1 Australian Ext. Territory Review updated: has supposedly been set up to tell people about scams. Yet it has no system of controlling any posts to its blogs.

This has allowed the site to become a free- for- all in any slander and gossip any person wants to post regardless of the truth involved. Any damage done is hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

Regardless of the removal of any post the damage is done since some mud always sticks. Also as search engines cache the posts the removal of the post from this site is still displayed in say Google so the damage continue.

This is a good reason for the laws to be changed to make such sites responsible for the misinformation they allow.

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      15th of Aug, 2011 - staff belongs in jail
    United States is a total fraud. The online business I partnered with has not 1 single legitimate complaint, yet somehow this site allows anyone to post negative, slanderous, derogatory and defamatory statements regarding anyone it chooses. From an ethical standpoint, this company has zero ethics. Not of the statements regarding the company I am affiliated with was true. Not 1. Let me save the best for last. We had a spotless reputation in our industry, that this appears right beneath our name when you google us LOL. Within 1 week I was receiving spam emails and pone calls from them (or an affiliate) saying that for a $ fee they would remove all the negative comments?? THIS IS PROBABLY NOT EVEN ILLEGAL. THEY ARE BASICALLY BLACK-MAILING US! For a fee they will remove the comments? What a joke. Oh well, they only ruined their own crednetials, not ours. is not a source of reliable information at all. The top of their page should say "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" lol.

    If you read anything negative regarding MuscleLabsUSA, contact me so I can forward it on to our legal people. staff belongs in jail.

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