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Satria Neo 2010 / Please read

1 South Africa Review updated:

Status Active - Waiting for supplier message
Date submitted [protected]:55
Date and time of complaint 01/02/2010
Name of the supplier Proton Cars South Africa
City Johannesburg
Customer name Madelein Stewart
Reason for using getclosure! I am not getting any support or feedback from Proton on this matter, I was at the very least expecting a call from Proton management with some answers considering the extend of the poor product quality.
Nature of complaint The goods I purchased were damaged
Complaint description I bought a brand new Satria Neo from Proton Edenvale. Since I picked up my new car last week it has been the one fault after another After my first complaint they did try to cool the situation and did sort some of the problems out. I regained some confidence in Proton again but then unfortunately 6 days ago I had a flat tire, after getting it fixed and trying to put it back on the car we noticed all the badly corroded parts under the body of my car. Some of the welding work is also rusted. This is horrifying as I drive my two daughters to school every day with this car that is like a ticking time bomb. I placed my family in danger by driving around with a car that is clearly not in a save state to drive.

I can't stress my disappointment and utmost disgust enough! This Proton Satria Neo with interest will cost me over R200 000, for me that is an expensive investment and I have only driven my car for 8 days, on the 8th day I returned the car to Proton as I felt insecure after the CORRODED parts were noticed.

I am now (5days later) still waiting for feedback from proton Management as to what they are going to do to get the matter resolved, Replacing all the corroded parts is NOT an option, all I would like is the brand new car that I paid for in the condition that a brand new car should be nothing more, nothing less

Faults noted on my BRAND NEW Satria Neo
- Power inlet (car lighter) lid was broken off
- Both wipers have rust on it, the left wiper is so badly corroded that there are holes in it
- Right back light is leaking and taking water every time it rains
- The button for the rear fog light was jammed (This was fixed by you, thank you)
- The car was issued dirty ( this was fixed by you thank you)
- Window seal on the outside of the car on the left has pulled loose
- bottom of the car is badly corroded.
I do have all the pictures available
Proposed solution I would like you to replace the item
Outcome rating No comment
Rating of how the supplier dealt with the complaint No comment
How do you rate the getclosure! service? No comment

Communications history for complaint ID 26804

Date [protected]:56
Event Initial complaint submission confirmation to customer
Date [protected]:50
Event First reminder to the supplier to respond to the complaint - confirmation to customer
Date [protected]:42
Event Complaint frozen by customer [+]

Freeze time 4 days
Reason for freezing I am giving Proton some space to find my car and to get the paper work sorted out, I would like my new car at the latest Tuesday next week. If not then we can continue with this complaint.

Date [protected]:00
Event First reminder to the supplier to respond to the complaint - confirmation to customer
Date [protected]:22
Event Customer message to the Supplier - confirmation to customer [+]

Selected message The information requested is not available
Message description Good Morning Francois (Proton Edenvale)

Well what can I say its once again me complaining about the service received from your branch. Yesterday when I called you to enquire about my car (as I was promised to take collection of it on Wednesday afternoon or latest Thursday 25/02/2010) you did not know where my car was and was going to call me back…No call received from you. This morning I had to phone your office again to basically beg for an update, you were not in yet and Peter could also not tell me where my car is.

I am so fed up with the poor service that I receive from your branch I truly am. I work in the service industry and we don’t have a product to sell like you do, we sell service and I can tell you one thing, my MD is very precise and strict on service delivery to our clients, if a client complaints an immediate non conformance is lodged against us and we have to attend to that client and fix the problem doesn’t matter what it takes. I just can’t get over the poor service delivery from Proton Edenvale and don’t know how you still get new clients unless they are not aware of your lack of after sales service.

I want to cancel this deal completely and I will do whatever it will take to get this done, I am not interested in doing any business with Proton ever again and I will surly advise my friends and family in the same manner. Please phone your MD again and ask him how we start the process to return the payment back to Westbank as soon as possible.

I want an answer from you today please and phone me on my mobile as I will not be in the office from 13:00.
Just for the record, today is 19days that I have been without my brand new car I bought and had the pleasure of driving it for 8 days. I have been re-paying my loan to the bank and insurance but I dont have the pleasure of driving what I'm paying for.

Date [protected]:30
Event First reminder to the supplier to respond to the complaint - confirmation to customer
Date [protected]:40
Event Notification to customer that supplier failed to respond within the time allocated
Date [protected]:00
Event First reminder to customer to close complaint
Date [protected]:17
Event Customer message to the Supplier - confirmation to customer [▼]

Selected message - Other -
Message description After all the discomfort I went through Proton decided to replace my car. I waited three weeks to take delivery of it. When I finally received it I was happy with the car until on day 8 the car broke down. I am so negative and truly dislike even hearing the word PROTON. I bought my new car on 28/01/2010 and till today (11/03/2010) I have had the privilege of driving my NEW car for 8 days with the first alleged NEW car then weeks later I drove the second BRAND NEW ISSUE for 8 days until that one broke down, I have had the pleasure of driving the car I paid for 16 days (two different issues) in all this time. I don’t even have the confidence in my car to drive to Natal with it as all I have experienced is negative since I signed this deal…Proton also don’t have branches in all major cities so I if the after sales service is this bad what is the roadside assistance going to be like? Wesbank so far is not interested in helping me “as the deal is already signed” and I am now stuck and forced to sit with this situation. Does anyone have ANY advice for me please, I am so desperate to get out of this deal. What a disappointment…what an absolute waste of money, time and effort. I am however going to send my story to ALL media support I know. If you are reading this and were considering buying a Proton…again I warn you…its not worth the investment at all!!!
Selected solution I would like you to refund me in full
Solution description Please refund the money to Wesbank so that I can take my business elsewhere

Satria Neo 2010
Satria Neo 2010
Satria Neo 2010
Satria Neo 2010
Satria Neo 2010
Satria Neo 2010

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  • Ab
      29th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    I purchased a new Proton "Jumbuck" Ute. Not once did the dealership(s) follow through with the warranty work. I spent over $1, 000 (AUS) for services that were never done, plus they broke trim pieces and made a greasy mess of my head liner in the process of doing warranty. I contacted the National Office and got the usual "Sorry" but it's up to the dealer and "we'll give them a call". Nothing happened. Now both Sydney Dealers are out of business. I took the Ute to my mechanic and found out all the engine filters, and spark plugs I paid for during services from the dealers where never changed. How much the engine's lifespan is lost can't be known at this point in time, but the fact that I paid for the services and never got them is the lowest act. I just hope it last a couple more years till I can afford a new quality Australian Made Ute!.

    Kind Regards
    Ken Willhite

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