on holiday over Christmas. Unfortunately the course date came and went, and we still couldn't get a hold of anyone from the course. My sister finally managed to get the UK number of one of the people involved in running the program and we asked for a refund, as we hadn't been given any information on the course, or where it was running etc. He agreed very readily that we would come to a 'resolution' and I was very happy that he seemed to take our concerns very seriously.

    It turns out that they were much better at promising 'resolution' than actually doing anything about it. They offered a credit for a future course (date to be determined) but we were very unimpressed so we insisted that they refund us for a service that we paid for, but they didn't actually deliver. After that, we were told every time that we called that "Rick is out of the office", even when we called 2-3 times a day. Every call was dealt with in the same way, they would agree that a 'resolution' (note, they never mentioned refund) was in order, and that they would get Rick to call us back.

    This circus went on for about a month, after which time we were frustrated and feeling like we had been cheated out of $1, 000 each. In desperation, we filed a formal complaint with the bank, explaining that we had each paid a lot of money, but had yet to see anything for it. Very fortunately, the bank acted very quickly and issued us with a full refund within days. I wouldn't be surprised if they had done a few refunds against the company lately.

    In summary, I feel horrified that these events are allowed to be run at prestigious places like the Melbourne Convention Centre, when they are filled with con-men and smooth-talking swindlers. Please, do yourself a favour and steer well-clear of these sorts of people. After doing a lot of research I found out that all of the other speakers at the event (and ones run around the world) had similarly shady backgrounds (Shaun/Sean/Shawn Shelton; Greg Secker; Jordan Belfort; etc).

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