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Sebestyen & Williams, Inc. / no heat or air cond since 2008

1 PO BosUpland, IN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 765-998-7020

Sebestyen&Williams was hired by us to build our new home. The heating/cooling work was subcontracted to Sertech Heating&Cooling of Portland, In. They were hired by Bruce Sebestyen to install a Bryant geothermal HVAC open loop system with 2 units, one upstairs and one downstairs at a cost of $12, 000. In 2008 both heat/cool units gave out, damaged by hydrogen sulfide in the water. The manufacturer voided the warranty because of improper installation by Sertech Heating & Cooling. Sertech did not test the water first. Both units will have to be replaced. Both the builder and subcontractor will not do anything to fix the problem. Bruce Sebestyen is ultimately responsible for the work of the subcontractor that he hired. The job was not done right and he expects us to replace the units at our own expense. Bruce Sebestyen advertises as being a “Fine Home Builder”. What kind of fine home builder is that??? BUYER BEWARE!!!

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  • Wi
      4th of Jun, 2011
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    My experience was phenomenal, but Luckym20 . . .sounds like you have had a pretty interesting experience. A lot of "don't look at me" going on, with not enough action. I would just like consumers to know that it does seem a bit out of character compared to the great experience I had working with Sebestyen and Williams Construction Inc. Not to downplay the severity of your situation, but it does leave me wondering if there are any details you left out. I had Sebestyen & Williams Construction Inc. build me a home in 2006. It was a one story ranch style home that I hired Bruce Sebestyen to build for me on a plot of land that I already owned. Bruce worked with me and it wasn't long before we had decided on a plan and shortly thereafter, construction began. Construction was completed in late winter, and I moved in a little ahead of schedule. As way of being fair, I should not that laer on that next Spring, I began to notice water standing in the yard along the east side of the house. I thought nothing of it, but when it didn't drain off, I called Bruce and he came right out to take a look at it. He assessed the situation and called his excavating subcontractor. When the excavators could not make it out in a timely manner, Bruce sent out one of his employees who dug up the faulty drainage tile by hand. They had the problem assessed and solved within 48 hours, and I haven't had any issues since. Again, not to make any less of your situation Cindy, I hope you eventually get things resolved. I just thought it should be noted that not all interractions with Sebestyen and Williams are as complicated as your situation would lead others to believe. I, for one, was a satisfied customer, and I continue to remain so.

  • Lu
      24th of Jun, 2011
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    At first I resented the “replier’s” reference to me leaving things out. Then I thought, maybe I did. I suppose I should be completely fair and give the whole story. But first, I wonder how the replier knows my name since my profile is anonymous. See; the replier called me Cindy. Check it out. It seems that whoever wrote this reply knows my experience well enough to know who I am. My guess is that the builder, whose name is Bruce Sebestyen, wrote the reply. If you are reading these posts, be sure to weigh this fact carefully. Anyway, I cannot speak about the complaints of others who have had Bruce Sebestyen build or remodel their home. I can only describe my experience. Besides this complaint, another experience has been getting to know all of the people who have had serious problems like me. In fact someone called me today who put me in touch with a home inspector from Fort Wayne, Indiana who helped them get needed corrections to their Sebestyen and Williams project. They had seen an “editorial letter” I wrote that was posted in our local newspaper and they called to thank me.
    Now, on to the rest of the story. First, besides our no heat or AC since 2008 complaint, our project began in February 2004 and we moved in on April 2005 with his target date of September 2004. That’s 14 months total and 7 months late based on his schedule. Second, Bruce figured the flooring allowance so low that we had to settle for the less durable vinyl instead of hardwood and tile that was part of the contract. Third, since the back stairway was not built according to the blueprint, the top of the stairs did not land correctly and forced us into a very makeshift looking entry into the room and cut the room size considerably. Forth, the upper level was designed to extend beyond the lower level so there is an overhang of about 1 foot along the back of the house. The joists were not sealed from the outside air at all but covered up by the uninsulated porch roof. These may or may not sound significant to the reader and I get that. The real issue is the fact that we were abandoned by our builder after 28 months when his subcontractor failed to follow the manufacturers install manual and it failed. They know the potential cost to me if I take them to court would be about the same as if I simply pay to have the system replaced. Instead though, I think I’ll just keep complaining until someone hears me. Thanks Bruce, love my new home.

  • Pu
      14th of Feb, 2012
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    The reason why "William L." knew your name was Cindy is because on another site you complained as well. You are also from Jonesboro. And guess what? I am from Tennessee and I don't know you or the contractor. You shouldn't jump to conclusions and rub a mans reputation through the dirt. I don't mean his work. I mean that he would be small enough to try and refute your claim by lying and acting as if he were someone else in a reply. I'm under the impression that you just want to pin your problems on someone else. I would assume from your ranting that the builder is most likely not at fault of anything and that you are a bit of a whiner. If you are right as you say then you should of sued him on principle. But, I now you have waited to long to do anything about it. By the way, your husband's name is Eric.

  • Lu
      18th of Feb, 2012
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    Eric and Cindy Midgette, 7202 Wheeling Pike, Jonesboro, Indiana, 765-674-9420. Sebestyen & Williams Construction was hired by us to build a new home. The work was supposed to be completed in 6 months but took over a year. The bid for the work was also not accurate, we had to come up with a considerable amount of money just to cover the cost of the flooring which was a lot more than he said it would be. Also the back stairway did not get built right to allow for a normal entrance at the top of the stairs and looks horrible. Also the second story floor concealed by the porch roof was in fact open to the outside air the entire length of the house. However, the worst problem was that Bruce Sebestyen hired a subcontractor, Sertech Heating-Air from Portland, Indiana to install a geothermal HVAC system which completely failed after only 3 years because of improper installation and damage caused by hydrogen sulfide in the water. The subcontractor did not determine water quality before designing a system that would work in our environment and as a result we have been advised by other reputable HVAC professionals that it will need to be replaced, it is not repairable. Additionally, the manufacturer voided the 5 year warranty because of improper installation. The installation manual clearly states that no hydrogen sulfide is allowed in the system. The subcontractor either didn't read it or just ignored it. We have invested $12, 000 for a system that should have lasted 15-20 years and now is worthless and we are unable to heat or cool the house properly. We also have problems with the duct work falling apart which will have to be repaired. Some of the duct work isn’t even connected to anything. Sertech’s response to our duct work complaint was that Bruce Sebestyen wanted a low bid on the project and that’s the reason it was falling apart. Sertech shows no concern for quality of workmanship. We have discussed the problem at length with both Sebestyen & Williams and the subcontractor and so far neither one will correct this. Bruce Sebestyen has made no effort to hold the subcontractor responsible for this. He also shows no concern for quality of workmanship and if a problem develops he does not make any effort to correct it. I would not recommend this builder or subcontractor to anyone.

  • Lu
      20th of Feb, 2012
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    It never fails to amuse me how little integrity Bruce Sebestyen of Sebestyen and Williams construction has. Sertech Heating and Cooling are right there with him. Here is a response he wrote to our complaint on Feel free to check it out for yourself, especially if you are considering hiring him to build your new home. Sebestyen & Williams Inc. added these comments: Our heating company made several attempts to repair this system which is still repairable but were denied access to job site because owners demanded new equipment that already was 5 years old. It looks like they couldn't get the new equipment and didn't want any repairs. We tried even after warranty period to repair units but these unreasonable people would rather trash our good name than allow professionals to fix there system. These people have done this before with other businesses and most likely will try again.
    Sebestyen's reply to our complaint on this website is not true. Bruce Sebestyen is dishonest. If what he says is true then why didn't he agree to bring this to arbitration with the BBB? I will gladly give anyone a copy of his email stating that Sertech Heating and Cooling were at fault and that they are the reason the units failed in the first place. It also shows how long it took us to get him out here to inspect the units with another HVAC company (BRS Mechanic) that also recommended the units be replaced and BRS Mechanic told us they would give us an estimate on the cost of replacing our geothermal with a high efficiancy air to air heat pump (because it was a cheaper way to go) and that was the last we ever heard from BRS or Bruce. That is when we took him to the BBB. The system was only 3 years old not 5 years and we have written verification of exactly what was wrong with the units and that they needed to be replaced. I feel for anyone in the future that hires him and realizes that he isn't what he makes himself out to be. I hope that sharing our experience will help prevent people from being taken by him and his unscrupulous subcontractors.
    If anyone would like to contact us concerning Sebestyen or Sertech, please do, would love to hear from you!

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