Shady Acres Kennel Georgia / Dog breeder/puppy mill

1 Abbeville, GA, United States
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The seller sold me a Havanese Puppy in late February, 2017. The puppy had a genetic defect that makes it irresponsible for me to breed him. The breeder advertises on Puppy Find. The puppy also eats his stool. According to the Banfield Pet Hospital staff the dogs condition of undecided testicle is an inherited trait and is often seen in overbreeding. The dog cannot be bred as he would pass this to his offspring, and the breeder should stop breeding his parents and inform the buyers of other puppies in the litter(s). The eating of stool, according to vet reports online, is seen in puppy mill dogs who have little to do and suffer from boredom, and who have to compete for food.

  • Updated by Puppymamma, May 18, 2017

    This is my poor little pooch!

May 18, 2017

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