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Seton Seto / Fraud and Lawsuit

1 1501 Raymond Ave, Unit Q, Anaheim CA 92801Orange County, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-714-0800

Seton Seto and his window tint company ACE Orange County are frauds. I knew it! I hired them to do an installation of security window tint for me and I later found out in my in-house security audit that they installed a thinner tint than what I ordered. When I called Seton Seto about this, he just made excuses and ignored me.

Now I find Seton Seto is being sued for counterfeiting his window tint. What’s even worse, he is conspiring with some person named Mohssen Dayekh in the Middle East who is a terrorist with Hezbollah

I found this out when I searched lawsuits on Seton Seto and ACE Orange County. I found the lawsuit on the State of California Superior Court web site under case number 30-2015-[protected]-CU-BT-CJC

It turns out even the FBI and Homeland Security are investigating Seton Seto and Mohssen Dayekh for counterfeiting and terrorism.

Seton Seto says he does business with the Fire Department, the District Prosecutor, the local police and even the local water authority. How much information did he provide to the terrorists? What if they poison our water?

I guess I will never get my money back but I am glad this man is being investigated and sued because he is a crook. Also, it turns out he works with terrorists. This man needs to go to prison for supporting our enemies and stealing from hardworking

May 1, 2015
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      2nd of May, 2015
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    I am from Greece and we sent this man Seton Seto and his company Ace Orange County money for his bullet proof foils for a contract with the government in Greece. He made me promises but when we startred doing our investigations for the matter, his answers began to get tricky and things seemed not right. But Seton Seto told me to trust him.

    Now I find this man is in a big lawsuit for making wrong claims.

    I sent him and his company Ace Orange County money and now I will never get it back because it is a big fraud. I can also be in trouoble with my government for making false representations.

    Do what you can to stay away from this man,

  • De
      2nd of May, 2015
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    Go figure, a china man selling to a terrorists in America., So much for the land of the free! I look this guy up and found his facebook, yep he is a Hezbollah lover, and he hates America but loves our money! Take a look for yourselves:
    Ya, have him come to my house, we in Texas know how to deal with idiots like this!

  • De
      2nd of May, 2015
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    Het decided to post his pic, damn he looks like a terrorists.

  • Ja
      3rd of May, 2015
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    Seto unhappy family trip to Flower Park, the truth comes out.
    Our family of 5 visited your flower fields yesterday and did the wagon ride and we were treated incredibly rudely at the end of the day as we were leaving. During our visit, I was careful to caution our kids not to pick any flowers. When we got near the exit, a rude older lady that worked there barked at us that we could not keep those flowers that our kids were holding. We explained that the kids just picked them off the floor and her response was "no you didn't! I saw you guys up there!" I was shocked that she was accusing us of being liars. After rudely accusing us of lying, she aggressively snatched the flowers out of my kids hands and she did it so aggressively that my 4 year old (yes, she angrily snatched the flowers out of my 4 year old's hands without giving us the opportunity to take them from her) was startled into tears. I understand the policy of no taking flowers and we would have happily complied if given the opportunity to comply instead of being treated like that. That is no way to treat guests and especially no way to treat children.
    Follow up from event at Flower Fields Park.
    Seton Seto Ok, I have been trying to keep quiet on this topic since this happened a year ago and I had nothing more to add to the incident but now you are blaming me for the whole incident because you claim I missed a "teaching moment" and I am not going to stand for that. I must have missed the sign that said "Don't pick up flowers that are already laying on the ground or an employee will rudely and aggressively snatch the flowers away from you even if you are a 4 year old and we will not give your parent an opportunity to rectify the situation because that is our right as senseless ###s." As I stated above, we were never even given an opportunity to do anything before the flowers were snatched from my child so how was the teaching moment missed? The only thing that was taught was that some people are real jerks. And as an update, The Flower Fields originally read my review of our visit and promised to look into it and follow up directly with me and what they did instead was deleted my post and never followed up. Of course, there are bad apples in every batch and I can't necessarily blame the whole company for the action of one but the whole experience sure left me with a bad impression of the company and you Native Flower for blaming me. You probably would tell a rape survivor that they should not have dressed that way and that this should be a teaching moment for them.

    Wait, did you just read what I read! Quote, ” You probably would tell a rape survivor that they should not have dressed that way and that this should be a teaching moment for them.” OMG, he is a pedophile, only a twisted mind and a misogynous man would write something like this.
    As with all these guys they resent like loving fathers, nice guys, but inside they are monsters, predators. I pray for his wife and kids, and I ask the Lord God to send Seto to Hell.
    Seto is in court, take a look, Google search this 30-2015-00783146-CU-BT-CJC, Superior Court of California
    A pedophile and a terrorist. Some body do something America needs to get rid of people like this. The Arab in the cowboy Hat is his Arab terrorist partner. These guys are dangerous.

  • Mo
      28th of Jan, 2016
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    By chance all those start this ( lies ) together started at the 1st of may 2015, until th3d of it... also by chance they are all Pakistanis and working with Peter Fabian A.C.E. the fake cheating company in Ottawa, and by chance that ACE/ Security Laminates Orange County Inc. Is the owner of the ACE/Security Laminates Trade Mark legally, and by chance iam the Exclusive Dealership of ACE/Security Laminates within the Middle East and North Africa. ... also legally. .. this is all by chace ... also by chance that we are doing well and make good business around with all kind of customers in how many States. ... ok i will pretending that it's all by chance. .. even it's can't be ..
    If any one send money to ACE Security Laminates Orange County. Or My Company ... issue the Voucher here.?
    But the thing which not understandable, now in this Situation every where the United States after of the terrorists, then why i can comment her ( if ) what those cheap guys said is true, then i can't say anything and i supposed to be in jail or hidden, ... you know why i can face this stupid guys ... because Mr.Seton Seto and my self are Clearly honest Business Men, and the California Cort says it words by there good Gagged, we are Clean and the bad guy is Peter Fabian and they kicked his fat ###. ... that's simply. ...

    anyway if someone need me he can visit my website. And email me in any time ... just search Google for ACE Security Laminates Middle East.

    Mohssen Dayekh.
    ACE/Security Laminates Middle East
    Exclusive Dealership within the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Mo
      28th of Jan, 2016
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    Counterfeit Warning
    Counterfeiting of our ACE Security Laminates™ product is a huge global problem.  ACE Security Laminates Orange County Inc. is the one true source of the ACE Security Laminates™ brand of security laminates and you should contact us to confirm if a dealer is legitimate.  Many companies from Canada, within the United States and throughout Asia and Europe are fraudulently making claims that they offer the ACE Security Laminates™ brand product but are really just counterfeiting and infringing on our trademarked product. Some of these fraudulent companies are even making their own false claims that they are the actual distributor and everyone else are counterfeiters but the truth can established by checking the US Patent and Trademark Office website ( and searching for trademark serial number 86700373 which confirms that ACE Security Laminates Orange County Inc. is the official owner of the product and trademark.  Be vigilant of any company that uses deceptively similar names to ACE Security Laminates™ or tries to use acronyms (i.e. A.C.E.) to pass off their laminates as the ACE Security Laminates™ brand product.  Don’t entrust your safety to counterfeiters that can be using an inferior product just to make a quick profit at your expense.


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