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Sari Friedman / Sari Friedman

1 666 Old Country Road Garden City, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 516.222.1053

I was also tricked into believing she advocated for men's rights. She has a very good sales pitch but once I signed her retainer I was passed of to one of the staff attorneys. Men's rights thereafter were never mentioned. Each month "please remit the sum of $5, 000.00 for future work. So on top of living and supporting my family I had was required to pay her $5, 000.00 per month. She must of got me for $30, 000.00 before I was forced to change attorneys. It's all a big game to them, they can careless about the fathers rights or let alone ones family. I was even threatened by her motioning the court to be excused for not paying her the 5K that month, although I had a balance of $273.00. After releasing her I met with others at a group in Plainview, NY who were all too familiar with her unethical, borderline criminal practices by her. Who do you trust if you cannot trust your own attorney? Sari, I hope you really need the money you stole from me, and my children, enjoy it!!

Sari Friedman

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  • Ta
      26th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    As I type I am listening and absorbing Miss Friedman blurb attached to her web site. Remain clear of this Law Firm! The truth is just the opposite of her advertised, services. Miss Friedman passed off my Divorce matter to this young girl, Miss Printz. Extremely anti-social, will add more drama to your matter than what it is worth. When requested she be removed from you matter suddenly things become personal among you and Miss Friedman. $5, 000.00 floating retainer will be requested per month, besides the monies already paid out. If you have a $ balance in your favor Miss. Friedman will still request $5, 000.00 replenishing the retainer for future work. If more information is needed on this firm look up "Americans For Legal Reform" you will receive an ear full, afterwards you will kick yourself for becoming involved with this firm. Believe me you are not the only one ripped off by this thief!!

  • Ta
      1st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sari Friedman, of Counsel for the Fathers Rights Association Of New York State. People this is all a scam. I went to Sari for advice Jan, 2009 concerning custody and walked away close to $30, 000 poorer in a short period of time, lost complete custody of my child. Miss Friedman is a thief. NYS should focus their attention towards her actions in regards to her unethical standards...
    Go to and read all about her and what she says she advocates for. maybe Judge Kent is also apart of her money train...

  • Hb
      17th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I so Agree with you!!!But All divorce and family lawyers just care about the money.

  • Ta
      6th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    HBU, I understand everyone deserves to be compensated for their services. There is a difference between asking and acepting a fair wage compaired to knowlying being apart of a goverment controled system decieving, exploiting the emotional instability of some American Families during the stressful period of a divorce.
    People only need to voice their own experience within the divorce Industry, wether it be bad or good, especially if it's good providing hope to some who have been taken advantage of.
    Please do not be scamed by the women in the photo below, she ripped me off of thousands!!
    Call Americans for Legal Reform to recieve an ear full.

  • Ta
      12th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Sari Friedman is a Master at the old bait and switch trick...Lures you into her Men's Right Group Meetings, assesses your emotional level, offers an amount of emotional support to have you agree to a consultation at her Garden City Office, the corner office mind you. During the consolation all you inner passion is recorded for a very important purpose, mainly to calculate how much and how easy it will be to sway you from your hard earned money. Ok, the majority of the time the father retains the majority of the financial resources, Bingo, the reason why Sari Girl focus of the male population..It's a about MONEY BABY!! Now add her over weight side kick, Chas Cancellare as a Court appointed Law Guardian or even the Attorney for the advisarity and within in no time you will be homeless, bankrupt, without your; dog, cat, fish, fur coats, underwear etc.
    Do yourself a favor remain clear of this women, if you feel as though you were ripped off by this person you’re not alone. Voice the experience you had with her. Put passion and emotion in describing the unethical practices she used with you..
    Contact Americans For Legal Reform at 631. 421.6390

  • Ta
      14th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sari Friedman heads up a monthly meeting group advocating for Men's rights... Sari uses this cover as a pretext with the intention of collecting retainers from emotionally charged men. This is illegal on her part. Look up her meeting group on the web and when in attendance question her according to past and present unethical conduct. Sari donates large sums of money to various politicians in order to conduct her enterprise as she feels fit. Research the people who discontinued her services, ask them questions on the way Sari ripped them off...
    she also uses a Law Guardian by the name of Chas Cancellare. These crooks work the court system for one reason and one reason alone, "to remove as much money as possible from a person." If you are thinking of hiring these two, do some in depth research, telephone Americans for Legal Reform, 631 421-6390 as to speak to Carl, then question Sari and Chas concerning their ethics
    Do your self a favor stay away from these two, it will save you a tremendous amount of griefs and head ach.

  • Ta
      18th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sari Friedman is a THIEF, there is an 8x10 home awaiting her arrival in Upstate New York.

  • Ch
      10th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have to agree with everything TAH says. Friedman pulled the same thing on me. I even asked before I retained her, what would happen if I ran out of money. She says "we will work with you". Well, she immediately turned the case over to an inexperienced associate, who convinced me to agree to a horrible maintenance agreement because she had to go to a doctor's appt. When I finally ran out of cash (although she knew I had equity in my house and 401k) she filed to be relieved and I had to find another attorney. She is a liar and a crook. She should not be a lawyer.

  • Ma
      12th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I disagree with these comments. I was referred to Sari by a friend who was also a client of hers, and both she and I had a wonderful experience. I am a father, and she truly helped me fight for my rights and was totally worth the money. You people only want something for free and don't want to pay for a good thing. She is a strong fighter who helps her client obtain their goals. She helped me get custody of my sons and resolved the finances well.

  • Ac
      14th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I also disagree with the many biased complaints on this site. I am a male registered nurse who just finished a three year battle with my Sociopath wife who vowed to bankrupt me by its end. My use of Sari and what I found to be her excellent staff, turned what could have been a complete disaster into a tolerable situation. I will directly answer several of these complaints right here. First of all, I also dealt with Ms. Printz during the course of my employing this firm. She did my initial deposition with me at my wife's attorney and was very professional and businesslike. Several times during the deposition she spoke to me about how to better answer the questions and once she even asked for a break, took me outside, and laid out the "what to do" in no uncertain terms to avoid me talking too much and saying things I did not want to say. Did I cry and say this person is "anti-social"? NO!!! I said this person is here to help me, I had better shut up and listen, followed suit and did well. Sari passes you off to an associate? Do any of you realize how often Sari must be in court and on trial to get her type of ability to win the cases she wins? There is no way ANY attorney could do that and still give justice to the myriad of day to day tasks involved in multiple divorces. I liken these types of complaints to patients I see in the hospital who have high level complicated surgeries with the best surgeons in New York. I often get asked if the surgeon knows about their low level headache or other irrelevant information, showing me they are completely clueless of the process. If you went to the best heart surgeon in the world, he/she is not dealing with your day to day trivialities! They would NEVER get their surgeries done and they would not have gotten to be the BEST to treat you! They need to be in the OR constantly to be that good, and Sari has to be on trial and in court! THAT is why they hire a staff to do the day to day tasks. I had the most good fortune to deal with Andrea Friedman in my day to day dealings at the firm, an attorney who I cannot express how wonderful she really was. She was firm when she had to be, listened when it was necessary, and NEVER failed to respond to my inquiries. As far as complaints being "made personal" by Sari, complete hogwash! I myself complained to Sari about an associate after about 8 months of dealing with him and Sari called me ON A SUNDAY to ask me my problems and immediately reassigned my case with nothing but an "at your service" attitude, eliminating the last several hourly charges from my bill. I never once found Sari to be anything but professional and having my best interests in mind. In three years she attempted five times to settle my case and my wife refused! On custody alone, Sari explained THE FIRST DAY I MET HER that she will not give concessions for joint custody, as NY is a sole custody state and joint custody is an illusion. Within a year your spouse can refile for sole custody and no judge will even attempt to give it to you after your child has been living with your spouse for that long unless you can prove her unfit (yea, go ahead and try that one!), making all of the concessions you gave up to get it lost. I would bet every one of these negative posters never even understood that concept! In the course of three years I consulted three high level NY divorce attorney's TWICE as well as three court psychologists countless times to get opinions if my case was on the right track and all was being done correctly (just as I would do if I had a serious medical illness!). At every turn, both her competition AND the people who deal with her on a steady basis in the courts praised Sari's ability and her handling of my case. Every single attorney I consulted on the outside who took a detailed look at my case told me that not only was the best being done in the circumstances, but if it went worst case scenario (which it did), NO ONE would be better to handle it than Sari. Let's face it guys, THE SYSTEM SUCKS and it is against us from the outset. It rewards the bad behavior of our spouses and punishes us as we try to see our children. NO ATTORNEY can help you with that. The real culprits are THE JUDGES, who drag these cases on with impunity and live the life of the people in OZ (little work and all play) and a SYSTEM designed to keep you feeding it so they can live off of you. After all attempts at settlement failed, we went to trial, and that is where you will really see Sari and her firm shine! I spent several days on trial with Sari and her BRILLIANCE at what she does is where your money goes. She and Andrea were well prepared, extremely knowledgeable, and fought for me like tigers. Finally my case settled, not EXACTLY as I would have liked, but far better than many of my friends I have seen in my shoes. I have Sari and Andrea to thank for that. My advice to ANYONE going through divorce is to try and settle it out before the system gets a hold of you because it is a black hole that will suck your life and that of your family away. Should that not be possible, I highly recommend the services of Sari and her firm. Just be realistic and don't expect her to be a magician. She is bound by a corrupt system that favors women and drags cases on to keep many people in place that would otherwise have a difficult time being employed in an honest world!

  • 33
      19th of Jun, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Sari Frieman is a dishonorable attorney, and should be disbarred. She led me in the complete wrong direction when whe knew my ex would sue me for custody of my son. All she did was take 20, 000 dollars and did not do what i asked of her. After a year and a half, I swited attorney's and settled my case in less than 6 weeks. Everyone is happy now, father, mother and child. She is unethical and immoral don't be fooled! You are paying rent for her big, fancy, high level office.

  • Mi
      30th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Sari Freidman is the biggest crook I ever met. She plays on fathers emotions for her financial benefit. All she cares about is taking money from you and once she gets her money she is gone. She is a dishonorable liar who should be ashamed of herself. I thought maybe it was me and maybe I was just not well versed in retainers etc. Then once I read all these comments I realized she has done this hundreds of clients.. Mostly men. It's amazing all the people have the same things to say about her... It's all bout the how much money she can suck out of you. Stay away from this crook!

  • Sa
      13th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    Sari is a crook. The lowest of the low. A bottom feeder driving a 80k car and wearing a 3k suite with the money she's stolen from her clients. Sari doesn't care about you; man or woman. He goal is to prolong your case as long as possilbe so she can keep charging you legal fees. Fees to wirte letters to the court on your behalf, fees to write to the "judge" requesting an expedite on your case, when in reality, she's adjouning it behind your back! All Sari cares about is getting your money, and she doesn't care how she does it. Sari adjourded my Pendente Lite applicatoin for over a year. My case was adjourned over 20 times without my consent or knowledge. Meanwhile, I scraped by to soley support my children...we all know how that turned out. Because of Sari's actions, my case was forced to tiral without discovery of any kind, eventhough I was assured by Sari the discovery, depositions would be condutcted. Never happened. Here's the kicker... Sari told me and keept telling me the Judge was make a ruling on my case "any day now" "He's old, it takes him a long time to read the paperwork" all lies I paid Sari in excess of $30, 000. to get child support. I never even got a ruling from the court. How she's allowed to keep her license is a mystery. How Family Court allows her to continue to take advantage of clients is every a more distruburing question. Even other attorneys know of her conduct and makes jokes about it. Sair has made a joke out of the Family Court legal system and yet there are no ramifications for you misconduct.

  • Sa
      14th of Feb, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Sari is greedy, her work is sloppy; critical components in her filings are left out, and she's unethical. Sari cares only about how much money she can get for herself at your expense. If you hire her, you will be very, very disappointed and thousands of dollars in the hole for no good reason. Save your money and go else wear.

  • Ra
      1st of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Sari Friedman should be disbarred! My divorce took four years! The defendant was never dispositional, despite my requests and Sari's promises that a financial disposition would take place. It NEVER happened. Sari adjourned my case was 23 times without my knowledge, yes that's 23 times! Then she hurriedly scheduled a "settlement" conference to cover her actions. She knows how to work the system and steal your money. In addition to all of that, critical information was missing from the initial stipulation filed with the court. What's missing from the stipulation is not allegeable to be discussed at trial or in settlement... this is law 101, and Sari blew it, costing me hundreds of thousands in lost asset awards. My case was a disaster, a complete and utter disaster. I paid Sari over 25k and never was awarded a Pendente Lite, Child Support and NOTHING was resolved with her firm. I had to go elsewhere for a final resolution and by that time the damage was done. She should be disbarred and NEVER EVER be allowed to practice law again. Please take my advise and do not hire this attorney. Sari is money hungry and has not ethics or concerns for you or your family. Even worst no one in an office of authority to put an end to her conduct will make a stand. Sari makes lots of contributions to political complains and her husbands a surgeon, so she's the Madof of the 21st C.

  • Bo
      15th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Avoid this woman at all costs. She preached a good talk about fathers rights. All she cared about was money, money and more money. She told me all she would do for me took my retainer and then handed me off to another lawyer who did nothing for me and agreed to everything my ex wife's lawyers said. They even no showed twice and once cost me my house. Between her and Chas Cancellare they were money hungry people who could care less for what was right for the children. They dragged out the process for well over a year and kept their hands out looking for more money. They were never there for "Father's rights", just collecting fees. If it wasnt for the forensic psychologist who saw through all the wrongs I would have lost my kids thanks to Sari and Chas. Horrible people who will get what they desreve in the end.

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