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My husband and I went in to this store for the first time to purchase a few mattresses for our children's beds. While milliing about, we found a great bedroom set, couch and chair that we decided to purchase as well - a total of 10 pieces that came to about $7200. We spoke to the Grandson of the original owner, and initially he seemed helpful and knowledgeable. We even went with his suggestion on an upsell of the matresses.

While he was writing up our order, he answered another call. My husband and I were conversing quietly and privately about buying the couch and chair from another place we had visited, as we felt it was a better deal. (When we earlier asked about a discount for getting a bunch of stuff, this salesman told us that there was no negotiation - we were getting the "everyday low price" that people came "far and wide" for.) We were still going to purchase the bedroom set and mattress (7 pieces totaling over $5000), though we were a little turned off by his attitude. We were prepared to pay in cash.

The salesman then finished his phone call and returned to us, telling us with a rude and unpleasant tone that there was no way that the couch and chair were a better deal - they must be off lesser quality. We politely declined to purchase those items, and said we'd just be going with the bedroom set and mattress. The salesman then yanked the order from the counter, tore it up in front of our faces, then grabbed another order form, slammed it on the counter in front of us and began rewriting the order while muttering nastily under his breath. His whole demeanor was shameful.

When I am buying anything from a company, regardless of the price, I assume I will be treated fairly and with respect. This salesman was so rude and insulting, we just walked out. We will never come back. Funny enough, we had another couple with us who were buying a couch and two children's bedroom sets - they were fully committed to spending thousands of dollars there as well. Of course, they left with us and were shocked at the behavior of this salesman as well, as were the people who were waiting behind us (who happened to hear and see the whole thing).

I will continue to tell everyone I can about this experience with Saugerties Furniture Mart.

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