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Scentura Creations/Universial/Ultimate Fragrance / SCAM

1 United States Review updated:

I wished I found this sooner. </URL removed/ > Most of the reporting is for [World Perfume] <> /[Scentura Creations] </URL removed/>. Here in St. Louis it goes by either [Ultimate Fragrance] </URL removed/ >or [Ultimate Wholesale] < >, though the other office they will send you to lists on yellow book as Universal. [protected] or [protected]

After researching this company I was thinking about working for, I now feel the need to share with those who need and want to know, what the real story is. I am not here to slander, mealy to show the full story and make people fully educated before they make I decision about this company; some of the experiences I have seen has been as far back as 2002.

I was looking for a job on Craigslist and came across this ad for an Assistant/Manager and sent my resume to the email posted in the advertisement.
Assistant/Manager (STL)

Date: 2008-11-23, 2:22PM CST

Exec. looking for a dynamic, goal oriented and dependable assistant/manager to help run regional office. I would prefer no experience(I find it easier to train my way) but if you have some you must be willing to learn. Daily duties would be assisting in managing an office. Opening and closing, making daily bank deposits, assisting in interviews, answering phones, motivating the sales crews, inventory as well other various office duties. I would prefer a sharp dresser, someone that is highly enthusiastic with a positive attitude towards people and life! Must be able start right away, be extremely dependable and motivated. The income is between $500 and $800 per week and the hours would be 9-5 Monday through Friday and an hour or so on Saturday mornings occasionally. Please only respond if you fit what I am looking for.

• Location: STL
• Compensation: tbd
• Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
• Please, no phone calls about this job!
• Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Amazing, I got a response back from a Jenny – later that evening; Here is the whole email….

“Looks good! Give me a call tomorrow and I'll set up an interview with you! Please make sure when you set up an appointment that you are on time though and show up. The only times I am interviewing is tomorrow from 10:00 to 4:00 and on Tuesday from 9:30 to 3:30. We are also looking for someone who can start the next Monday on December 1st. Please also bring in a hard copy of your resume to make the application process faster if you can."
Jenny [protected]

Well I called had my first interview – with Rachael not Jenny. Naturally it was only 15 minutes. I knew when I went in the office (which was sparsely decorated) there were 3 other applicants waiting for the speed interview and 2 in the hall. Rachael asked ME to call her back at 4:00 to see if I had been selected to come back for the 2nd Interview, which will be at 12:00 Wednesday of Friday.
So at 4:00 I called and was excited to learn that I was selected for the 2nd one, to bring a pen and paper to take notes as well as dress sharp!-as if a person going for a 2 hour interview wouldn't know to do so.

*Number: 314.344.1998
*Address: 3801 McKelvey (in the Maytag Building)
*Phone Book Says: Ultimate
*BBB Says: N/A
I tried to Google them but only found their address and phone number under MapQuest. There was a report from Rip-Off, but it really didn't say much, -until I looked at it the next week-but gave me some suspicions that I tucked away until I went on Wednesday (just 2 days ago) for the 2nd interview (or as we were told it is the “Personality Interview") – which come to find out is a joke because no one was allowed to talk or ask questions so how would he know what our personalities are?) and was shocked to see 30 other people. David (the Regional Manager) and Jenny (ah, I finally met Jenny, who come to find out was actually married to David) split the interviewing show up. As soon as we were seated in the “training room", there was a white board with some information on it we were told to write down. I actually took really good notes. This is what we had to write down:
Ultimate Fragrance
Corporate Training Center
Regional Headquarters, Midwest Division
Founded: 1974
Regional Manager: David (who claims he's been there 16 years, started out in LA and moved to STL)
Office Managers: Jenny (8 years David’s Wife)
Rachael ‘’’(jenny's replacement?)’’’
NO LAST NAMES!!! Strange huh?

David started the session and brought Jenny in for another part. It was suppose to be 1 ½ hour, but wound up being 2 ½ hours.
David said that there was going to be another group coming in on Friday (today) and that he knew some people were not meant for this position. Hell NO, Unemployment is so high here in St. Louis, people are begging for a job and nothing would scare anyone off to get paid. He said he wanted to open up approx. 17 “branches", which meant hiring 17 people. They promote within and have 0 turn around. The company grew 200% in 2007 and it is a $39 Million business.
They had over 250 applicants and I should be proud that I was one of the 50 finalists!
The qualifications were very specific:
- Character
- Outstanding Attitude
- Fun, Friendly, Great sense of Humor
- Hard Worker, willing to work
- Takes pride
- Competitive
- Enthusiastic, High Energy
- Excited to Learn
- People follow People with Passion
- Non Traditional Management

Position is for a ‘’’Manager or to Run a Distribution Center’’
Responsible for all money, merchandise, hiring/firing, wants to be in charge, have fun

* David said they are NOT a:
- Multi Level Marketing Company
- A pyramid company
- Mary Kay, Avon type company
Will NOT be require to invest money
No Application, Training is FREE and there is no telemarketing.

Then Jenny came in to talk about the Training Program and that the average person earns the first year between $35 – 55K as well as the different “grades" of perfume.
She also told the story – just like I read on your page, again, almost verbatim, about the guy from Calvin Kline taking the formula process to the Supreme Court and that they found since it really only has 3 “natural" ingredients – Water, Alcohol and oil, no one can patient anything natural.
Most high dollar perfumes cost anywhere from $150 – 300, but they offer the same highest quality of perfume and that they figured out to save money, get rid of the fancy box the high dollar perfumes come in and the fancy bottles and the celebrity endorsements. They sell their bottles in 3.3 fl oz for 24.99 or 27.00 (with tax) all at the Parfume strengths. And only sell the top 20-30 (both men and women) perfume.
She said that they have over 900 offices in the US and Internationally.
Then she talked about their training program and mentioned that the training is considered “torture" and very fast pace. Training will be 60-90 days but some may complete it before then and even the most ambitious will have it completed in 30 days.
She covered the 3 areas of training:
- Marketing/Sales
- Business to Business (Most Common)
- Individual Sales (Ads, Walk-ins)
- Friends & Family
- Group Sales (Bulk)
- Parking Lots
- Power Teams (On Fridays all the “Branch Managers" get together for a competitive meeting)
- We will be selling approx. 50 bottles within 2-9 days just so we, as Branch managers, know how it is, like cross training
- Training/Management
-Start training 1-2 people to ease in
- Problem Solving
- People speaking
- Manage 5 people
- Administration

After that then the INCOME while we were in training was discussed.
We were told that while we were training the average person makes anywhere from $200-500 a week to start. The money will not be in the form of a check but CASH. There are a variety of ways to earn the money. They have Bonus, profit and daily cash incentives – DURING TRAINING ONLY and will start on the first day of training. What they consist of is
1. Attitude Bonus – Conditioning
2. Sales and Performance Bonus
3. Management Bonus
At the end of training, we would start our annual salary. I must say that Jenny did keep us entertained! Then David came back in for the final part – Rules, Title, Benefits…..
Training Rules to Follow:
1. No Drugs or Alcohol (Duh)
2. Can't miss a Day (unless something was preplanned, religious, military or death)
3. It will be from 9-5, Monday through Friday, occasionally on Saturday mornings from 9-10
4. Light business dress – for an office environment.
Our Titles will be Branch Manager. Our office locations will be determined the first week of training. We will not be required to relocate. Salary will start at $35, 000 AFTER training and an average office sales approx 250 bottles a week.
There is profit sharing, insurance, vacations pay and they lots of get together such as Sports games, Six Flags, Bowling league, cook outs. Sounds like a great place to work.
Then David told all of us to call him (wouldn't you think if someone was going to hire you, they should call you???) Between 3:30 and 4:30 to find out if we were accepted and to come back for our first day of training. Then he had us fill out another form saying it was for insurance purposes, which now I wished I never filled it out. We had to give them all of our data, besides address, phone numbers, SSN, Driver's license number, if we have ever been convicted of a felony, went bankrupted, our car make/model and car license number.
On the back was two statements indicating that we acknowledge most of the information they discussed; not a pyramid, MLM etc.

*we had to sign a paper saying that we understood that if we were to slander the company-which had been done many times before-we would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We'll like I said earlier, the “interview/comedy show" (they did use colorful words and were very entertaining) started at noon and we didn't get out of there until 2:40 and it's a long drive for me. So as soon as I got home, I called. And guess what????
I was chosen! Yep, out of the 250 applicants, he liked my personality! Even though he only shook my hand, but noticed that I was taking lots of notes.
I'm to bring a pen and paper back with me. I am a VERY MOTOVATED PERSON and I know that is what they were looking for. This job sounded too good to be true!

I started to get suspicious later that night while talking to my other half There were a lot of unanswered questions so I thought I'd dig a little deeper and I really hadn't found very much...not even in the BBB listings.

So I went on to Day 1:

To Start bring with you DAILY
1. (David says to repeat the numbers after him-SHOUTING)
Notebook (they tell you then to bring a 3 ring binder and folders for handouts)
2. a SMILE
3. PARTISAPATION-be aggressive and impress someone
4. Enthusiasm

Then there's talk of "Loyalty" and his being old fashioned.

Building rules ect...

then to the talk of "Tack Tracking" and the group within the group" of highly motivated people he's looking to move up really fast and get them into their office by the first few weeks of 2009.
1. Great Attitude-not just how well you take the good, but the bad as well.
2. Confidence in A) The Product B) The Business C) Yourself
3. Give 150% every day

Then you get the Product info and go over cash $27 Checks make payable to ENTERPRISE (not them) for a fee of $1 a bottle Credit Cards are $1.25 Fee/bottle They you are told in Friends and Family you will get 1 "Parfume for Life" vouture for every bottle you sell that night up to 10.--When you get these you will find that you have to work for them 90 days or the ticket is void.

ATTITUDE CHECK-you are told that this is screamed out in the morning and end, and anywhere randomly to wake everyone up and boost morale.

David goes on to tell you :open and honest" why he NEEDS to fast track and the different levels in away differently and Jenny had the day before.

Then a side note "Jenny had a baby a few months ago and is trying to not only hire managers for their own offices, but to take Jenny's place too so she can be at home with the baby." everyone thinks to them self-### he said that his office does +1000 a week, I could get rich!

1. FNP "Friendly" new Person
2. Asst. Manager
Training/Evaluating and Management
3. Trainer
4' Sr. Trainer
5. Manager
6. Sr. Manager
7. Exec

Promotions are on Sat.--Work towards a "Promotion A Week"

David goes on to say "remember when Jenny told you that you needed to sell 50 to get your 1st promotion, well because I really want to get this 'group out of the group' I'm going to bend the rules and make it only 30"

Then he outlines the Bonus for the night
Friend and Family
only rule: don't talk to Strangers
1. Get Organized-make a call list 2. Get excited 3. Set a goal
David's Own Add on 5+ bottles sole is a $25 participation cash bonus
10+~$50 15+~$[protected]+$200---40+~$400
then a profit sharing raffle--the group must sell an average of 15 then there's a raffle for everyone selling 3+ to get $500 CASH!!!
Then he says that real reason it to motivate you and that to add to it he will count every bottle you see as 2 towards the new lower goal of 30 for your promotion-which he will move up to the next day-and you can still work to the one Sat. (that moves you up 2 weeks in the possible 7 week program) So you only have to sell 15 and you'll get $75 and a promotion at noon the next day.

"Through the training you will be an independent contractor, the cash is accounted for, but you have to claim it on your taxes if you wish, but they only report what they give out, not to whom."

Then you are told to call at a specific time from 5:00-6:00 to confirm any info you didn't put on the form from the second interview, which is supposed to be an insurance form for your office.

As you leave you will be told some sort of encouraging words to make you work to the promotion

Day 2:

You are given "Early" the sale's pitch and the "Color Codes" list
the boxes don't have names, you have to know the color to know the product.

Personal info on David's life and he says he's an "### about 3 things- Negativity, Drugs, and Lazy people"

Class- "10 Steps to {running a successful} Office"
1. Be On Time
2.PaW (see above)
3. DWIT-Do Whatever It Takes
4. Set and Meet Goals every day
5. Never get DISCURAGED-it's the kiss of death
6. Plan for your Success-do something every day for your office but a pen, look at locations
7. Take the opportunity Seriously
9. Master Presentation-everything is wrote out from the sales pitch to answering the phone to training classes and interviews
10. Always be proud of yourself

Law of Averages: 10 people of every 100 people who try it buy it, but as you get better more will buy it

1. Memorize sales pitch
2. Friends and Family part 2- the first round didn't go as well as hoped, so the 2 counting for every 1 sold still applies.
the Bonus will be a money box where every 3 bottles sold gets you a grab into the box for a bill of anything from a 5 to a 100, but if you have a good attitude you will get a 20 if you pull a 5 or 10.
3. Write down on paper your name, where you would like your office to be located and 3 goals you would like David's help achieving this week"
4. Re-read to 10 steps

You leave with 5 samples that you can sell but MUST have back, even if you quit-or they call the cops next day by 5 pm

Day 3:

Rachael goes over codes and the pitch with you

Contact: Hi quick question for you, what type of fragrance do you wear (give examples)
Presentation: [HAND LIST AND TALK]The reason I ask is that I work for a Wholesale Fragrance Company and we HAVE (not SELL) the top designers for 50-80% off
Merch In Hand: [Hand them the Bottle]
Hi-Low: Down at Department Stores like___That would normally run from $90-$120, But I can GIVE (not SELL) it to you form only 24.95
Key Phrase: FAIR ENOUGH? (nothing else, not would you like it)
Shut Up: (let them answer)
Close: How would you like to pay for that? Cash, Check, or Charge?

you do "pitch class" what the HoT SEAT and WHOO-WHO's
David then comes in and tells you about his Boss, Richard-a "divisional manager, one of 5" and the business structure of 5 Div. 80 Regional (David) and their Managers (what you're there for)

You are then paired up and sent out to sell-wherever you want to go-with a Call Back time of 2:00

You are now told that you will receive an Instant gratification Bonus of $7-meaning that for every bottle you sell you only have to turn in $20, and keep the rest, which also leave room to barter.

When returning at the required time (3:00-5:00) you and your teammate sit and talk to David and receive directions to another office "where great leaders will help you sell more and teach you more."

You Leave with 10 bottles-if not checked into office by 5-cops are called

• New Office: [protected]
• Phone book Says: Universal
• BBB Says: general Sales-no Complaints (well if you file with BBB they know you and try to sue you-so I'm here)
• Div Man: Richard (20+ Years)
• Off Man: Jez (3 Years)
• Desk: Kat
• Address: 2303 Weldon Parkway, STL, MO’’’

Day 4:

Pitch Class Again-odd how they do it the same exact way Whoo-Who's and all.

In the pitch the ones that have been there give, they say 1 for 20 or 2 for 35
WOW--at the other office it was 27 w/tax-and I got 7, now if I sell one I make nothing and if I sell 2 I loss money?
NO-you turn in $17 per bottle here- and cash only, no check or Card-who has cash on them anymore?
You go over the stuff from the day before but this time "Law of Averages: 10 people of every 100 people who try it buy it, but as you get better more will buy it" is said to be-not for every person you talk to but for every 100 people that you get to actually spay it on you will get 10 to buy.

The game of the day is announced-Teams are selected-Off you go with 10 samples
You are told to go into anything other than a mall, church, School, of somewhere where they sell fragrances-EVEN if there's a "NO Solicitation" sign
After a day of selling (10:30ish to 4:30 ish) back to chat with a manager
Take notes off the board

IF the next day is Friday (probably will be)
in the meeting you promise to have a great attitude, to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES; and to clear you schedule and commit to being there until at LEAST 9 pm for a POWER TEAM {I signed up for a 9-5, I've got a life!}
After the individual meeting, you hear about off the great things that Friday’s bring-Challenges-a guy in a dress that lost...
You are told that your goals are: 1st Friday-7 bottles 2nd 10 and leaders 15-you hear that others have done 46, 57, ect...
you are told that you can sell that night to get an "early start" and that if you meet your goal that you only turn in 15 for every bottle you sell.
You again leave with 10 to have to return or sell-bringing back the $$

I am a smart Person, locked in a jobless economy, trying to find something to do to pay the bills hopefully more- While out selling, I gently asked questions-and the Scheme formed before me:

*The leader I had was almost done with training there 8 weeks or so (I was told that by this step I would be learning paperwork not selling)
*I learned about "Satellites" where 3 or so people are sent to a town, put up in a motel and "scout" that are selling for 2.5-3.5 days (I didn't sign up for travel)
*I heard about fun trips, but haven’t learned what they are yet.
Then you Uricka moment-I learn that you have the option when looking for your office,
You choose to open a regular office or a training center like David's
*Regular Offices hire distributors-sales people (who will only make $5-$10 a bottle, who can live on that?)
* Training centers like David's---Where you hire “managers” and they make you money as they DO Whatever It Takes to get their office
Ah-HA!!! Though you signed a paper during the second day of interviews that said that you understood that this was not a "Multi-Level Management Company" I know now that it CAN be and that the only real way to make money at this is to perpetuate the system.

They only question to remain, do I feel comfortable perpetuating the system?
Do You?

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  • Dj
      26th of Sep, 2009

    It's funny how these people just cut copy and paste the same exact reports everywhere. From all the information given where is the wrong here. No money was ever invested and the person was there for 2 full ( 9am-5pm ) days. If they were so bold why don't they use their Full name, first and last, a phone number so people can contact them and maybe a e-mail address. Instead they just slander behind a computer screen. Cowards. I've been in the bussiness now for over 4 years, have unlimited job security, unlimited earning potential. So must have worked for me. By the way I am Jez the manager of the westport office

    -5 Votes
  • Al
      8th of Dec, 2009

    I think the issue here isn't so much the money...but just to get the messege across that there are still huge scammers out there. People get theire hopes up, first timers and some with no experience. They hear and read about these "fabulous" opportunities - chances to grow in a business and as a person. It just sucks when they don't know to research it or what signs to look for.. With me, i didn't lose any money. It was frustrating though. The speakers pretty much are living very deceptive lives trying to get everyone to fall for this B.S.

    They went around the room today and asked for ages and lifestyles and stuff. No one older than 23. No one had any experience and i think they were looking for the no experience thing in part because they didn't want anyone involved who knows/knew anything about business law, ethics, etc.

    Just sucks the extent these people will go to keep it sounding legit.

    0 Votes
  • Ye
      16th of Feb, 2010

    I had my first interview today. Yep, they're still at it.

    Same essential scenario, except now the phone is answered "Enterprises", and the Weldon Pkwy office mgr is Rob, who looks like Opie Taylor and is not much older. 10 minutes, call close to 4 because 'the office gets really crazy a little after that' and they sell "wholesale perfume and fragrance". To retailers? "Mom and pop stores". OK.

    Manager's duties---give a pep talk to the sales staff every morning, deal with the cash and checks for the daily deposit. Cash? from a wholesale operation? BUZZZZZZZZ

    The office is shabby, has a very temporary look to it, although they must have been there for a year now. No signage, the receptionist has a simple glass, flattop desk, no files, just in the first room, weather be damned. Too bad, the lady was pretty hot, but she's involved in that kind of operation.

    Maybe it's totally above board. But the reports are pretty much universal, it certainly looks and quacks.

    I will not be calling at 4...

    0 Votes
  • Ne
      19th of Feb, 2010

    We are a wholesale Fragrance company!! We sell fragrances. We make a ### load of money doing it. And anyone who is willing to put in a quality 90 days of effort can succeed here as well. There are no investments, no fees, and no one ever has to buy anything. And you can make money during the training. A average manager will make about $350 a week during training. It beats being unemployed!!

    -2 Votes
  • Cu
      15th of Mar, 2010

    i am on here because i have orientation with selah management( an independent company under scentura creations) in an hour. i was skeptical about this company because EVERY complaint is the same. i went to the better business bureau-NOTHING. i refuse to leave my job, for some scaming company...THANKS!!

    0 Votes
  • Sh
      20th of Mar, 2010

    I just had my 1st interview on monday march 15, 2010, and this time they are in Palos Hills, Il. They are trying to do a midwest expansion and they needed to open about 40 chicago land locations. I had my 10 min interview with Kris in this very random very plain office building with loud music being played. I thought it was a little fishy when Kris didnt even ask to see a resume, or get indepth with my past work experience, but I thought ok whatever a job opportunity is a job opportunity. So anyway Kris tells me he isn't goonna b.s. me he wants me back thursday at noon for my second interview. Naturally I was excited. So thursday comes and I walk into the office and they lead me into a small room with a white board on the wall, there where about 20 other people in the room. To make a long story short they went over the same little speech with all the high energy and colorful language attempting to get the group pumped up. This time it was Bart and Jen who gave the performance. They didnt ask any personal questions or do any normal interview procedures. In fact I have never been in a group job interview...I didnt participate more then anyone else, I wasnt as charged and energized as others, but somehow I still managed to get the job! That was the easiest interview of my life! I knew it sounded strange when they said we could choose to make a guranteed 35k ayear, or we could choose a P.O.A (piece of the action) which is about 65k a year. Now the thing with the p.o.a. is that you pay 4 everything out of your own pocket, when you finally open up your own office and whatever the left over profit is (after some math is supposed to be 65k)you keep. Sounds good right...then a young lady in the group asked "well how do our future employees get paid?" Accourding to Bart our future employees would get paid out of the 65k. That would have been cool had they not told us in the beginning that we would be managing 2-3 people. So you do the math 4 people are all supposed to get salary from 65k ...What the Hell! Now just think if you chose the guranteed 35k..lmao..yea they are still scaming ppl with their FFAR n all that b.s. I am so happy I did my research, I knew it sounded to good to be true. I mean what type of company pays their employees cash even if it is just training, that sounds alot like not wanting a paper trail. Bart even went as far as to say that getting paid in cash was better because if we were collecting unemployment, that it wouldnt affect it...Isnt that illegal, collecting and not reporting your true earnings? Bart had balls enough to tell us about how people were blogging and making bad reports about the company (he even gave us a few websites and names to check out like [redacted].com), but we shoulnt listen to what a few people who knew nothing about the company, and were only trying to extort money had to say. He said if Larry Haun (company president) didn't "Pay the ###" any attention neither should we, and that Larry Haun would never hire someone who fell for stuff like that...Classic ###..LMFAO...Scentura Creations and all of their satelite companys as they call them are all full of ###!...I wasted 2 days of my life on that ###( not to mention about an entire tank of gas!) Im just glad that I didnt get as far into as other peoples who's stories I read (and there are a lot of stories from all over the nation dating back about 20 yrs)...Please people do your homework!

    0 Votes
  • Xc
      31st of Mar, 2010

    Just got home from the "first" initial interview, and from the minute I walked in the door I smelled a scam. Thank's for letting me know that I'm not just paranoid.

    I feel really bad for anyone desperate enough (or dumb enough) to be taken in by these people. But, I did learn something from this experience (never use Craigslist to find a job, and ALWAYS find out what you're applying for BEFORE you take a few hours off work to interview).

    Oh and ###s--thanks for wasting my time!!!

    0 Votes
  • St
      1st of Apr, 2010

    I would just like to corroborate these stories. I was one of the unfortunate "dummies" to get caught up in this. Almost everything posted above is true and was a near replica of my experience. DO NOT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME.

    0 Votes
  • Ra
      9th of Apr, 2010

    My girlfriend just went for the management position in the Westport area. Same exact thing she said she was going to be a manager in a few weeks after 'training'. She was told she wouldn't have to sell anything and she would just be doing paperwork and accounting. The next night she comes home and says I need to buy some colgone. If she sold 15 she would get 75 bucks and be on the fast track to be done with training. I am glad I found this article and many more. I actually just saw a story on channel 11 about this place and how it is a scam. Well she won't be working there anymore. The guy she worked for was Jamie and had lots of tatoos and piercings. What a joke, it's terrible how these people can be so deceptive for so long.

    0 Votes
  • Ka
      13th of Apr, 2010

    I am very confused as to how this is a scam. Did anyone not get promoted? I get that training is different then other places, but it doesn't seem like anyone stuck it out to really see if they are a scam or not. What happened to make you all say that?

    0 Votes
  • Ne
      21st of Apr, 2010

    The business model should work and it has worked very well in the past when the internet, for instance, was not so popular and sites like this did not exist. It`s about excitement and hype for sure - billions of advertising dollars are spent every year to "lure" you in; into the department store, so that once you`re in you`re lured to buy a product. You bought the hype. It`s psychology and its a numbers game. The Scentura model was designed to teach you this. There was never a guarantee of success, but an opportunity. Like a try-out, not everybody makes the team. Those who don`t fall into one of two categories: acceptance (Thanks but no thanks.) or bitterness (I can`t do it and neither should anyone else.) It`s much easier to be negative than to be positive; it`s human nature, just like it`s much easier to lay in bed than to get up in the morning. It`s easier to be lazy than to be motivated. Financial freedom requires Very Very HARD WORK! Negativity loves company and the easiest way to attract it is to jump onto a website like this and start spewing it. This unfortunately has been the demise of an otherwise legitimate business. People want to believe it sounds too good to be true and they found someone to confirm their suspicions. From there the negativity snowballs. They don`t want you to quit before you ever tried and they know their fighting an uphill battle with the internet. So make a choice follow paycheck to paycheck people or follow enterpernuers. It's your choice

    Some will some won't so what

    0 Votes
  • Ne
      22nd of Apr, 2010

    And to Rabbitsbak. Good luck dude. She's now unemployed and you work a Jack in the Box. And she was told we were a wholesale fragrance company from the very first interview. In second interview we said out loud "does that mean you have to learn how to sell perfume here, of course..." And then even detailed out how she'd do it. Hey at least she made $50 for 3 hours of work. Especially since she won't have any money coming in for a while. Good luck Blow-outs

    0 Votes
  • Mr
      2nd of May, 2010

    Honestly if it wasn't for this business I wouldn't have know alot of things I know now, of course like anything else everything has its ups and downs. This business is not for the average person you really have to be someone special for this type of business. This is what ppl don't get when you go to the 1St informal interview and the 2nd interview with the boss your told that it is an international wholesale company. Well duh sales is a major part of the company so are you gonna have to sell? DUH! Honestly ppl are so unrealistic how do you honestly think you gonna run a business and you don't know what your doing. You have to learn every aspect of the business even sales because when you first start out in your office you gonna have to train your ppl and how are you gonna train and you havent even experienced it yourself. Everything worth something comes with a price. Its just like getting a job at a car dealership as a manger do you honestly think you gonna get that position without actually getting your hands dirty and starting out at the bottom?Its a good business as long you don't get side tracked but you definately have to be a leader. Its definately not your 9-5

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  • Ra
      20th of May, 2010

    Can anyone please let me know the contact details of any Distributors in the UK? I wish to get back into the business

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  • No
      24th of May, 2010

    I am what is called an FNP. I went through my 3rd hour, 3rd day and made it through friday. This saturday I went to a regional meeting and watched someone receive their keys. I have never seen such excitement and joy come from people. I am motivated for this. To all who think it is a scam. Try finishing your first week before you even pass judgement. I don’t feel I have been scammed at all and I am just finished with my first week.

    I have been in sales and let me tell you selling Kirby Vacuums felt more like a scam. And as far as Pyramid scheme they require you to buy something and then you have to get someone else to buy that something and you will never make more than the person above you. I know I didn’t buy anything and I was never asked to buy anything and I was never lied to. My mom got sucked into a pyramid scheme and lost $2000 of her own money. I haven’t spent a dime. Actually I have already started making money in my training program.

    My promoting owners are all about helping me succeed into my own office. They took me and anyone else who wanted to go to the regional meeting so we could see everything for ourselves. My promoting owner gave me a great piece of advice. “Take business advice from successful business owners. Take the rest of your advice from your broke friends and family.” So honestly listen to your promoting owners. Why take advice from someone who couldn’t make it through their first week and why take business advice from someone without their own business.

    Oh and try to not be a weak piece of [censored] before you start harping on a legit company. None of this is fake. It is against federal law to patent a scent. All this company did is remove the chemicals and make it with essential oils so the product is hypo allergenic. I have an allergy to the chemicals in perfume as do a great majority of the population. So are you saying that these people don’t deserve to wear the same scents that you get in a department store just because we are allergic to all the chemicals found in them? How do you think a lot of the big wig corporations got started? They got started by doing the same things we are doing. The owner of McDonalds got the company from going to the burger stand to sell them a shake machine and ended up buying it from the brothers. Did he scam them? Is he currently scamming us? Is Sam Walton scamming everyone with Wal-Mart by selling rendition clothing to people at a discounted price?

    Maybe you should pull your head out of your friends a$$ and do things for yourself. Every major company had to start doing business to business sales before they became the major companies they are today.

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  • Mr
      2nd of Jul, 2010

    I experienced a week of this training around the end of April and beginning of may. The company is in Marietta GA with the name Atlanta Promotions. Saw the ad on Craigslist saying to call the number and leave my name and phone number so someone can call me back to set up an interview. But got the call went to the interview and i was pretty psyched when i walked in because everyone seemed so down to earth and laid back while Usher's new cd was being played in the background. There were three separate owners/managers working that office (Mick, Tasha and Riz) and each had their own special office space/room. I actually got chosen for the second interview the same day as my first interview. I was told in the 1st and 2nd interview that training would be paid and got a minor briefing of the company and what they're about (exactly the same as the above writers). We were actually told that they were expanding FROM Chicago(where as ShaChicago1989 said they told her they were doing a Midwest expansion) and trying to open many offices here in Ga and the south. We were given pay rates through the training which started at $200 a week and in the last week of training $500 a week. Each owner came in to speak about the company etc. Tasha came in and was pretty honest (to my knowledge) about this opportunity. She said that not everyone in the room would make it through training; not even half of us. She said most ppl either back out or they kick them out because they don't have the right attitude. Our group of trainees were mainly young (not over their 30's) and pretty naive but there were some middle aged ppl as well. Throughout the week the group got smaller. It went from about 20 ppl to about 12 ppl. The owners observed our interaction, participation and attitude each day of class/training. I noticed that the ones who started disappearing were ppl that had pretty good business knowledge and experience. It was almost like when someone seemed to be questioning this company or seemed like they were too knowledgeable about business ethics etc and asked too many questions they were no where to be found the next day. Its like they only wanted ppl that were inexperienced and naive who couldn't spot when something wasnt right. The days were EXTREMELY long and tiring. We drove around all day stopping at gas stations and parking lots to basically annoy ppl with our perfume pitches. It was non stop from 8am to 7pm and that went on all week but Fridays were even LONGER hours and weekends were power cars which was the same as Mon-Fri except in a different town (luckily i didn't make it to a power car). I was already so EXHAUSTED with this training. When the week was over i had sold not even 10 bottles and earned about $20 so i was expecting to get my200 dollars but Saturday morning came and there was nothing. It got me suspicious simply because it was pretty clear that it was paid training but they only money i got was from what i sold (which wasn't much at all!!) So it looked like the only way to be making $200 or more a week is if you sell 50 or more bottles a week (that's a pretty unreachable goal unless you stay up 24hrs a day being a perfume salesperson!) One of my co-workers who is a 40 yr old woman was going to buy a bottle from me and when i showed her the bottle she was surprised. She said that 20 yrs ago her friends were selling the EXACT SAME bottles and going through this same process but they realized they were just being used to sell perfume for this company and realized it was a scam. So this whole process Scentura Creations has set up has been around for a LONG time.In my opinion this is their process; find young naive or inexperienced desperate for work ppl and make them believe that they were the best ones chosen and that they're going to be rich and fill their heads with all of this bs about how great this opportunity is and how lucky they are. Then make them go out and sell all of this imitation perfume that the majority of ppl WON'T BUY because they think or know it's knock off. Scentura Creations uses ppl to sell their perfume through the so called "training" process then ppl either quit because its simply too time consuming (pretty much 6 days a week 8 to 12 hr days!) or they get "booted" out the door because they have the wrong "attitude". So Scentura sees all the profit from the bottles we are selling for them and we get nothing but a few dollars depending on how many sold. I believe that if you have no problem being a perfume salesperson then you will go far in this company because that is all you do at least through your training . No i did not finish this training because i decided it was not the career for me. I dont enjoy scamming ppl into buying imitation perfume and making them believe they're getting the exact same fragrance when they're really not. It is great to see the testimonials of the people who stayed motivated and worked EXTRA hard to become scamming perfume salespeople but its not my cup of tea. After reading these experiences they are pretty much EXACTLY the same as my experience. Although i honestly enjoyed the week i did have training with everyone. I met some pretty amazing ppl and had some pretty amazing laughs and times. I do believe that Scentura Creations are scamming and using ppl trying to make them believe that they're getting the opportunity of a lifetime and this is not a multi level marketing or door to door sales job (when it pretty much is except its business to business, i mean wtf there's not much difference) and they are using ppl to sell their perfumes. Its been going on for a LONG LONG time now and i don't think they can be stopped. I just pray that these owners see what they are doing and realize its wrong and have a change of heart. but i mean when money is involved things get shady because greed takes over!!

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  • Mz
      5th of Aug, 2010

    Regional Management! yep that is the fake aka name that these people has provided people in broward county fl with. Once I read the add on craigslist i was a tad bit skeptical because the company provided no name and base pay just a phone number i was jobeless so i had nothing to lose. I called they told me to come in for an interview right then i asked for the salary or hourly pay the receptionist said there is no base rate you get $769 a week. So right when i walked in the front door in the pompano beach plaza suit 138 off cypress creek rd I knew something fishy was going on music was playing loud ( hip hop rap music) sooooo unprofessional. one older white lady came in and stated something i will remember for the rest of my life" BE CAREFULL COMPANIES will TRY TO SCAM YOU". she also stated what kind of work environment is this. they hired me told me come in 2morrow they like my personality and smile. so i came in it was a room full of people when the receptionst made it seems as though i was only pick n it was limited positions avaliable. it was a room full of pple we sat there for 2 hours the manager was cursing it was basically a comedy show if i wanted to watch someone make jokes n curse i would have watch deff comedy jams he describe how they take you shopping and provide their employees with paid vaction trips but i saw right through the BS. mon 08/09/2010 they wanted you to sale fragrance b4 you get into the office location they say woman can wear what we want no stalkings or long sleves????? if we r going to be in a office why cannt we wear stalking and long wouldnt it get cold in the office????? oh i get it u meant outside will b to hot to wear stalkings or long sleves while we sweat in the sun chasing potential consumers lol. IM glad i saw right through all of this foolishness I had nothing else to the older white lady did not come to the second interview she smelled a scam right away and followed her gut. N U DONT EVEN GET PAID THROUGH THE TRAINING WHAT A RIP OFF AND IT SUPOSE TO LAST 2- 8 WEEKS????? isnt it illegal to sell fragrances and place them into ur own box n sell it for $27?????? we dnt even know the managers real names if we get stop by the cops i guess ur [censor] out of luck..they also have no website i find that odd a company that has been in business for 35 yrs has no website...

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  • Ja
      10th of Aug, 2010

    To the guy who posted the Palos Hills, IL Blog, that office is now mysteriously gone, but there is one in Elmhurst, IL 909 south rt. 83 Elmhurst, IL 60126, office number 630-279-5514. I have seen all sorts of ads placed by "Rob" "Ricki" "Chris" "Bill" "Mesha" "Kyle" "Amanda" and even ads on the radio! It's a scam and even after speaking with the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan's Office, they seem to have a general interest now as well as the IRS and the local law enforcement agencies. It won't be long before that office disappears...

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  • Po
      30th of Oct, 2010

    Wow you people don't realize how stupid you all sound. If it was such a scam Why are there so many office that that are different and that are ran by totally different people. You say its a scam. I have not once read where any of you have said that they took money from you an in returned didn't give you was you paid for. DUHHHH that the true meaning of a scam. You can not say they waist your time cuz it seams to me you all have plenty of time to sit and write your opinion of these company. Why not say it jus wansn't for you. Cause all of your comments were personal. If It was such a scam how come after all these yrs we haven't read nor saw anyone going to jail. People please get a life or a job. Educate yourselves. Obvious they are making money and they are still employed and your NOT...Wow

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  • Te
      6th of Jan, 2011

    United Associates on County Rd 156 in Crystal MN is a complete scam. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT waste your gas!

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