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Company is run by Thomas Baird MRICS. A chartered surveyor with a questionable character. Proven to be a liar and a thief. You certainly couldn't trust him with any fee money so be careful when parting with your cash or instructing them to do a Home Report or survey.

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  • Ia
      Nov 18, 2012

    More information coming on this at &

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  • Pi
      May 15, 2013

    Think he has stolen money from me while at my house!!!

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  • Nb
      Sep 27, 2013

    This is rubbish about thomas baird. He has never stole or lied to anyone in his life. This is a personal attack against him from another company . He is a brilliant surveyor and trusting person.

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  • Mi
      Nov 15, 2013

    Everyone knows that these posts are written by a certain company that cannot keep their surveyors and whos not so silent (insolvent owner) sells whisky, dodgy tablet pcs from china, and estate agency services. What professional surveying firm offers these services while creating fake websites about ex employees (yes plural) and slates his competition. Please note that all complaints made regarding select surveyors all come from the one IP address and you don't need Columbo to tell you this. Suspicious I think so.

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  • Gr
      Dec 05, 2013

    I agree with above statement Mr Baird did a great job with my home report. It is shocking that a company based on Pollokshaws Road slates him. If you want more reviews on BAD HR's google daily record Simon Rourke and see how bad his are.

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  • Dm
      Dec 16, 2013

    I have used Thomas and his company twice for Home Reports this year. I have nothing but praise for his professionalism and high level of service. I am a retired police officer and would not use any individual or company if I had any doubts as to their authenticity. I have also recommended Select Surveyors to friends and family.

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  • Dr
      Jan 25, 2014

    The complaint is genuine.
    I also lost a substantial amount of money due to a survey report that exhibited little resemblance to the property being surveyed. The author was either a complete incompetent or is deceitful. The report should have been started with "Once upon a time" for all the accuracy it contained.
    I do not know where Mr Baird obtained his Chartered status but I suspect he sent off for it from the back of a breakfast serial package.
    Either that or it was a special Groupon deal.
    That must be why no mortgage company or bank will accept his surveys for mortgagee purposes!
    I would advise all to avoid. No doubt it will not be long before he closes shop & sets up again in another company.!

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  • Dm
      Jan 25, 2014

    Dr Jack O - you do not sound the type of person to please easily. There is a difference between not agreeing with the findings of a professional survey, than just calling a surveyor "incompetent" or "deceitful". Did you obtain another survey for comparison?
    Your childish remarks about the source of Mr Baird`s qualification do nothing for your argument other than to show ignorance.
    There is a reason why not every mortgage company or bank will accept a survey for mortgage purposes and that is because the cheaper surveys do not qualify for being on their "panel of lenders" That is why paying the extortionate fee for a survey via a solicitor entitles the prospective buyer to avoid paying for a survey. As for the comment about setting up another business..why? do you work out this from the initial false accusation?

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  • Dr
      Feb 11, 2014

    Well now, you certainly offer protection way beyond what would normally be expected from a satisfied customer of Mr Baird .
    Could it be that you are a family member? Perhaps you are employed by Mr Baird? More shocking than that, maybe you ARE Mr Baird!
    If the said Mr Baird conducted his enterprise with a little more integrity then maybe your intervention would not be required.
    I suspect that the more people who get to know about Mr Baird's incompetence, the less business Sleekit Surveys Ltd will get. Oops sorry I meant Select Surveys Ltd.
    Won't be long before doubtful Thomas will move on to another new and exciting company, once he's wrung all the cash he can from the existing one!
    What a charlatan.

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  • To
      Feb 15, 2014

    Strange that someone who titles oneself as a doctor does not carry out appropriate research about what a company offers before paying for a service. One would believe that to achieve the title of doctor that this person was honoured for their researching abilities. I would therefore concur that we take Dr Jack Os doctorate back. Get him struck off. End this madness.

    Or is this your true identity.

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  • Dr
      Feb 18, 2014

    Dear Torque the twister,
    I wouldn't have paid for anything emanating from that sham of a company. Their incompetence was available for all to see when requesting a Home Report for a house sale.
    Little research required in this instance, twister! Perhaps this is an activity that you should undertake before postulating utter drivel in your post. (if you have the required IQ to do so. Something not evident in your post)

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  • Ad
      Apr 15, 2014

    Dr Jack 0, as a very satisfied customer from the afore mentioned Mr Thomas Baird, i am inclined to agree with the above positive, satisfied and clearly true statements regarding the professionalism and competency of his service. Your own childish remarks to slate and abuse a clearly very experienced Surveyor in Mr Baird and his customer's, only points the finger to a very bitter and envious ex employer namely a Mr Simon Rogue(oops my apologies i meant rourke) Now he may be your employer and has paid you to write this or possibly one of many young niave females that he has propositioned his rogue companies, or it could be his speciality of blackmailing and threatening you as he does to ex employees that dare to leave his company and do well for themselves, but i genuinely believe YOU ARE Mr Rogue(sorry easy mistake to make again) himself trying to destroy a decent and professional young mans career just through your own incompetence's, deceitfulness and money making scams. You see as a customer I thoroughly research my surveyors before making an informed decision and when reading the scams that was highlighted in the press by Mr Simon rourke i knew to stay well clear as alarm bells went off. I am also very intrigued how you can claim that the complaint by picklelilly is genuine? Unless like i proposed this is you once again? Rather than stooping to your level as i am finding it rather tiresome now and ridiculous that a grown man can act this way, i will finish on your petty remark to a fellow customer regarding their IQ, this is coming from a person that titles themselves as a doctor but can not spell cereal correctly ?? May be it is time to let go of your anger, fabrications, jealousy and consider attending counselling? I am In this field myself or i could recommend a colleague in psychotherapy to help you with your insecurities delusions and issues.

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  • Dr
      Apr 15, 2014

    Oh, yak, yak, yak ,
    Boring drivel.
    This is coming from a person that titles themselves as an "advisor counselor" but can not spell counsellor correctly ??
    Yup, you certainly are a cow cellar!
    Shouldn't be any problem with heating during these chilly evenings with all that hot air.
    Only reasonable advice I can give you, cow cellar, is try and heal thyself.
    Alternatively, find a large mirror, stand in front of it and you will find an equally eager recipient of your vituperation, although he may talk over you!

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  • Sw
      Apr 30, 2014

    At least we're all clear. Dr Jack O appears to confirm he is that he is pretending to be a genuine customer.

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  • Ad
      May 01, 2014

    Dr Rogue, I am sorry ( well actually not particularly ) to have to educate you once again but the term counselor was used as that is my qualified registration from the US. However I do feel extreme pity for you that you have to harass and insult not only former employees who have become successful, but also their clients. Such anger and vindictiveness is clearly highlighting an underlying issue and could easily be resolved if you could vent it some other way other than through hate mail. As suggested I can recommend someone that could help you with your issues and maybe you will finally have some peace and happiness in your life without having to resort to slander and malicious gossip of decent innocent hard working ex employees. I bid you a good day and recovery from your poor mental health.

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  • Th
      Oct 19, 2014

    I had the same experience with Select Surveyors. Very poor service and a valuation that was thought up off the top of someone's head, not given out of any professional opinion! Avoid at all costs. Went to his Edinburgh office & he doesn't exist, it's a mailbox?

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