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1 10765 Cypress Lake Terrace , Boca Raton, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 561-929-0439

Scott B. Crompton of First Financial News (FFN) took our money and ran!

Don't let him fool you ...he'll try to convince you he is the real deal. In fact, he'll say anything to try to make you feel at ease, including providing a contract (bogus) and promises, promises, promises. We were the ultimate suckers and as a consequence, taken to the cleaners! He offered to send marketing emails for our company and did absolutely NOTHING. Now he won't answer his phone nor respond to email.

He'll even use 'autism' as a cause he's interested in, just to make sure you know what a swell guy he is.

If you want to be screwed out of thousands of dollars, by all means, contact Scott B. Crompton:

First Financial News, Inc.
10765 Cypress Lake Terrace
Boca Raton, FL 33498
Voice: [protected]
Fax: [protected]
Email: [protected]

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  • Z1
      5th of May, 2010

    Your compliant is ridiculous and unwarranted when everything was approved and supplied as per contract which states results are not guaranteed. You cannot blame my company for poor results for your product which cost me more subscribers than it was worth when best efforts were applied. By the way I have two children with Autism and if you look up the vaccine class action law suit to save some trouble one of my kids is number 285.

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  • Dv
      5th of May, 2010

    I have been a long time client with no issues and only good results. I would and do refer clients to Scott. Whatever your issues is, is your issue. Scott has always done the right thing and professional

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  • Ro
      5th of May, 2010

    I am now and have been a client of Mr. Scott Crompton of First Financial News for quite a few years and have come to know him and his family quite well.
    Let me first say that every campaign I and my other Business associates have done show only the highest regard for his ethics and integrity. We have had success on every thing we have ever worked with Mr. Crompton.
    Whoever wrote this false statement must have had problems with their own company many times before.
    A for your referencing that he uses Autism as a cause, well I have met his family and children and he supports Autism because he himself has 2 Autistic children.
    They attend Special classes and are quite adorable.
    I wonder if whoever wrote this has any idea what the truth really is.
    My partners and I have total trust in Mr. Crompton and will continue to do business with him and make money.

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  • Pa
      16th of Dec, 2013

    scott crompton is a thief, I was contacted by someone looking to employ him. If he is successful at marketing for himself why go work for someone ? He was probably going to steal info from them. I am glad I posted his scammer ways all over the internet. I hope the 2500 dollars he ripped me off for was worth it !!!

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