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I purchased a Persian cat from Second Star Cats in the amount of $800 (without breeding rights) on September 10, 2009. I have followed all the stipulations in the contract and forwarded all paperwork to the breeder. The contract stipulates that I would receive my CFA papers after this was done in order to register the cat. It is Jan. 22, 2011 and still no papers. I have sent emails, telephoned and a registered letter and all I get is excuses. If I report her to the CFA she will be suspended and then I will get no papers. Finally, I engaged a lawyer and am waiting. I will say that this cattery has the most beautiful Persians in the country and they are healthy and raised with loving hands. Too bad this incident has taken place as I did want to purchase another later on. If anyone else has had this experience with this breeder, please post.

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      18th of Mar, 2011
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    I'm truly sorry about the wait on your papers. Unfortunately, our excuses are the simple truth - a female breeder we bought from another breeder was said to be registered with CFA, and was registered with another cat association. The other breeder we bought our male from has since gone out of business, so a lot of her paper work is scattered and not her top priority. We're having trouble getting answers from these people to get answers for you. When we sold, we thought it would be a quick exchange between the breeders and we could get the CFA papers worked out. This, obviously, has not happened, but we are actively working on it (it's honestly much more of a problem for us than it is for you if you're not breeding). As soon as we get blue slips, they will go out, with our sincere apologies on the delay. This isn't the way we like to do business. But we are very happy to here that you are happy with your cat.

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      4th of Nov, 2011

    I purchased a silver kitten from them and my experience was awful. While I love my kitty to pieces I was very unhappy with the breeder. I paid $750 for my cat when the website had her listed at $450. I was promised my CFA papers when I got her and not only did they make me wait an extra 4 weeks to pick her up they never sent me the papers. I have not been able to reach them ever as they don't answer the phone and their website is no longer in existence. The kittens they raise have a great temperment and I would love to get another from them but I will not do business with greedy liars. I also have a contract to not breed but they can't stop me since they can't even be reached. If you can't give me people the CFA papers then you should not price the kittens as registerd. Such greedy greedy liars!

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      14th of Nov, 2011

    Second Star Cats should learn some things ie . . . I have no contract as it was for a CFA registered cat which it is not therefore making their transaction FRAUD!

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  • Sp
      15th of Nov, 2011

    The Second Star Website was up again last week with 2 precious kittens for sale, the silver-shaded looking like my female. I have checked with the CFA Registry and was advised they have not registered a kitten since June 2008. I feel they should not have sold the kittens as registrable unless they had the papers in hand, thus, the price for an unregistered kitten falls around $250. When I have bought or sold cats, dogs, horses, at the time of the money exchange the papers were handed over. If out-of-state, a photocopy of the registration was sent in advance. In this purchase I felt the breeder just had different policies to ensure the integrity of their breeding stock as their cats are execptional. There may be one other reason these cats have not been registered which is a possibility. I just want her papers!!!

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  • Ha
      5th of Jan, 2012

    My daughter purchased a beautiful silver shaded persian from Second Star. It was the ONLY place she was able to get such a beautiful and OBVIOUSLY PURE BRED silver shaded that gorgeous and not pay $3, 000. Check around at prices. All her cats are gorgeous and HEALTHY. You can't even get cats that perfect from breeders as they keep the best to breed themselves and you end up paying thousands anyway for the runt of the litter or the one with off coloring. Get real people. Do you want a beautiful healthy pet or are you actually planning on breeding and that's why you want the papers. I am sorry that Second Star no longer has their website and that these people who all have admitted being HAPPY WITH THEIR KITTEN/CAT have left such awful comments that this place may now be out of business. This lady's kittens when we were there were actually bred "under foot" -- not in cages -- and were all healthy looking and well loved. Most of the sites that we researched when my daughter was looking for a kitten won't even let you see their cattery. My other daughter (older daughter) got a persian (peke face) from a breeder and guess what -- she got the papers -- and she paid over $1, 000 but she got a very sick cat with feline herpes. Of course by the time she found out it was too late to return it as she loved the cat. Second Star had healthy happy under foot kittens. So you didnt get your papers -- Well you didnt pay $3, 000 either did you? And do you love your cat? Get OVER IT. Anybody who leaves such awful comments should return the cat if you are that unhappy. The last comment says that in November the site was up again and had "2 precious kittens for sale" ---- so "what do you want??? a precious kitten or papers.? I don't get it honestly. So go on line and have some poor caged cattery cat shipped to you from somewhere - probably sick - and complete with papers. My daughters Second Star shaded silver is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen and feel feel very fortunately, LUCKY beyond belief that she was able to afford her. I guess thanks to all your hateful comments second star will not be able to offer any other person an affordable purebred persian like her. GET OVER YOURSELVES !! GO HUG YOUR CAT AND QUICK YOUR COMPLAINING and thank Second Star for selling her/him to you.

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  • Lo
      20th of Jan, 2012

    I have two of the most adorable cats you could imagine from SecondStar Cats. I have enjoyed so many hours of watching them grow up and play together. They are sweet and loving and get along so well together. One is three weeks older and we brought her home when we picked her out. The second kitty was younger and although she was eight weeks old (when many kittens are on their own) she was watched until she was acting more confident and independent before being declared ready to go to her new home with us. It must have worked because she is the most secure 6 or 7 pounder in the world, fully able to deal with her 10 pound half-sister on equal footing.
    I did not get papers and do not need them so my situation isn't like yours I guess. Despite that to hear anyone call the SecondStar Cat people greedy greedy liars is ridiculous. From the work and expense involved in taking care of kittens I don't see this as a big money grab. For what I paid I doubt they make much money on these beautiful kittens. The price of a couple of the older cats (as in 9 months or a year) was so cheap - just to get them a good home.
    When I brought our kittens to our vets for shots they would be carried to the back and passed around while I heard voices- "look who is here" and they were so cute they would have one vet examining them and one or two others stopping in to see them.
    Anyway- I hope things are okay with SecondStar and any complaints here has not caused them to quit raising kittens.

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  • Ha
      23rd of Jan, 2012

    Lillian, my daughters beautiful silver shaded chinchilla persian from Second Star Cats.

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  • Ha
      23rd of Jan, 2012

    Another photo of Lillian from Second Star Cats.

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  • Lo
      23rd of Jan, 2012

    Lillian looks my cat Angel- sturdy body, pretty eyes, thick silver fur, dark feet, nice doll-face. My other cat is a smaller brown/golden tabby dollface.

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  • Ha
      24th of Jan, 2012

    Thanks Lovemykiddens! You mention having a Golden. Is that the gorgeous Golden Second Star had last spring/summer? It was not a real young kitten then. I wanted that cat myself but I just could not get another right now. I have my own DLH that I adopted that looks like a Norweigan Forest and an older cat at home already. When my daughter went to get Lillian there were so many gorgeous cats there, and adorable to die for kittens it was really hard to resist. I do hope she does not stop breeding because of the problems with in the above case(s) with the papers. My daughter almost paid over $2, 000 for a doll face chinchilla from someplace else -- made the deposit -- but then got Lilly instead and gave up the initial deposit at the other place which is one of those one-line breeders where you can't see the cattery, etc. My daughter did not get, or ask for, papers for Lillian. She had just went thru having to put her 15 yr old persian down and wanted another cat to fill that empty place. Her persian that died was not a peke faced -- more doll faced so that was what she wanted but the prices everywhere were prohibitive. Lillian was almost a year old when she got her and had been shaved down to a lion cut at the time -- As you can see she has fully grown out in the picture of her lying on the bed. In the top closer photo she was not fully in coat. Her eyes are a gorgeous shade of green. I would like to get a chinchilla one day myself and I hope that Second Star will still be around. They only asked I think $300 or $400 for her...unbelievable really. Second Star had alot of kittens at the time and they were honestly more concerned with finding good homes for them than making money off them. I think at one time they were getting more money for them but ..well, I guess the "economy" happened and they lowered their prices to find homes. Having "the papers" I suppose is important to some people and I can understand that if that is very important to you that you would be upset but the attacks were a bit over the top and honestly, if you are NOT intending to breed (and I am sure they were sold as "pets" not breeders" ) papers just go in a drawer --but to each his own. It would be nice if some people could look at their cats that they love and find a way to "bury the hatchet". The lady and her daughter at Second Star seemed like very nice people to me -- and cat lovers for sure. We all have that in common at least.

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  • Se
      1st of Feb, 2012

    Dear everyone on this list,

    My name is Ashley, and I am co-owner with my mom of Second Star Cats. For those of you who are displeased with your cat or us, I am truly sorry. I feel I should tell you a little background on myself and our cattery, so that perhaps you can understand better why we have not been on top of everything as regards previous clients, compliants, and the like. Firstly, I have been disabled with severe chronic pain for many years. Many days its difficult just to get out of the bed. Sometimes the only thing that does, is making sure my precious Persians are taken care of and happy. Second, our small breeding program is NOT our sole source of income (actually it makes zero income to be perfectly honest). We have a family business that allows us to pay for having our Persians (vet bills, food, litter, toys, etc etc). My mom works full-time now.
    I also wanted to make you all aware that 2011 was our worst year in breeding that we've ever had. We've been considering whether we will continue breeding at all, but we are leaving that final decision until we are less emotional about it. All of our attention has had to go to the cats and kittens. We are literally thousands of dollars in debt because of vet bills and working 24/7 to keep our cats and kittens healthy. We had a horrible virus spread through two litters of kittens, and many developed serious eye infections before they could even open their eyes. We took them to our vet, we took them multiple times to a specialty ophthalmologist, paid several hundred dollars on multiple occasions to get the drops and antibiotics she recommended. It was a horrible ordeal for us and for our kittens. When our kittens are sick or in pain, we cry with them as we are trying to take care of them. It's the worst feeling in the world to have one of your helpless babies be sick.
    As if that wasn't enough, we've also dealt with a $5000+ vet bill for our old retired breeding male Aidan, when he got a urinary blockage. Poor Aidan also had to go through 2 weeks in the vet kennel, and another 2 weeks at home with us in crate, giving him shots for pain, and constantly cleaning his surgery incisions. After Aidan got better, and was out in the house one morning with a group of cats, he had an encounter with Milo, our shaded silver breeding male. They got in a fight, and Aidan must have scratched Milo badly in his eye, because it swelled up to the size of a golf ball, and we were terrified that Milo might lose his eye. We've had Milo since he was a baby, and he's my baby especially. We both cried and cried at the thought he might lose vision. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with the specialty Ophthalmologist who helped us with the kittens. She gave us some emergency instructions to use with our vet, until she could see him in the morning and hopefully save his eye. I'm happy to now say that Milo has both of his beautiful green eyes thanks to her work. We are so grateful to her. However, this was one of the most horrible few months, because Milo was in pain, wanted to itch his eye, and having to administer his medicine would leave us in tears when we finished.
    So to those who are dissatisfied, I give you my heartfelt apology. To the person who says I sold them a cat that was listed for $450, for in the $700's, that is not accurate. I do not remember the situation, but I do know that if you said to me, "This cat is on your site for $450!", I would have gone right up to my computer, checked our website and verified the price posted. I would never and HAVE NEVER raised my prices to ANY client. I reduce the price for some if I feel its a great fit for the kitten, but I would never de-fraud someone out of money.
    As far as blue papers - those of you who REALLY want your blue papers, send me an email at [protected], and I will do everything I can to try to get them for you. HOWEVER, any of you that I have seen here who threaten that they can breed one of our cats because you don't have its blue papers, WILL NOT be receiving anymore correspondence from us. You signed a form that expressly states your cat will be spayed or neutered. Unless you paid for breeding rights, you do not have the right to breed one of our cats. Period. For those of you who are simply genuine and would like to have a record cats purebred status, I will work on that for you.
    Lastly, thank you so much to the customers who have come to our defense and shown that we are not greedy crooks, or frauds. We are a small, family run cattery who's been through hell and back the past year. And any one of you who thinks I MAKE money off the sale of your kitten? I can assure you, we are LUCKY if we break even. Often we are in debt do to unexpected medical bills that we have to take care of. And the money we get, allows us to stay afloat and continue to be able to breed beautiful and personable Persian cats. To those customers, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is because of people like you that we continue doing this, although sometimes it can cause much heartache. Helping a person or family find a kitten perfectly suited to them, that adds joy to their lives, is one of our biggest motivators. will be up within the next few days. Our email is still the same, [protected], and I do promise that I will stay more on top of it. That's my fault and my fault alone. I've had a very bad year with my fibromyalgia and a lot of things have had to fall by the wayside. I will be sure to check it daily from now on to make sure none of you who've bought from us feel like we are 'hiding' from you, or purposely not responding to you. The honest truth is, in a crisis, when we have sick kittens that need medicine 4 times a day, that's where our priority goes. I will try to keep you more updated through email or on our website if we get in that type of situation again, so that you can be informed.


    Ashley W.

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  • Sl
      16th of Jul, 2013

    Who cares about papers! Look at the beautiful cat's with lovely personalities! Read the horror stories on this site! Be glad you had a well socialized beautiful cats without major health issues!

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  • Ng
      15th of Nov, 2017

    Thanks Ashley and your mom for breeding the best cats on the planet. It’s the cat that matters to me, not the papers. I know purebred when I see it. We bought Simba and Diego from you in 2009 December the day before a big snowstorm. They are healthy, happy boys living in Italy now. I’m sorry for all your troubles. I wish you the best. Nancy and Luther.

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