Santam / insured extras not paying out

1 Swakopmund, NA
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I had an accident with my vehicle on 31 July 2017, Santam wrote the vehicle off, paid the bank some money, had to fight to get them to pay the exgratia and don't get the extras I have insured paid back to me. All was on email, my vehicle to be insured for correct amount (Santam insured it under wrong code) but at least paid exgratia. (Thank you). I had extras insured on my vehicle - they don't want to pay that out - even telling me I lie and do not know what I bought - I even let the dealer send Santam emails and invoices of extras that I put on my vehicle - but still they don't want to pay as they say it is standard on my vehicle - Really... isn't there anybody or place in Namibia where I can go to settle this ? Why must I specify extras to be insured on my vehicle and then they don't pay it out ?They accepted it as extras on my policy but now say it is not extras and don't want to pay the extras out, or don't want me to take the extras back (off my vehicle). I really need this solved - been at Santam for more then 3 years - this was my first vehicle claim. Not used to such bad service from brokers or Santam !!!

Nov 16, 2017

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