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Shalom Interiors / Poor Work by Shalom Interiors

1 India Review updated:

This is about the carpenter work done by Shalom Interiors at my home. I had given contract for these people for doing Wardrobe and Loft for a bedroom.

Shalom Interiors
# 304, 4th Cross,
Abaiah Reddy Layour,
Kagdaspura, Bangalore - 93

They had promised the work to be completed within 4 days (i knew it will take a week time). They told they will use Plywood, good Hinges (that will close door closely if closed partially) and automatic lights (when door opened and closed). I have made the payment as per the agreement and bad think is that I have made a much more also. The remaining amount in my custody is just Rs 1000/-.

Cheating they have done:
1. Used Plyboard instead of Plywood.
2. Used Ordinary hinges.
3. No Mirror and Bangle stand
4. Never supplied materials for carpenter to do work
5. Loft is not completely covered (only a panel and front doors)
6. Promised futuristic design (now look as any other wardrobe)
7. Till now never completed the work

Moral : Never give any interior work to idiots who come from Shalom Interiors. They may change their company name. Main cheaper/cheater is Nelson.

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  • Ne
      7th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Dear All,
    For everyones kind information wardrobe & loft is already completed of Ranjangowda & due to non availability at his residence from the beginning caused all this probs. My carpenters had to wait in the next vacant flat after all the wooden cuttings . These people used to go to work & come back in the evening . We have a signed agreement where no time frame is mentioned because of their time shedule . Though there's nothing mentioned about the mirror & bangle stand, he urged for those things . Still we are providing him. Every interior person knows the quality of board & ply . Main intention to use the board is it doesnt bend. We installed in his absence . He could have objected but he didnt do that . It would be well apreciated if he gains something .
    We have done countless no. of interiors where everyones happy if not atleast unhappy. After all we are not going to gain by having any sort of misunderstandings . He is well educated to understand the given quotation before signing it .

  • Ra
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Mr. Nel,

    Before giving you the work, I had told that you need to use the adjacent flat for all the major cutting work since it will create a lot of inconvenience by dust. You have also agreed for it. I made arrangement for all the carpenter stay there for 4 days. Since you did supply all the materials in time for the carpenter (as they also complained to me) you skipped the deadline.

    For your information, carpenter never waited for me or someone to get into my home as people always were available. I even had taken a day off so get the work completed, but because you didn't provide hinges, sliders, door handles, nails, beedings and other materials carpenter had to wait. They even went home since there was no materials.

    I know that there is no time frame mentioned in the agreement, does that mean that you can take ever to complete a job? I have learned a lesson, but others make sure time is mentioned.

    Also, as per agreement you were supposed to provide automatic lights (at least that is mentioned). What is your understanding on it.

    Do you have the sheet that I had written mentioning the minimum requirement in the waldorbe? I had given that well before you came up with the agreement.

    Do you remember that I asked you to do the work in time, else may me 10% of the agreed amount and I'll get the work done. You agreed and went and till date never returned.

    When I contact your partners, they say you have told them that the work is completed. Are you fooling me or blindfolding your business partners?

  • Go
      17th of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    What Ranjangowda said is 100% correct, Nelson will never complete his work in time and the quality is also very low. He is the biggest cheater i could ever see in my life. i dont think he will finsih the work even if you give him even 1 year for wood work. Never get into his trap. he will approach with less price and many offers. If you are rich to pay EMI and house rent together and if u have earth down patience and time u can try the cheater

  • Ju
      17th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Agree with Ranjangowda and Govind1. NELSON IS A CHEATER AND SHALOM INTERIORS IS FAKE.

    Shalom Interiors is a Interior Wood Work Company Run by D. Nelson, who lives in Banaswadi.
    He has run away from Kadagadaspura becasue he cheated people in the past and all of them know where he used to live go to his place asking for the money he took from them and the work he DID NOT DO.


    Others who have posted in this forum are honest people who earn their daily bread by working hard. They post in this forum since they are also cheated by Nelson and his Entire Family.
    So obviously any justification provided by this Cheater Nelson is a means for him to cover up cheat and crook work.

    He and his parents and his wife do not deserve to call themselves Christians, they do not deserve to read the Holy Bible.

    His Wife works at Eastwood School and she lies blatantly about Nelson's Honesty and Ethics. His Father and Mother lie as if their business is to cheat whoever their son does business with, they will give any number of signed cheques for any amount, their cheques will all bounce. They will make false promises just like he does.
    This Company is a fake and Nelson is a cheat. He takes peoples money and runs away. You have to chase him down and he and his family will all threaten you and cheat and lie to you.

    He now hires a drunkard called Hemanth, who drinks everyday and comes drunk to work, he does not have even basic knowledge of wood work.

    Nelson does not pay his carpenters, they show up for work until they realize he doesn't pay them and then they run away as they don't get their wages. He will sign any document and commit to anything on Paper, he and his father seem to have visited Jail several times they are unafraid of the law. They are unafraid of God so where does law stand for them?

    The Material he uses is not more than Rupees 50 per square foot. He charges Rupees 90 or more.
    The quality of wood he uses is really pathetic, it is some waste wood which will last you 6 months and will have termites and powder, he falsely claims it is ISI brand, he gets that printed in a go-down in Kengeri.
    He uses some waste MDF material for his membrane pressed doors which he claims are ply wood.

    He does not have a Factory in Kengeri it is a waste yard owned by someone else, he gets the work done by a local carpenter by hand in that area and goes around making propaganda that it is Membrane Pressed doors. He will show only one apartment in Kasthuri Nagar and the lady there will lie with him. She supports all his false promises.

    Here are some more posts about this pathetic loser Nelson and his fake company Shalom Interiors:


    He claims he works for the Hudson Church in Bangalore and that itself is a blatant god forsaken lie. He has a son, one can only pray to the lord Jesus that the poor little boy does not end up as a cheat and liar as his Father and Grand Father.



  • Ri
      6th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    I think he started new office called Joha interiors to cheat people further

  • Ch
      25th of Jun, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Yes he is cheating people in whitefield also in the name of Joha interior. He will swear by his son and all. He is biggest mothe888888... Dont believe this

  • Ba
      29th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I too got cheated by this fraud. He had taken advance amount in May this year and was very prompt in collecting the money. Till date he has been giving nonsense reasons and has never ever visited and absolutely no progress whatsoever.

    Has anyone in this forum taken some action against this cheat.

    It is very obvious from the messages above that Nelson runs a business of cheating and fraud in the name of Interior Designs.

  • Mo
      19th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I agree with the above complaint. I have also lost my money. not only me effected by him I know around 11 people. Rinsi, CheatedbyNelson, Balajiblr : just want to check how you are moving ahead to get back the money?

  • Ki
      26th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I cant believe he has cheated so many people and still continues to do so. We all must get together and file a mass complaint. We need to take this to the media. Just writing blogs here will not help. People are still getting cheated. Lets us all meet and do a mass complaint. Please let me know if you are all ready for that ???

  • Ad
      17th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    i am also cheated by this fellow...we need to meet and plan action against him...

  • Ad
      20th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Guys we need to teach lesson to his guy as he cannot leave in open after cheating discussed with lawer and he advised to file court case for 420, cheating, cheque bounce(non bailable warrant) for recovery of our hard earn money, pls join me and mail to meet on 22/11, mail me

  • Ad
      20th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    guys let me know D nelson new or home

  • Ch
      9th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    He has changed his name to Dayanand Appaiha and changed his company to Celestial decor. He is behind the bar now.

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