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DO NOT SIGN UP for this dating site. I elected to try the 30 day plan to evaluate whether it would be worth using it longer. I paid a one time higher rate for only using it for 30 days or so I thought only one time. That was in August, I was billed again without my authorization so I called their 800 customer service line where the nice lady said that they automatically renew the service.. it was in the fine print . I said I do not want the service but she said she could not refund the money but assured me that it would be stopped and it would not happen again, yea right. Next month they drafted my account again. ( I have not been on the site at all) When I called again, this time I was told that they renew again so that I would not have interrupted service. I told this woman that I had not been using the site was assured it would not happen again and wanted my money refunded; she laughed and hung up. I called back and asked where the were located and wanted to talk to a supervisor, The man said Costa Rica and then put me on hold. No one ever picked up my call. I finally went to my bank where they said the only way that the bank can stop it is to change my account number of 14 years and issue me a different debit card. In the future, the bank suggested using a regular credit card than my bank debit card. Unfortunately now anything set up for my account also has to be updated. hat a waste of time... their service, customer service from out of the country and a complete financial scam set up. PLEAS DO NOT USE IS DATING SERVCE, it will be a waste of time and they will steal your money.

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