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Scanno Advertising / Scam

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I went to one of these interviews with their company after getting a phone call from them. The first interview was quick and easy and didnt really tell me anything.

That same night I was called in for a second interview and they told me to wear comfortable shoes. I was told I was attending a "business meeting" when I found out quickly I was just going door to door selling entertainment books for 20$ each. We even got kicked out of a business complex for soliciting by an office manager. It was super embarrasing.

My feet were killing me but I wasnt allowed to sit down. I talked to a girl who was on her second week of training and she told me she didn't think it was worth it but she was already committed! Can you believe that???

At the last interview which they made me wait an hour to do, he told me that I had impressed them out there. To me that didnt make any sense since I didn't do anything and I made sure I had a bad attitude so they wouldnt want to hire me. BUT regardless of all that they still offered me the job. I had been at that interview from 8am to 7pm almost 12 hours!!

I told them I wasn't interested in that line of work and declined the job opportunity.

These people drive *** cars so I know they arent making good money and one girl even told me she can't afford her rent some months so she has to ask her parents for help! And she was a manager!!

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  • Se
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    I was actually employed by them for a week and it was the most miserable time I have ever had at a job. You are given a territory and a script that is forced into your head. Rarely do these people make any money. They give you grand illusions of riches throughout your time with them. They will sell you on the prospect that you will be make 6-figures within a year. This is a complete crock of s***! I was fortunate to not feel like I got sucked into anything that wasn't me. Yet, I can take solace in the fact that I gave it an honest try. This company is no more than a Pyramid Scheme. I am just curious as to how they are allowed to operate under those circumstances. A strictly commission based sales force that is to sign "independent contractor" contracts is just not right. Depending on what you sell you can make about $13 per item. This does not add up to any money. This is as close to slave wages as I have ever seen. This company and others like it (US Marketing Alliance) should be investigated and shut down.

  • 0p
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    HAHAHA yeah i worked for them as well. and while i totally agree with it all. to anyone thinking about taking a job from them.. i say if you got the free time.. eh do it for a day for the sh't n giggles effect. the reasons no exp' is necessary, is because its purely preying on the spontaneous buyer. Also... the figures they give .. for every 100 people X amount will buy. well I'm anal.. i did it for week to gather data... it was closer to for every 100 people you meet. 3-5 will automatically buy the said product. your 12hrs a day also equals close to about 4-5 dollars an hour. Is it possible to make the amount of $$ they claim? yes it is. is it likely? not very likely.
    Oh and when you "move up" you use your own car. its actually more profitable to stay in the entry rank. That way it adds wear n tear to the "managers" car.

  • Le
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Haha..these posts are funny and very true. Basically, the "managers" and sales associates are prostituted to work for a law of average sales mentality. You go into the streets and knock on every door to find a potential buyer to coupons, tickets, cruises, etc...Sometimes you will walk in shady areas...You can make about 5-15 bucks off each sell while the head of the office pockets a $hit load of that sale. If you are lucky, you can make about 100 bucks in a day after 12 hours of work. You also get the opportunity to work at a kiosk at Sam's Club where you can sell other items as well...BUT, your income is much lower for the same items you sell door-to-door because the prospective customers are basically given to you...--thats the ### they tell you when you wonder and ask why you don't pocket the same amount of money you would make when busting your ### on the streets...The pros are that you will learn a great deal on sales, manipulation, up-selling..If you want to be a salesman of any sort, go work for these companies becuase you will get about 2 hours a day on team meetings/lectures before and after your slaving...The cons-really do i have to list them???...okay i will
    1) Wear and tear on your ###-shoes-mind
    2) Wear on your car
    3) 12-16 hour days
    4) Listen to a cult leader
    5) Get sucked into the cult mentality, trust me, you won't notice it until you wonder why you are busting your ### so hard for so little money
    6) You will hear everyone's ### story of how they quit a great job to work at the company because the opportunities of success are spectacular
    7) The "Rhinocerous" me you will hear it and crack up...Or the gumball story-hilarious!
    8) Wonder why your friends and family squint their eyebrows at your explantion of the job-embarassing!
    9) JUICE!!! -hilarious
    10) Bell- holy [censored] ---really???
    11) WONDERING why 1/2 of the slaves have been working their for only 1 month and the other 1/2 for over a year and they still havn't moved up in rank!!!

    Try working for these marketing companies for like a week or two and you will learn some stuff...

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