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During our 5th year Anniversary in Miami (We are from Canada), we went for shopping in Aventura Mall.
I usually keep my iphone & immediately check reviews or other options before purchasing products if I have any doubts. Except I did not have an access for the internet at that time.
The salesman showed us the Goji facial peel (99$, which is NOT a bad product) & eye cream (195$). He even showed me their company website. We were going to walk away, of course, he asked us where we were from. I suppose he felt bad. then he said he would give me “Goji facial peel” for free to try, he would only charge me 150$ for the eyecream.
Yes, I bought it. & I don't know why I did it because with the money I could've bought better quality well known products instead of products I've never heard of.
After coming back to Canada, I checked reviews.
I found out that you can buy the Goji facial peel (99.95$)for 34$, eye serum (199.95$) for 46$ on-line.
And the eye cream turned out like this ( Pls, check the image)
How can they sell this kind of product in shopping malls??? Very disappointing.
I've always appreciated people's reviews to help me to make right decisions.
And this is my turn.

Secret Of The Himalayan

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  • Ve
      Nov 15, 2010

    Had the same experience happen to me at the Aventura mall. Must have been the same sales man. I was pulled into their area in the mall, and he showed me their products, told him I would think about it and return later, he started adding extras and made me feel as though I was getting a really good price. So I did buy..wish I would have check it out on line, could have saved alot of money. The products in the mall are VERY overpriced. Don't buy from them, do your research.

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  • Ka
      Jan 17, 2012

    I had the same experience in Calgary Alberta Mall, south shopping centre. The lady who pulled me n my boyfreind aside told me the goji cream was $200, i automatically told her that it was way too much. She said she would give it to me for $60, ofcoarse being the fool that I am I bought it later I found u can get the same product for $30. She also told me that i must not tell anyone how much i paid the product for. But she did offer a free facial at the himalyan secret...i just wish i checked it out first than i would have threw it in her face about how much cheaper I can get it for the same product!

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  • Ru
      Feb 18, 2013

    My daughter had the same experience in Calgary at the Northland Mall. She went there to buy some eye shadow (the booth that was there before wasn't there any longer and the mall people directed her to Himalayan Secrets. While there the sales girl talked her into getting a facial and showed her a bunch of products. As well they told her that their products were organic and contained no toxins, which is untrue. She let the sales girl talk her into buying a bunch of products but didn't reveal the prices until she was ready to pay for them. The total came to over $800.00! When she said she couldn't afford it, they told her they were giving her a great deal and "don't tell anyone, it will just be our secret". Feeling obligated, she finally handed over her credit card and the 1st couple times the transaction didn't go through. When my daughter said she couldn't buy them, the salesgirl suggested they charge it as two transactions instead of one. The charges did go through after dividing them up into 2 transactions. Mu daughter is on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay $800.00 for their over-priced products. We tried to take the products back & get her money back but all they would do is take back 2 products and refund her $115.00. They also gave her a $360.00 store credit which is useless to us since we don't plan on shopping there ever again. Do not believe them when they tell you what their prices are - they purposely price them outrageously high so you will think you are getting a great deal when they lower them to whatever they think you can afford to pay for them. I highly recommend you stay away from these people.
    I know this because a friend of my son-in-law was also stopped by these people in the Northland Mall. They said they had something for his acne. When he asked how much it was they said $150. He said he would never pay $150, that the most he would pay was $50.00 and they sold him the acne cream for $50.00. Had he be willing to pay $150.00 they would have charged him $150.00. That's how they work!

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  • Gu
      Dec 08, 2013

    Worst experience ever!!! Told I was getting one heck of a deal for a christmas present at ~49.00 (which I thought was already overpriced). Threw in a bunch of add-ons (said they were for free) and the total price sky-rocketed to 160$. Of course I complained and the sales rep made it seem like it was my fault for understanding his scam. Have fun filing bankruptcy, you scamming leeches. Your products can be found for 1/2 the price online, your sales staff are rude, and consumers are not to be treated like walking cash dispensers. A JOKE OF A BUSINESS!! NEVER SUPPORT THEM

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