Search and Rescue (S&R) Bloodhounds / Does not care about dogs after they are sold, Breeds dogs with genetic issues and gives &guarantee& that is not upheld

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Our bloodhound was supposed to be guaranteed against genetic health defects. She is only 3 and is a terminal cancer patient, has hip dysplasia in both hips, has an eyelid issue that is also genetic (entropion). When we tried to contact the breeder, our emails and calls were ignored for months. After trying one more time, Paul Smith yelled at me, using many obscenities, and then hung up the phone. He will not respond to any of our further attempts to communicate with him. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THEIR DOGS!!! I do not want any other person to ever have to go through the pain and anguish of their beloved dog having cancer and other health issues. PAUL SMITH IS RUDE, AND DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THESE DOGS!!

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  • Es
      26th of Nov, 2014

    I purchased a puppy through them in 2013. I saw his post through I was in constant email with his office and they guaranteed me a puppy that I chosed form the pictures he posted. I was confirmed that I was receiving that exact dog but when I went to pick up the puppy from the airport... I did not rcv the puppy I had requested. They sent me what they wanted... It was a bald puppy, thin but with a huge stomach... We dewormed him and bought skin treatment. So far Bosco hasn't had any medical issues but what made me angry is that I have seen that same "puppy" I wanted continuously on puppy find and I know that he is not available, and that they still assured me that I was buying that puppy. Once I got him I called, emailed and texted and nobody answered not even one of my messages. At the beginning they trick you good because they are on top of everything, their extremely nice, but after they ship the puppy their is no turning back with them. I know my story isn't as painful as your post but I understand what you are saying. I hope all is well with your girl...

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  • Mi
      12th of Mar, 2015

    I purchased a red male bloodhound 2 years ago he was beautiful and an amazing boy well trained in search and rescue as well as manors he has recently developed demodectic mange and has lost all hair on his face chest legs ears ext... It's horrible I'm 2000.00 in vet bills has anyone else had this with Paul Smith's dogs it sucks we love our Bubba Ray with all our hearts he has become a mascot of our home town in Graham Wa and now I'm affraid to have him out because he looks like a zombie dog blackened skin and hair loss soars everywhere I'm lost with no relief from vets yet help:/Missy

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  • Pa
      16th of Mar, 2016

    I just received a red female puppy I purchased from Paul. As previous people posted, they were very much on top of things before I received my puppy. I explained that I raise pups to sell for pets or search and rescue. I have several pups that are successful working dogs and wanted to improve my bloodlines. He seemed very knowledgeable, reputable and kind. We picked our puppy up on Monday night at the airport and briefly checked her out at the time. She was a beautiful dark red pup, just what I was looking for. It was late so we headed home. Once home, I took her out of the crate to let her pee. I remarked to my husband that we needed to put some weight on her. It was late and dark so I put her back in the crate for the night as she seemed content there. I opened up the paperwork to find the vet report stating she texted positive for coccidia. I have never had this with my dogs ( I have raised pups of different breeds for 30 years), but was familiar with it in goats. Knowing that it is extremely contagious and can be fatal I contacted my vet first thing in the morning. They saw her right away. She texted positive for coccidia there and was extremely dehydrated. (She wouldn't dink for me.) They kept her for the afternoon and hydrated her. She is on a week long regimin of pills and then has to be retested. In the meantime, she has to stay in her travel crate because I cannot introduce her with my other dogs nor have her contaminate my puppy kennels as it is very hard to destroy coccidia. When I called Paul, he did answer the phone, but denied the dog was sick. I told him she was skin & bones, he also denied that. He went so far as to tell me that my vet didn't know what she was talking about. He was rude and mean. I told him I liked the pup and would get her well. I was appalled that he would ship an 8 week old puppy that was so sick. If she survives, I will be sending him a copy of the vet bill along with a letter from my attorney, which I happen to work for. Because here in PA, I could be charged with cruelty to animals if authorities saw her condition. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to tell the whole story.

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