Serthentia Sales*igl certified* *r28892* 0.58ct stunning fire "f" colour si3 natural diamond; false advertising of a diamond

I purchased a diamond from Serthentia Sales on 28/09/2018, Order [protected], Serthentia Sales 1329, and was sadly forced to sell it just to find out that nobody would even consider buying the stone as it was of such bad quality.

Not being in the jewelry business I took the value given as an indication of the quality / value of the stone and very upset I changed their rating to 'negative' as I feel I have been taken for a ride.

On 20/11/2018 I received the following e-mail:

Good Day

The diamond which you received is exactly advertised and certified as such by IGL, who are one of the leading gem labs in the world.
The diamond was graded as an SI3 clarity, and therefore will have a fair number of inclusions visible to the naked eye. We also further state on the terms of sale on the shipping tab of the auction that these values are estimates based on the US market and cannot guarantee any values as diamond values are subject to fluctuation according to both location and market conditions. Lastly, your ability or lack thereof to resell the diamond cannot ever be an acceptable factor in leaving a negative rating.
As shown and proven by the certification, the diamond is 100% as advertised and therefore there is no justification for the negative rating.
I request that you please change the rating back to a POSITIVE with immediate effect as the negative rating has no justification as you received exactly what was advertised.
Awaiting your urgent response and change of the unjustified rating you have left on Bid or Buy.

Best Regards,
Serthentia Sales
Mobile +[protected]
Phone [protected]

I then changed it to neutral as I was and still am a very unhappy customer only to receive the following e-mail on 21/11/2018 threatening me:

Good Day.
This is a final request to change the 100% unjustified rating left on Bid or Buy to a POSITIVE. I will also adjust your rating back to POSITIVE once you have done same.
If I receive no response from you or there is nbo change, I will have no option but to open a case of ratings abuse against your account.
Awaiting your URGENT response and resolution of the unjustified rating

Best Regards,
Serthentia Sales
Mobile +[protected]
Phone [protected]

I then changed it back to positive but only because of the threat and for no other reason.

Having had this response from the seller all I want is a total refund of this purchase as per the photo attached and them collecting the stone from me as soon as possible.

I would appreciate it if this could be addressed as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Annemarie Joubert

Serthentia Sales
Serthentia Sales

Nov 22, 2018

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