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Saturn of Libertyville / Saturn sucks!

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Saturn of Libertyville -

There isn't much to say about Saturn of Libertyville (a Bob Rohrman Dealership) that isn't already out there on the net. However here goes a brief story.

I bought my Saturn Vue in November of 2006. The car drove well and served it's purpose as basic transportation for about 6 months. The first problem was that the air conditioner went out. It took over 4 service visits with each time being told it was fixed when the AC could barely muster cool, much less cold. They replaced the condenser, the compressor, a number of seals, and essentially the entire air conditioning system before finally getting it to work right. GM actually stopped paying Saturn of Libertyville for the warranty work due to the fact that they could not diagnose the problem accurately. In the meantime I was out of the vehicle for just over a week paying out of pocket expenses for a loaner vehicle.

Shortly afterworlds (and literally 200 miles after the factor warranty expired) the transmission completely failed leaving me stranded on the interstate. I had luckily purchased an extended warranty up to 120,000 miles which covered the damages. However the dealership staff destroyed the clutch and the vehicles alignment while doing the repair to the transmission. The warranty company refused these claims as damages caused by the dealership are not covered under their warranty.

I was told that I could pay for these items out of pocket, of which I refused as these were damages caused by the dealership staff. Considering that the dealership damaged my car in the first place, I was hardly willing to pay them to fix what they broke and were responsible for.

I then contacted another Saturn dealership (Christy over at Saturn of Lake Barrington) to have them tow the vehicle to them for inspection of the damages (and ultimate repair) caused by the dealership. When the tow truck driver arrived Brian Ingram from Saturn of Libertyville called me for permission to release the vehicle of which I granted. Turns out that he then turned around and refused to grant delivery to the driver based on the fact that he needed payment on yet unauthorized work. I gave them my credit card to charge whatever they needed to (still not getting a number). Which they then stated that I would have to come in and pay cash. (and I have yet to receive a bill).

Saturn Corporate is currently engaged however I don't feel they will be much help. I have just registered and will be posting this and other details there shortly.

In short, this dealership has damaged my vehicle, won't accept my credit card (extremely suspicious as they have for other work performed before) and I won't even bother detailing the attitudes that Saturn of Libertyville has towards it's customers.

The dealership currently has my vehicle and I'm sure they are hoping that I will cave in. If this isn't resolved by the end of this week I'll be buying a Honda and vow off GM products forever. I understand that cars can and do break, but when you operate a shop the way that Brian Ingram and Saturn of Libertyville have - I wouldn't even take a car for free to put up with that kind of abuse. In this case, I would rather make payments for two cars and go through the process of litigation and recover my damages a year or two later (if I'm lucky). In the meantime my Saturn Vue can rot on the dealership lot.

Saturn Sucks.

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  • Mi
      23rd of Oct, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Stay away from Saturn. They have no customer service. My wifes new Sky Redline died in California after one year and she is still stranded and paying the hotel bills herself.

  • Mi
      23rd of Oct, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Saturn's brand new sky redline left my wife and daughter stranded in California when the differential failed. NO PARTS AVAILABLE and no customer service. SATURN S*CKS.

  • Am
      16th of Nov, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I agree... stay away from Saturn. Their sales reps. are so friendly when they want to sell a car but're left in the dust. No one seems to want to take responsibility for the awful car they sold you. I've had my 2006 Saturn for a year and a half and it has been a totally nightmare!!! I will never buy a Saturn vehicle again. I now understand why their cars are priced lower than competitors. You get what you pay for when buying from Saturn!!!

  • De
      10th of Mar, 2008
    -1 Votes

    2007 outlook new in kentucky very old one week later in Libertyville il.. First problem, frozen button on gearshift,fixed three times each time they wrecked the interior to the point of gouged plastic, scratched paint on door jams, then act like itwas perfectly normal for these things to happen,best it can be. Next was a leaky factory installed sunroof which was fixed twice, first time the amount of salty winter water that leaked in ruined the headliner of which they replaced over athree day period of repair the outlook came back to us with scatched misaligned and broken plastic interior parts.I have saturn corporate in on it now.I think they are pressuring LIBERTYVILLE saturn to make things right.Nice car horrible service,but lots of smiles

  • Mi
      28th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I guess the question is “Why give an internet price when you won’t honor it”. Saturn of Libertyville brings you in with a fair internet price, then tells you the price was wrong and raises it several hundred dollars because they had to work on the vehicle to sell it. What do they do with new vehicles, show you the parts, then want to charge you to put it together?

  • Be
      3rd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have seen the same kind of ego driven contempt for customers in the conduct of the salepeople at Saturn of Libertyville as they conduct eBay auctions.
    They routinely have "No Reserve" auctions only to end them early because the bid is too low to satisfy their greed. No one makes a seller enter into a no reserve auction, this is their choice.
    They claim the vehicle is no longer available and then stop the auction when in reality it is still on their lot for sale.
    They are like the little boy who gets angry when he is not winning the game so he quits and takes his ball with him.
    Opening the auction is an "offer" . Some one bidding on it is an "acceptance" of that offer. The reserve price and the conditi0n of the vehicle etc...are the "terms" that define the contract.
    Lying about a sale of the product is a violation of the contract and is ILLEGAL period. There is no court in the country that doesn't understand this.
    The problem is that this particular dealership thinks that they have so much money that you don't stand a chance against them and you certainly aren't important to them.

  • Po
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    There are two different prices for a vehicle, MSRP which is ALWAYS equal to or higher than the Internet Ad price. If a customer sees an ad on the internet and then goes to a dealership to view such car, they will be quoted the MSRP unless they specify that they saw the ad online, then the internet ad price is honored. If consumers weren't ignorant in their shopping of a new or used vehicle, this page would have no comments to feed it.

    Your proud sales consultant at
    Saturn of Libertyville

    P.S. I've followed up with Brian and Stu who have shown me the service records of such incident and furthermore if you want great service, you as a customer need not be rude, buligerant, or nasty to the people who have possession of your vehicle.

  • Po
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes


    I've completed an internet search for such similar "complaint" sites about this dealership and only found one other site. ONE!! Not many, like you falsely lead your readers to believe. This site is littered with ignorance, stupidity, and driver's who need to learn how to properly drive and maintain a vehicle, the other site is the same story... A bunch of people complaining about brake and rotor problems when we live in a world where in a 40 minute drive to work I see countless ###s riding their brakes, riding the rear of the car in front of them, and then wonder why their front ends, brakes, or transmissions have issues.

    As far as I'm concerned they need their licenses revoked until they can learn to drive properly. If you treat your vehicle right, and this goes with EVERY car company, not just saturn, it will last as long as you let it. Here's how it works...

    You bring your car in with "issues" and service takes a look at your specified problem, if covered under warranty they will fix it no problem. If the issue appears to be driver-fault, it is not covered under warranty and then they will let you know this, and that's when people become upset, because it's THEIR fault, but they don't want to admit it.

    So grow up, admit you didn't treat your vehicle with the driving respect it deserves, man up and pay your costs, and stop trying to make the company responsible for your irresponsibility.

  • 0 Votes

    Put a deposit down on a 2009 Vue. Found a better deal at another Saturn dealer. Libertyville refuses to give us our deposit back. We are in the process of having it disputed with our credit card company. Saturn in Libertyville never returned my phone calls...very poor customer service.

  • Na
      11th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Saturn of Libertyville SUCKS! The staff and the business manager service SUCK! I purchased a car from them and oh boy its been 21 days and still have not received my extended warrranty refund. They have not paidoff my car that I traded in and I am getting statements that another payment is due so for a month or two I will be stuck making payments for 2 cars. One that I do not have and the new one that I hate driving. Saturn of Libertyville do not return calls and has a VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE STARTING WITH THE ERIC OBERG A BUSINESS MANAGER.

  • Sg
      20th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    We bought 2 cars from Saturn of Libertyville 1 month ago. My husbands car was on it's last leg so the only way to afford a new car I had to trade in my 2007 Saturn Vue (which I loved) and buy 2 used cars. I wanted to stay w/GM car only for the OnStar so I bought a 2009 Saturn Aura and my husband got a 2005 Dodge Neon. It took forever for us to see the Business Mgr to set up the financing. We had no plans on driving home that night w/the cars but they insisted that we do, needless to say we were there until 12midnight and it was storming cats and dogs. We had to clean out the Vue in the rain and move everything to the Aura. Then driving home in the rain, the window wipers were crappy and the next morning we found an 1/8 in chip in the windshield along w/several little nicks which we immediately went back to the dealership. They had the chip listed in the computer and stated they would fix it. We were told by Eric they must have been done by the landscapers because they had nailed several cars in one day. My husband took the car in the following Thursday and all they did was fill the chip w/some kind of ressen and called it fixed, never touching the other little nicks. We are still fighting w/them to replace the windshield which they want us to pay $225.00 to replace. That's not the most of it I have yet to get anything from "Fifth Third Bank" regarding my financing as to where to pay and my payment is due tomorrow 7/21/10. I finally got an account number out of Eric Oberg after calling several times and complaining. They keep saying "Fifth Third Bank" is doing things in the Stone ages and they don't have me in the system yet, Hello we have only had the car for 1 month already...Well let's see tomorrow if I am in the system...Needless to say I would not send my WORST ENEMY TO SATURN OF LIBERTYVILLE!!!

  • En
      7th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Stay away from Saturn of Libertyville. I bought an extended warranty and I have been trying to have it cancelled for nearly six months. I have called, written e-mails, and written letters. Usually there is no response. When I do get a response, there is nothing more than a denial o knowledge and a request for more information. What a bunch of crooks.

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