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No girls will message you back on this site. These profiles are not really girls. They are monitored by guys. You will understand after reading all of this.

I sent out well over 100 messages to girls currently online (even in my city) and not one single response (NOT EVEN UGLY GIRLS). I even used a photo of a male model for my picture. When I message guys online I get an instant message back from them so the message system does work. I was wondering why 100% of the time I could never get a girl online to even message me back. Every single guy I have contacted is experiencing the exact same things. All girls (WHO IN REALITY ARE GUYS) want to instant message through Yahoo or MSN. They don’t want to respond here on this site. NONE OF THEM! It is more difficult for them to monitor or talk to multiple guys on here. All they want to do is con you into their webcam.

This site is most likely managed from Europe or Some other continent. Many of the girl’s profiles are in broken English. One member was talking to a girl for a week before receiving one message back that was in half English and Half in another language. It did not translate correctly. She told him she was born and raised in the USA.

I saw another girl’s profile which stated she was 36 in her profile and 29 in her about me! No one is that ###ing stupid. Look at likesitbig9briana, her profile states she is 20 and in her about me says she is 25!

Cam girls are whores in other countries. One or two guy’s (PIMPS) sets up a studio, pays girls to come in at scheduled times, changes the scene around and the girls will strip in front of the cam. They guys charge you, pay the girl and keep most of the money. Many girls do this because for them in other countries it is good money or the only job they can find.

Some of the messages you receive from them, they will claim to be in your town on a tour for models. They will tell you to go to a site and vote for them. You are supposed to enter your credit card for age verification only and you will not be billed. Well, you all know how this story goes! Many times they drain your credit card or debit card before you can cancel.

Look at most of the girls pictures on here. Do you really think girls that look this good can’t get a boyfriend or can’t get laid without coming on here? Most of these photos are professional photos which have been copied and pasted on a made up profile. If you look close, many of them are blurry because they are copied and pasted. Do you really think these girls can take this good of a photo of themselves?

Why do all of the guys photos look realistic and all of the girls don’t?

I was personally blocked by NIKKI.SUMMERS. She is in a red shirt and supposedly from Australia. She is profiled on the home page of sexinyourcity. When it blocks me it tells me “The user you are trying to view does not allow you to consult HIS profile. If Nikki Summers is a guy then I am ###ing GAY!

The exact same has happened with jnicole. I am blocked from harassing her but it also tells me that I am not allowed to consult HIS profile. Both of these profiles are in the FEATURED AREA of Sexinyourcity home page.

I am now getting blocked by many girls who I have not even harrased or posted on their wall. WHATE DOES THIS TELL YOU! THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE EXPOSED!!! THIS SITE IS STEALING YOUR MONEY.

I have now been blocked by multiple girls. Each and every single time it says “The user you are trying to view does not allow you to consult HIS profile. THESE PROFILES ARE ALL GUYS! HARRAS ONE AND GET BLOCKED AND YOU WILL SEE!!!

Why does the featured girls on the home page NEVER CHANGE! These are the biggest scam and cam girls on here. Just look at the walls of all of the other guys. The operator of this site has something to do with that!!!

Scroll through all of the guys currently online. When you get to pages 8, 9 or 10 it starts to repeat the exact same profiles over and over. I only assume they do this to make it look like there are many people online.

Now Sexinyourcity has a new tool for narks like me. They limit you on how many messages you can send out in a 24 hour period.

If anyone would like to help get the message out I am sure that many people on here would be very appreciative of it!


www.epoch.comFrom US and Canada Toll-Free: [protected]

International and US: +[protected]-5810International and US Fax: +[protected]

Skype International and Us Toll-Free: [protected]

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  • Fo
      4th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you try and do a 5 day membership... let it expire... all the girls you contact will suddenly contact you with a response like they are interested... so that drives you to get another 5 day membership haha.

    Then after you get the membership, you respond to them... you coincidentally do not hear back from them until *TADA!!* your membership expires again. They suddenly answer your question...

    So its a scam to keep you paying to come back for more.

    And if you give them your email or IM - they say something after the expire of how "they feel more comfortable talking over here now..." suuuuuuuuuuuure... to keep you coming back.

    If you wanted to try it... do the 5 day trial. Do not give these people your money.

    Or go to if you really want to meet someone quick and easily. I went there and talk to people every day, and meet up with a few regularly.

  • St
      10th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Been on sexinyourcity for a month or so. Haven't had any problems. Had one of the camgirls trying to lure me in but I put a stop to that pretty quickly. Also contacted sexinyourcity to notify them and they took the complaint seriously. Girl told me they are trying to rid the site of these people but it's never ending. Whatever.

    Met up with one girl and we managed to have some fun together. That's all I can ask for now. We'll see if anything changes in the next 2 months.

  • Ne
      3rd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes - wish to cancel membership
    England, Somerset
    United Kingdom

    I WISH TO CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP TO THEM THEY I HAVE AN INVALID MEMBERSHIP NUMBER THE ONLY NUMBERS THEY GAVE ME ON MY E-MAIL WHERE. [1] referance number 15103568706x AND [2] membership number 110992170527 would you please obtain the correct numbers for me if these are incorrect as i have no other numbers they have supplied . thank you.

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