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Secondlife / Harassed to the point of being sick!

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When Sims on line was owned by EA they ask me to be a founder and I went through all the errors but enjoyed it so much. I bought the founders edition which I have the code number also I have the small disc that EA sent me before the game began still. I played Sims Online when you owned it and and ran proudly my founders edition. I got off for awhile and went back only to have them tell me my code was not valid and I certainly have it. I understood later some of your help got the founders edition and sold them for a large amount on ebay. I can not prove that but I can prove I have what I said above. I later went back and they just downloaded it and I paid $9.95 a month but this time I was harassed by a group called the ### until I had to get off. Recently I downloaded SecondLife and I can't tell you how vile and all they sex I say but I felt that was up to the play and continued to play. The people not only hacked my computer at the tune of $200.00 but they harassed my so bad and called me such vile names. One of the players that had to be running the program slipped and told me I had reported them on Sims Online and they were suspended for a period of time. After buying many lindens as they called it and spending the money the continued to harass me. My husband also played with me and we compared screens and his screen was nothing like mine. I have no idea what is going on as the place I found out about SecondLife was in my home newspaper and at the dentist office I saw a full page ad in a magazine called Periscope. They took full control of my computer, how I don't know, as I am no hacker.

Since playing as a founder of Sims Online I continued buying all of your cd and though I was lazy and did not register them I can send you a couple of sheets that has all the codes to enter to play the games. I can't believe you would let this happen, and if EA didn't I suggest you tell them to quite calling them selfs a sim. I took pictures of them having orgys on a digital cam. The hideous way me and my husband was treated is not to be mentioned. I strongly suggest that you fire whoever is in charge of this game as I can't begin to explain the vile things I witnessed. I have proof of everything I have told you and although I am not going to do anything I am going to use my free UAW Lawyer to write a letter stating the above and take all my EA Games and have a it certified. The Huntsville Times has already sent someone to see me as the ad was run in their paper and I am getting many people that was harassed. EA being such a trusted company as I have always though should make it perfectly clear they have nothing to do with this game as many feel they are involved.

I don't have the words to explain has vile that game is and I am an older adult. I had a heart attach 3 years ago and I certainly didn't need the extra stress. I stayed to see if I could draw a conclusion of what the game was about but after several months all I ever saw was dancing and shopping. I feel if you have any influence with these people they should write a letter of apology and straighten that game up as it would be a wonderful game if properly run. Also, if you have connections please don't mention my name as I have already been hacked by them and they laughed about it. I allowed the newspaper to view my computer and I can also give you names of witnesses that viewed just how bad it really was and how unbelievable. My name on there game was Bama Bade and when I saw what they did to my avatar I have stopped going there. This should have never, ever happen to anyone.

Letter to EA copied and pasted 11/3/2007.

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  • Th
      16th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    i know this is late but this complaint has nothing to do with second life. EA and sims are from another company. secondlife is LindenLabs.

  • Sc
      16th of Apr, 2012
    -1 Votes

    How about a third life?

  • Th
      16th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    scruffy what does that have to do with a game?

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