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Sanderson Headers - / Order delay, lies, poor service

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Sanderson Headers
517 Railroad Ave.
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Just before the end of June I ordered a set of Sanderson Headers for my flathead Ford V-8. I was told that they were "in stock" and I would receive them in 5 business days. Seven business days later I called to find out why I had not received the headers. I was told they were being fabricated and would be shipped that day or the next day. I received them a week later, but both headers were for the passenger side of the engine. When I called Sanderson, they took it all in stride by saying, "Boy, guess we screwed up, Bud." My name is Dave, but they insisted on calling me Bud in spite of my objection. I guess the folks at Sanderson just don't have much respect for their customers.

Nick at Sanderson told me the driver's side header would ship right away. Yes, it was in stock. He would arrange to have the extra passenger's side header pick up. I made several additional calls, but I got so fed up with their lies and snotty attitude I decided to chalk it up to experience buy my parts from another supplier whose service I have always found to be exceptionally good.

It has been about a month now since I first placed my order and I finally received the header for the driver's side. A 5-inch section of the flange had been cut out, apparently to clear the oil dipstick. The headers fit poorly and I will be very pleasantly surprised if they do not leak.

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  • Ro
      28th of May, 2009
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    Same deal. I ordered a set which were to be sent to Australia. 3 calls later and i still don't know if they have been made or coated.
    They were very kwick to debit my credit card.
    Its a pitty they are not as quick in answering my questions or sending the parts.
    On the last call i made i asked to speek to Nick and was told he is not there.
    They then asked if it was about the headers for the 390? I said yes it was.
    All of a sudden Nick turned up on the phone. He told me would send them Monday, hang on the post don't pick on monday, so it would be tuesday, but hang on you wanted them coated so that will be another week.
    $900.00AU for a set of headers i feel i may never get.
    I might contact my bank and dispute the payment.
    Ron Hay

  • 4x
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    WOW, TOTALLY my experience with Sanderson Headers. Jeremy NEVER calls me back. I sent him pictures of my headers and he was supposed to call me and tell me how much it would cost to replicate them, he never did, I had to call him. Then I sent him my headers and he was supposed to call me when they got them, he never did, I had to call him. Then they told me it would take 2 months to replicate, not create, but replicate my headers. I don't have $4, 000-$7, 000 to spend on a tube bender so I sent them in. Then when I call back after a month and a half, they don't even know who I am! They charge me $600 up front but they don't remember who I am? So they finally figure out who I am and say they can still get them done in a couple weeks, so I wait 3 weeks and call them back, again they can't find my headers and don't know who I am, they figure it out and the guy who is "working" on my headers just happened to have stepped out for 20 minutes and they want me to call them back. So I call back in 30 minutes and he still hasn't talked to the guy. So he talks to the guy and tells me he's going to come in over the weekend and try to get them caught up, but he can't really give me a time when they will be done. Riiiiiiiight the guy is going to come in over Labor day weekend and "finish" them up. The LIAR'S they haven't even started on them I bet, and what's the saying don't buy something built on a Monday or a Friday? What kind of craftsmanship am I going to get when they were built on a holiday weekend? I'm safe though they won't get off their *** until next week I bet and it will end up being 3 months just to get some headers replicated. Sanderson Headers they don't flow...THEY SUCK!

  • Jm
      7th of Jan, 2010
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    Same deal. I ordered headers over the summer of 2009 and was told that they were in stock and they would have them sent out in 5 days. Well two weeks later i called to see what’s up. They gave me the same line . That they are in ceramic coating and it usually takes 1 to 2 days. Well i let three days go by and called again to find out that they weren’t even made. Jeremy lied! Nate in shipping also kept feeding me lines. The next week i called back and they used the excuse that there tube bender guy was in Ohio and won’t be back till next week. So i cancelled the order. It took them over 3 weeks to refund the money. So a little time line for ya... 4 weeks and no product, 3 weeks and finally got the money.

    Update. I wanted to try it again and see if they now have them on hand. I ordered the same set dec 17 and was told that they once again have plenty on hand. I was told by Jeremy that the week of Christmas i would have the headers. But its the 7th now and i still don’t. I talked to Nate again and he said that he would try and have then out by the 30th of dec. That didn’t happen. I will be calling back there today and make sure they have been sent. This company is poorly ran. I’m not sure if they are going under or what, but it’s not looking good.

  • Fr
      11th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Ordered a set of Headers for my 440 Chrysler engine on 10/1/10
    Received them on 10/11/10
    Everything came in a timely fashion & all OK w/instructions/product/parts
    Have absolutely NO qualms in advising to all that Sanderson had really good, fast & courteous service
    Fred in PA

    Note: order was a standard package was placed w/Jeremy

  • Fr
      11th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    My husband was a 'tad' apprehensive after reading the above aged posted negative reviews, however read into the claimed complaints and felt that no matter the business, inevitably there will be a few problems. The 'Can't please them all all the time', so he went with his 'gut feelings' and is quite elated that he did as the price was reasonable and the service great. Evidently Sanderson has been around for a long time and if there were problems in the past, they most certainly have compensated for it.
    Wife of Fred in PA

  • Fr
      23rd of Dec, 2010
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    Quote my mechanic -
    "The workmanship on these Sanderson headers is absolutely IMPECCABLE! Have told all our club members about the great service, very reasonable pricing AND the awesome craftsmanship. Sanderson will definitely have some new customers".
    Fred in PA

  • Sm
      7th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Poor customer service. Been waiting 8 weeks to receive the headers I ordered and payed for. Spoke with them on two different times was told they would ship out shortly., still no headers. I have filed a disput through paypal, they did not respond. I escalated the dispute up to a claim and I still await for a response and or my money returned. This is some fly by night outfit and I dont recommend. 8 weeks you can build a shuttle, my simple straight forward application is for 1965 Comet. I chose to go with proven quality and reputation and buy Doug Thorley headers...

  • Ge
      20th of Jan, 2012
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    I bought a set of CC158 headers from Sanderson and the quality was not good. Their proclaimed flange bead, that is supposed to be so unique that a gasket is not needed, was so poorly sanded it had at least a 1/16" gap on the lower edge of each port. It would not seal. Inside the collectors there was mig wire everywhere that needed to be cleaned up. I bought these same headers in about 2003 and they were great. Quality over the years has deteriorated, at least in this case. Not sure I would use a Sanderson header again.

  • Dc
      8th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Dan 47
    This is not a new thing with Sanderson! Back in 1999 I ordered a set of out side headers for a Buick nail head in a 32 Plymouth coupe. I was told they had a set already built for someone else and he never picked them up. I was told if they didn't fit to send them back and they would pay for shipping and make up a new set. Well they didn't fit, When the suicide door was opened they hit the top of the pipes. I called and was told to just step on the pipe a little till the door cleared. I could not believe what I was hearing. Besides what would you do after you get in? It was crazy! I have been building street rods for over 50 years and I have never heard anything like that! To make this shorter----- They wouldn't take them back, so I contacted my card company and they said send them back. I did requiring a signature and the card company got my money back and fined them. At that time Nail head stuff was hard to get so I made my own, looks great.

  • Pi
      19th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    The same guy has posted every complaint. he is one of the Forum trolls who BAgs on every vender if the parts are not free. No pleasing this guy. Sanderson is a A++++ comnpany that bilds Beautiful headers with Great quality. it is sad One guy with a Big attitude can cause so much hate and discontent. From the forums we know he is on Prozac !! So please IGNORE the bad comments about Sanderson headers ..Great people and great product with a Price no fact Cheap than most High end headers
    sanderson is at the top of the heap
    Did you notice the Bum that started the thread did not use his name ??
    Bet he is back in Jail

  • O0
      2nd of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    THE "PATENTED NO GASKET FLANGE" DOSE NOT WORK!!! It will DESTROY your aluminum heads by the steel flange cutting into it ! But thats not the worst problem, , THE HEAD FLANGE IS SO WARPED ( straight edged placed across it showed a 1/4 inch gap at the center!! ) their is NO HOPE IT WILL EVER SEAL!

  • O0
      2nd of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    I had to buy 8 pairs of CS13 headers over the 7yrs I have had a v8 in my s10... Each and every one is different, different bends. different length..!! and the welding MY 4yr old can weld better!! All have cracked, will not seal, and will not last more than 6-7 months of regular use..

  • Ke
      21st of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Why would you buy 8 pairs over 7 years if they are such crap why would you keep coming back does not make much sense to me go somewhere else if the companies product is so bad

  • Ke
      21st of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    If the products are so bad and the companies product sucks why would you have 8 pairs over 7 years. Seems to be somewhat masochistic to me

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