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Secure Property Solutions and Joseph Gembala / fraud

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

I didn't leave a number or address because they are no longer in business. Joseph Gembala III is a lawyer that was partners with Secure Property Solutions CEO Mike Malone and Christopher Frisch that was suppose to offer mortgage modification services to about 1100 people. When we were finally denied this modification we were suppose to be refunded about $1800 as the contracted stated. I was told that I was getting the refund and it never came. When I called to check on the status I found out that Secure Property Solutions no longer exists and Joseph Gembala III was not returning calls. There is now a lawsuit against Gembala about this, I think it is a class action suit. I am told that Mike Malone and Chris Frisch have started a debt collection or consolidation company in the name of Kevin Malone at a possible location of 143 Harding Avenue Bellmawr, NJ. These Crooks need to be stopped.

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  • Ny
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    We too are in the same boat. where did you hear about the lawsuit? I would appreciate any information that you have.

  • Sc
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    here is a link you want to visit. It has a lot of people who were also scammed and some insights to what happened.

    This is the lawyers information. Contact him it is free. He gets paid through the lawsuit not out of our pockets.

    Chris Livingston, Esq.
    2154 Dowd Dairy Road
    White Oak NC 28399
    Land line and fax 910 866 4948
    Cell 910 876 7001
    Email chrisatty[at]hotmail[dot]com

  • Me
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    Same thing for us! I am more than pissed because we checked into this company first, and contacted the BBB, and they were listed as a credited company. We started this process last summer, got no results but the run around, and never got our refund we were promised. So the next step was for us to report them to the BBB, and they said they would get our refund for us, and the process would only take 30 days. Well, I talked to BBB today and they say they don't think they can do anything because they are not getting a response, well of course not! So what use is the BBB? They don't even do their job of protecting the people. Even when we try to do the right thing and make precautions we still get screwed, and we are out of a lot of money that we really need.
    Melanie Gruft

  • Je
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    The same thing happened to me with Secure Property Solutions. They started working on
    my modification in July. I worked with 4 different girls. I heard from them in January and that was it. They just kept saying Chase needed more paper work from me. Finally
    I got a letter from Chase saying I had been denied a modification because they didn't receive my paper work on time.

  • Li
      6th of Mar, 2010
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    The same thing happened to us. We have been going thru this since oct and got no results. I spoke with countless people (when they answered there phone) and they all told me that they are checking with processing and they would call us and never do. The last person I spoke to was John Malone and he gave me Joseph Gambella cell phone. We cALLed that countless times and never got a return call. We are out of money we need too. We are trying to work with with other lawyers to save our house, but who knows what will happen. If anyone gets information regarding them please pass it along.

    Linda Stone

  • Bi
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    I have been talking with Sean, Jessica & Timothy Weers, they all said YES! we were working on your paper work, they would call me and let me know that either they needed more information or that someone would get back with me!!! WELL here it is MARCH and i'm just finding out that they NO LONGER exist this is crazy!!! has anyone tried to get any of their money back and if so can i have that information so i can try to get my MONEY!!! i can't believe this is happening...

    Austin, Texas

  • Sc
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Sara and I was a processor at Secure Property Solutions. We were blinsided with what happened and we all feel horrible about it. I am working with the Barrington Police Dept to help them get these guys. If you have not yet contacted them, please email me @ and I can try to help you. I will give you the contact info you need. Also, if you have not contacted Chris Livingston yet, please do!! Again his number is 910-866-4948. He is working for you! All of the processors have been sick over what has happened. We are trying to help as much as possible now! Please contact me with any questions you may have.

  • Ny
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    Thanks everyone for the help. I will be calling Chris livingston and Sara today!

  • Wh
      19th of Mar, 2010
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    This nightmare also happen to my mother, on 9/2/2009 we talked with Skip Weakland he was at that time and no longer there a Senior Mitigation Consultant, there was also a person name Jamie Butler Negotiator I don’t even know if these sick people were using they’re real names. Cons spamming my mother for $1295.00 and not one person contact neither her nor her bank, it’s been six months, I did call the number my mother had and was told “SORRY NO LONGER DOING BUSINESS DO TO BEING SUED”. I ask what about my mother’s refund “SORRY” I just like to know how one gets up in the morning knowing that they have taken from so many people and to have to live with this is so sick a human being can do this. Still my mother is in need of help and now not trusting anyone who and where can she go for that help. Like all of you, my mother wants her money back! Sorry that this has happen to all of us, wanted help and now having to deal with this...

  • El
      29th of Mar, 2010
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    This nightmare happened to me last year in July and have yet to receive my money nor heard from these people. Something needs to be done as we are hurting and for these kind of company to take advantage of the very people that are in desperate need to save their homes is absurd! We need to do something about this but where can we start?

  • Ra
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    I started this process in October of 2009, and got the run around for 6 months. After no more emails and returned phone calls I started calling the known good numbers I had. Each one was either dissconnected or kept ringing and ringing or it was a busy signal. The last person I delt with was a little ### by the name Jamie Butler that claimed my information had been submitted to my morgage company. Weather that was true or not I have no idea. All I know is I'm out $2250.00 and my modification never went through. I did however get a hold of Joseph Gambella from an add on craigslist. He was selling a car last month, probably trying to get some extra money, and I talked to that son of a ### and he told me to get someone else to do my morgage and there's nothing he can do about my money. So here's two known numbers of his, one was the number he had on craigslist, and the other number he called me back on. 215-858-3514 and 215-546-3826. Hope this helps someone, email me if anyone has helpful info. Thanks,

  • Jo
      20th of Apr, 2010
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    Same thing happened to me. I was out $500. I was told by Joseph Gembala that they did not partake in the company and that and only set up the LLC. I think something is fishy. I think they should take the drug addicts out of jail to make room for people that take advantage of people who are already in need.

    I was told by law offices of Josehp Gembala to contact the layer of Mike malone and Christopher Frish's attorney Elaine Petruzziello 856 235 2212. When I called her she told me to call Joseph Gembala and so forth and so forth. And was so rude as to hang up on me. I think we should all bug the heck out of all the crooks. My lawyer told me to contact the Better business bureau and that it would not me worth my while to take the crooks to court. But maybe if we all took a class action suit against the whole lot of them we could get our money back. I am beginning to think all the layers stick up for one another.

    Do the arithmatic. I think they got away with over a million dollars. anyone can help my email is

    If the government is truly interested in saving the economy they better put an end and reinburse people who lost out on such a scam

    If anyone can help email me at

  • St
      21st of Apr, 2010
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    I'm in the same boat as everyone else.I have filed complaints with the FTC, The Ohio Attorney General and the NJ Attorney General. I have contacted the Barrington NJ police Dept Capt ED Cats-(856-546-0031). Also I have spoken personally with Attorney Chris Livingston who is handling the case for his clients in North Carolina. I hope these people get whats comming to them and we can all get refunds. These criminals must be stopped.

  • Ge
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    these jerk offs did the same thing to me wheres thwe fbi ??????????????????we need to all get together and file a class action lawsuit against them
    why does joeseph germala still have a law linsence

  • Gs
      8th of Jul, 2010
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    I havent heard anything about the lawsuit and would loike to know how I can get involved in it..I was ripped off too about my modification..Please contact me with info on how I can do this...gary

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