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Scentura Creations / Scam and cheating

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Again, they hurry you through the interview process, make you take notes regarding the company and training. Never do they give you any training procedures that a normal company would.

First day of orientation, they promise you will get paid for training, even though it would be minimum wage, and in cash. Not true, the only money you get is your commission from selling the 'perfume' while they sit in the office making lots of money for your efforts.

I thought it wa going to be different, although they say it is not a pyramid, it is, though they do it in such a way that legally they can't be taken down.

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  • Jm
      25th of Jun, 2012
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    1) It's a unique business with a unique opportunity, so it stands to reason that the learning process is different than most companies.

    2) I highly doubt you were told that you would be "paid" minimum wage. I'm sure it was explained that there were Income Parameters that most people fit into while they're learning the business.

    3) Do you really think they make "lots of money" while you're learning how to sell the product? The truth is, they make more money once you open your own office. The business is structured that way so that the owners become successful by passing on the opportunity.

    4) A pyramid sustains itself by monies paid in from new "participants." Were you ever asked for any money to start? So there goes the pyramid theory. Scentura is, and has been since its inception, supported by the sale of its product.

    It's a simple business:
    (a) Take the product to the field, see a lot of people, pay for the merchandise after its sold.
    (b) Show other people how to sell
    (c) Learn the office and administration procedures
    (d) Open your own office

    There's no guarantee of success, because they can't guarantee that you'll do the business the right way. But it's a proven formula, it has worked for 37 years, and a lot of people over the years have walked into the interview just like you did, given it a shot, and are now successful and passing along the opportunity.

  • We
      11th of Jul, 2016
    +1 Votes

    1. It is not unique and it is not a unique opportunity. Indeed, this so-called "opportunity" is available to anyone at anytime, who seeks it. These dealerships rely on a constant stream of bodies coming through their doors.

    2. I agree she probably was not told she would be paid minimum wage. In all likelihood, she would have been told she would be paid a salary of $30, 000. That seems to the amount (falsely) promised by these dealerships.

    3. Personally. I don't think they make a lot of money at all. often posts the annual earnings of these dealerships and I have seen figures as low as 40k!!!

    4.Scentura does not ask for upfront charges but isn't a person't time money? When someone is wasting valuable time they could be looking for a real job, peddling in parking lots instead, isn't that Scentura asking for money? Time is money! Or, do you not consider your time important? As far as Scentura not being a pyramid scheme, I suggest you refer to Scentura Creations Inc. vs Daniel J. Long . After you have read the details of that case, look up the definition of a pyramid scheme. And then, refer to your own number three point where you, and I paraphrase this, described how each office makes money off the people they recruit and end up opening their own offices.. and then those people would see people they recruit opening their own offices and they would make money off them and it just keeps going, all the way to the top.

    Folks, if direct sales making commission only is something you really want to do, there are a whole lot of other companies out there offering a better opportunity and it is a lot more prestigious than hustling in parking lots. My suggestion though would be to want more for yourself in life. But should you decide to go this route, just remember you can get fined for not having a solicitor's license. People WILL call the police on you and they will slap you with fines and remove you from the premises... just something to think about. Case in point: there is an article that appeared in the Intelligence Journal where the Downtown Investment District police were quoted as saying they were issuing fines ranging from $50 to $600 a day.

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