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For the seven months that I've been with Dr. Sami David's practice I have had multiple incidents when his staff gave me wrong instructions or told me they would order a medicine in for me but did not and I didn't have any medication to take over the weekend. They order labs as STAT yet after getting the results, no matter how many times I call or email them, they don't care to tell me my labs. If there's a pressing issue, they still control the info that gets to the doctor's table. I can see how the doctor wouldn't have any idea of what is really going wrong. His office is all about trying to humilate people they think aren't high-profile enough for their standard. I've met the doc thrice past seven months and scheduling a consult ain't easy with him either coz half of the time he's away. Despite my insurance paying me less than 20% of what he charges me, I'm willing to spend all my savings towards his charges if only his staff could be a little more sincere and sensitive. He does have a unique approach and because I've had several failed ART, we are hoping this doc can help but his staff is so difficult to work with. They are almost inhumane! I won't be surprised if some women who can get pregnant with this doc's help will still get no success solely because of his staff;s negligence and rudeness.

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  • Fr
      1st of May, 2012

    Sami David is just a name on the door of a very pricey 5th avenue office. He's never there and when he is he picks and chooses the patients he wants to see. He was lovely during our first visit but wouldnt you be lovely too if you were making $800+ an hour? At first I blamed his staff too when I was constantly told my results were being reviewed (its so frustruating, just open my chart and give me my numbers) but then I realized it really isnt THEIR fault, its his. They are forced to run his practice without him around and as a result the patients are lied to so he is protected. If your going to spend your money on a doctor that doesnt take insurance you should be allowed to see and/or speak to the doctor. Save your pennies for something other than his rent money.

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  • La
      26th of Oct, 2015

    I could not agree more with this reviewer- my experience was even worse. DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HAVING A CHILD!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE and a waste of time and money!!!

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  • En
      20th of Jan, 2016

    I also agree 1000 percent with all reviews above. The practice is unethical, doctor was nonexistent in the care and decisions - instead a nurse who had graduated 2 years prior with an undergrad degree (not even in medicine) was put in charge of my care and as a result many errors were made. As sweet and earnest as she was with her efforts - it was not acceptable to say the least - i would be shocked if this practice has not been or is not being sued. Also, the woman who runs the front of the office is rude and with some power complex even though never knows an answer for anything. Her speciality is just to have attitude and pretend like she does. It was a horrible experience - LADIES STAY FAR, FAR away.

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