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I know that I am late seeing this but someone showed me this non sense today and I felt the need to add a comment. I worked for patient transport for Crothall / Shands, and later moved on to a different department in Shands. I didn’t have very much interaction with Ashley Strickin, except when she showed her appreciation for our work during transport week. Overall she seemed nice (not racist). On the other hand I worked with Brian Newman almost every day! From the time he walked in the door until the time he was done doing overtime. He actually did his work unlike most of the other transporters! At times I actually felt bad for the man because the girls made fun of him calling him stupid for working so hard while they sat in the storage room and rode out their task. Over time I saw him grow to the point of being a trainer and even trained the whole department on the hyperbaric chamber and the new morgue! In fact, I learned more from working with him than I did with my own trainer. Now, he is sweet and gentle on the eyes but if he was promoted to a manager, than he most certainly deserves it out of anybody because the rest of the managers were horrible (Especially Ameila, Chris Sugar, Grace, Andrew)! Y’all are really being childish trying to put that man’s business out there even if he is doing something with Ashley or not! Regardless he is an extremely hard worker and was a pleasure to work with! You go boy!

Mar 30, 2013
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      Dec 08, 2013

    Karma is a ###! Ashley cheated on her husband with her employee, Brian Newman, which led to her divorce. Now Brian has been charged with attempted murder, firing a weapon in a public place and false imprisonment for trying to kill Ashley after he discovered she was cheating on him. Did I forget to mention Ashley was arrested & charged with DUI in August 2013! I'm not sure who is in charge at Crothall but please note: NEW LEADERSHIP NEEDED ASAP! Brian is a liar, cheater, schemer and a master manipulator who never takes responsibility for his actions and now, it has finally caught up with him. Because Brian was ###ing the boss, he was promoted from transporter to dispatcher to supervisor. What is it all worth now? You can't supervise from prison. When you obtain things the incorrect way, it will never last. Note to Brian-If Ashley cheated on her husband with you, what made you think she would never cheat on you? Have you never heard the saying " you can't turn a hoe into a housewife?" Note to Ashley-When you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Instead of worrying about the next dick you can suck, how about you worry about being a better mother to your son and be more cautious about the people you let into his life. Maybe you two deserve each other because you both are crazy as hell, have major issues and need to grow up!

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