Sanaya university / Luigi azzaro fraud

1 Ireland

Sanya University.

As i already brought to your kind notice that Dr.Luigi Azzaro - Passport No- YA0019814 is a number one FRAUD and still you are keeping a Fraud as an Professor. Its a pathetic situation that a well known University is hiring a fraudster as an professor, this shows how poor the University is.

We'd like to bring to your kind notice that Dr.Luigi Azzaro and his Wife Ms.Angel has opened a Company LUILING Hotel Management & Services to recruit Indians to place in Hotel in China and Charged USD1500 per candidate as Service charges in the year of 2009 April. but till date they don't even place a single person and cheated almost 200 + Indians and then This Mother [censored]r stared another company and recruited to EUROPE and charged USD... as service charges but till date he did not even place a single person either in China or in Europe.

In Total from my side I've given 50 candidates and amounting USD 65, 000. He has cheated the entire amount. I want justice, if you are not going to remove Dr.Lugi Azzarro from your university. Myself going to FAST in front of your University. I need my money back, the people who gave money trusting me are waiting in my Country. This Fraud Dr.Luigi (i don't know how this fraud got Doctorate ) might be he have bought for money.

I came to know that this fraud wrote a book on Economic. This is the highest of Stupidity. a stupid is writing a book on economic. LOL

Respected chair persons of the University, I've enough proof to prove that This fraud Luigi has cheated so many people and if you give me an opportunity let me show all in detail.

If you don't take any action against that Fraud Luigi for sure ill go the next level and file a case against the University for appointing Fraudster as an professor and providing adequate Inquiry against the University & Fraudster LUIGI.

I'll put this mail to all the education authority of China so that atleast one person who is very serious about the standard of the University will question about the appointment of FRAUDSTER Luigi.

Untill I get Justice and untill i get back my money which has been paid to FRAUDSTER LUIGI, I'll fight for my justice.

Feb 13, 2014

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