SAMA Model Agency , / Fraud Mala Singh and Her False Contact and Promise

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I was Regiestred their as aModel in which was organize by the another Fraud Person Mr. Harpreet Sethi . Mala Singh Promise us that if you join my Model Agency then you have sign contract from her side that you can not work any other company as a model or host …..etc.

Me and my friend registered as a Model as from her talk we think that she has lot’s of contact in Media as well as in matter about job opportunity also. Me and My Friend Paid her $ 3000.00 . To get more work in entertainment industry.

1. We Haven’t Receive any work from her side.
2. We used to deliver her breakfast, lunch, Dinner because she can not drive. We haven’t received money for that also.
3. Forget about gas, She never paid for that
4. She Always told every one that “Sweety” Come tomorrow lablalala
5. Our photo shoot was never done, when we force her then she got some digital camera (Not even SLR); Cyber short and she starting taking picture and she reply then your portfolio will be on my website. We check 100000 times, but there is not a single photo of us as well as the photo she capture that are so worse, even 5 yeas old kid can take good shot.
6. On our way we check, at that time her web guy told us that she even paid too him for more then 9 months. Same ### for him you become model and you have to pay me
7. End of day conclusion is that she is biggest fraud in the world and she must be arrested by police as soon as possible before she spoiled so many careers.
8. I remember Name of Some model Salman, Imraan, Kapil, Karan Bir, Jai Preet, etc. They are working as a model in her agency as per she told us Believe or not believe front of me I have seen then too work for Mala Like a DOG . They are giving her Coffee, Chair, Shoulder Massage and so many thing because they want to become model.
9. She published her beach calendar and she hasn’t paid to designer and printing person also. 50 % of money given by one of her model because she was forcing him to paid immediately and she will refund. At present Model is every day crying why he has paid 50 % of Money. Because even he knows that He never gets back paid.


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  • Am
      3rd of Feb, 2010


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  • Am
      15th of Feb, 2010

    this is amanjeet, and i have been working with sama models since august last year.
    Somebody has used my name to slander Mala singh, Sama models and harpreet sethi. i want you to know that this is all ###, which is written my someone who knows all of us.
    i've never been a proper part of mahautsav, as i just worked for them for the publicity of the event
    the reason being, i'm a part of sama and we were performing in the ramlila
    due to this i was just helping them for some extra cash
    secondly, there are so many lies in this article and unfortunately my name is being used.
    the lies
    first of all the language used by this person is like- he seriously needs to learn english and also notice the difference between my written language and this person's words.
    secondly, Karan and JAIpreet, its for everybody's information that they were never a part of sama models
    and i was never with mahautsav. Then none of my friends have told me of paying such a huge amount of money, what a liar this person is. moreover, Mala never asked me to pay for her food or anything like that, on the other hand she has taken me and so many other so many parties and dinners on almost every occasion...and shows and so much more.
    and then another thing to be noticed is that, why would i use "WE"..when the complaint has been made from my name.
    SAMA MODELS is like a family to me which has given me a chance to show my talent in the fashion and media world
    and As far as i've known Mala Singh, she is a very genuine lady and has always helped the models at her best, and this has changed my life to a greater and good extent.
    Please do not trust anyone who is posting all the bad words about My agency.

    so who-so-ever has posted this should be concerned that this is a serious legal matter and should not have used my name for this. whoever you are, take this post down and delete this profile of aman mahautsav.
    if you don't i'll be forced to take a legal action and lodge a police complaint and this will be taken very seriously.

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  • Ja
      18th of Mar, 2010

    Totally Wrong . Mala Singh she is biggest liar in world

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  • Sa
      6th of Apr, 2010

    I am sure this comment written in her support is done by herself to save her face. No one ever would write in her favor once they have worked with that woman. She is a liar, cheat, fraud and all the words that exist in con dictionary. I wonder what government authorities and justice depts. are doing about all this.

    Maybe she has her famous ways in hushing them too!!!

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  • Aa
      12th of Apr, 2010

    Mala is a lier. She acts like a dog on heat all the time. She tries to recruit young people and tell them that they will become a model one day. She herself along the way may have confused herself for someone who is attractive. But the truth of the matter is that Mala and her models are not only garbage, they all should never be allowed to be near a camera.

    Mala's sole motive in life is to jimmy people out of their dollars and sell them a false dream. Before Mala should be put in a back of a cop car and deported at YYZ airport, she should be ticketed for being such a fat MILF in addtion to being an illegal immigrant. Mala is also know to have an extremly smelly cooter that all male models regardless or age, race and money paid - must sniff and appreciate officially on a notarized paper. This act is known as one of the hardest test to pass before you can officially to Timmy trips (no expenses paid) for Mala and her down syndrome crew.

    The only thing Mala has ever been in the limelight for is by Ripley's Belive it or Not. She is the only living person on this planet to have all types of STD at one point of time ( inlcuding cooter cooties, fungi behind her ears, itchy bum with rash and gonorrhee). Her makeup application skills are good for a sunday night circus session. Her love handles have their own postal code and he like to touch herself in public. Alot of young men have ran away from their so called audtions, because she wouldnt hestitate to shuv large objects like recycling bins, chairs and spare tires up her private part.

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  • Sh
      13th of Apr, 2010

    I personally know Mala and she is a gem of a person. She has done various charity shows over the years with the Canadian Cancer Society, Sick Kids Hospital, Shelters for abused women and raised thousands when the Tsunami and Earthquakes happened in Haiti. These haters should get a life.People who have no life and have not achieved anything in there lives write negative things because they are jealous of her. They should try to use their energy to do good for the world instead of being negative. Mala is one of the kindest, hardworking people that I know and I have seen her personally help her models in crisis and give them money for groceries and buy them clothes when they have no money. Most of the above comments have been written by competitors who have tried and failed. You people should get a life do something good and good things will happen to you.

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  • Ra
      13th of Apr, 2010

    Mala Singh is a great person. I have been working with her for the last couple of months and all these complaints that i have read are false. She is a very sweet lady who is always trying to help as many people as she can. The world is full of haters. and they are picking on her cause of her popularity.What she has achieved in a small period of time, in the hollywood and bollywood industry, people cant achieve in a lifetime. If you go on facebook you will see the positive response from people. some people aren't just meant to be models/actors, and the above negative responses are from those people who she either rejected or didnt have a shot in this industry..change your attitude people, and maybe good things will come your way.

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  • Ma
      13th of Apr, 2010

    About MALA don't know what to Say. But she is biggest fraud person who is existing in this world. And I am sure that above comment must be she has post by her self or by her current dustbin type model. Most of them model are financially rich and they have luxury to spent time and money behind this cheater. There is no doubt that she is liar. 100 % liar. And one fact that I am sure for to down this post she will post thousand of comment from her side but fact is fact that no one can hide. Also when I was working with her I have found that she is loose character woman. She has affair with so many men. Please please avoid MALA SINGH. She is biggest cheater in the world.

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  • Am
      16th of Apr, 2010

    Hi Every one, In every Comment which support MALA SINGH - SAMA MODELS they have written that she helps a lot to model in case of she supply food, giving money etc. But in any note there is not written that model paid by her as a sallery or as a project base . Work for her 7 days you get one dinner and $ 20 to 30 for fun.

    In mahautsav she has collect money from all the particiapant in RAMLILA . 10 year old kid has also given to GREAT MALA SINGH $ 200.00 . Isn't not ashamed full . She supppose to give to kid not kid to MALA SINGH.

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  • Ra
      19th of May, 2010

    Just want to let everyone know, that the above comment made by "Ray George" is false, since Mala Singh was standing right next to me and dictated to me what to write. She is a scam artists. i would advice people, who are interested in the modelling business to think twice before giving her a call. Mala Singh is money hungry and will sign anyone and everyone and will charge them whatever price they can give her, even if its just $100. Mala Singh is cheat and a Liar who writes post-dated checks, so she can buy time and get out of the situation. she lies to her models that they will get paid for the events and then turns her back on them. Long story short, MALA SINGH IS A CHEAT AND A LIAR, WHO WILL TELL YOU ALL KINDA OF LIES TO GET U TO GIVE HER YOUR MONEY.

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  • So
      25th of May, 2010

    This company needs to be investigated, why is this woman getting away with fraud? The government needs to do something about bringing this company down, it's a disgrace to the modelling and talent industry.
    She is a disgrace to the Guyanese society, claiming her father is a big lawyer in the community, she is putting shame to his name.
    All of these complaints cannot be a lie, these models are suffering and their mentally of the modelling industry is waring thin. People are being taken in and giving them her money for what for her to become rich and she makes promises that are not being kept, ripping off poor people, giving false promises these kids will be paid mega money for commercials, shows etc. Someone needs to do something about Sama Models Talent Agency, owner Mala Singh. Mala Singh, you should be ashamed of yourself to be scaming innocent people, you have 2 daughters, remember what you do to others always fall back on your children.

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  • Sa
      27th of May, 2010

    She told me one day, "I only like dealing with cheerful and good people" and that her mother taught her "there are only two types of people in this world, good and bad." - she obviously decided to take the bad route in life, and she should be exposed. She is a disgrace to her family (im sure) and to anyone who has been nice enough to invite her into their business for a "perceived" mutual pursuit of success. She is the definition of EVIL taking advantage of teenagers for their money. Currently, following the May 1st event at Dreams Convention Centre, MALA SINGH OWES OVER $5000 to her partners. PLUS SHE POCKETED SPONSOR MONEY AND BROKE CONTRACT PROMISES!!


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  • In
      29th of May, 2010!/group.php?gid=125160727505867

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  • Kh
      4th of Jun, 2010

    thats why i sue her 25000$ she is biggest scame women in world what ever bad thing u guys said im agree with that she is bidest scame in world soon she gona go to jail and SYASTA she work for her as hoker and front of me mala make deal to people to take syasta home and both was agree and people buy drinks for mala because of syasta, also they give money to mala for lots of bad things,
    soon she gona be in jail

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  • Sh
      13th of Jun, 2010

    she do with every one she is big time scame

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  • Sh
      13th of Jun, 2010

    she is 100% scame im agree with that bigest scame she promise to people and after when she get money she forget thats her dont trust her guyssssssssssssssssssss

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  • Sh
      13th of Jun, 2010

    she did same thing what ever she did with u guys if any one have question please call me any time thanks

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  • Ma
      19th of Jul, 2010

    Join me in my quest to SHUT DOWN SAMA Models, or more importantly MALA SINGH & Ray Singh.

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  • Am
      20th of Jul, 2010

    Hi every one,

    Thanks for all your comment. Malika Singh I am 100 % Sure that Mala Must be like this. And main important fact is that when I have look at her models they are worse then the ordinary men. They are just normal there is no one looks like a promising face .She is just playing with every one. We don’t have to close her agency but throw to her from here to where she belong. Also main fact is that she told everyone that I am an immigration officer as well as my husband is also working as same post. MALA think 100 times before you make bushtit.

    Mala is Biggest Liar in the world.

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  • Th
      10th of Aug, 2010

    @ Shaysta plz dont come on this board and tell everyone what a great person Mala is, these people are honest hardworking people who have been scammed out of there hard earned money. Another point i cannot personally say that i know Mala but i do know people that are very close to her and have also stated well that she is pretty much next to the [censor] of the earth, and shaysta i do know who u are and i personally think u are also the biggest whore this side of the world, if u think u can call yourself a model you really must be dreaming, no seriously have u seen that mashed up smile of yours its like your lips dont know which direction to go in lol, plz stop backing that [censor] of a friend of yours and maybe you should focus on your self and your whorish ways. Thanks

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  • Se
      20th of Aug, 2010


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  • Am
      24th of Aug, 2010

    I don’t understand who are those they support [censor] MALA, Even I don’t like to approach her as a Mala Singh. What else we need to do to close her company before she spoiled too many persons career.

    There is no doubt she is absolutely loose character; Liar; cheater etc.

    [censor] mala and her [censor]ing agency.

    Also she is telling everyone that she is sister of Shah Rukh Khan ; fine then who is your husband Salman Khan ???

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  • Kh
      26th of Aug, 2010
    Best Best Advice


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  • Mi
      19th of Nov, 2010


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  • Re
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    i seriously dont understand how this lady can be so cunning, while using words like "Sweety" and "honey" and fooling people can help her sleep at night. being 40 years of age and ripping off people to pay 500 dollars for "photoshoot" and "shows". what type of shows do you not provide clothes for? thats seriously "my foot". secondly, she acts all religious, apparently her dad owns a temple, but goes around ruining her character among NOT only her age group, older but even younger at parties and night outs. this lady has no shame or what so ever. she has so many bad intentions that she WILL love it when her models DRESS/ACT like sluts infact those who are inappropriate are the ones which are her "favourite". bottom line, shes just a sweet talker, dont get into her sweet talks, shes a EVIL lady with WRONG intentions at heart. thats just a cover on her reality. WATCH out!

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  • Sc
      15th of Feb, 2011

    Attention to whom may come in touch with Mala SINGH and or SAMA models;
    Mala is a great scam artist, as I am a victim lawfully proven with direct avoidance.
    As a English born Souyh Asian female she has a great skill of communication be alert and prevent any possible fraud from happening from the beginning then being sorry after word. She is familiar with law and how not to give away any information that may cast her in public.
    1- Any conversation between you and Mala has to be recorded( IPhone is the best way to do so) according to criminal code since you are the third party of conversation that evidence is legitimate and can be use in any court.
    2- Do not provide her with any identification ( Org ) for purpose of any employment with Goverment of Canada and or Sama models.
    2- Avoied paying her for becoming a model and or yearly payment to be represent by her for any fashion unless there is a contract being signed with third party has witnes and signed it. Listen to her words carefully to understand what she exactly means if not sure ask her to explain. After word make sure that your pictures known as talent portfolio is ONLINE if not you have a right to take civil action with gathering information and documentation as detailed above.
    3-Do not drive her anywhere unless there is a contract signed by both parties that the driver must be paied acourdinly or paied in cash before the ride along has been started.
    4- When requesting a meeting be sure that you will see her in where she operates her agency NOT else where, other ways you will have to opened the door of your vehicle for her drive her, her family, and friends, and possible end up buying her launch/dinner, and or a coffee just because she wants to.
    4- If she calls you a real Gentelman / Lady be sure you are [censor]ED and better stay as back as you can.
    5- if she IDED herself as an immigration of Canada Officer;
    A-Ask her to show you her ID.
    B- Ask her where is station at and what she does.
    C- Ask her which department is she spacialaest at.
    D-Ask her to give a busniss card from where she works with her name on it.
    Reasons; Chiatown any ID can be printed for $9.99 and the guy keeps your $10 dollor liverwort or not. Since there is no reason to believe her or not if she is an immigration officer she can call/ID herself as anyone but, if she turned to not be an immigration officer she would cirminaly be charged for Obstract, and fals identity ( Let's not get into criminal code in here as I will provide you with more upon request, also you can not find out if she works for immigration unles you have a her busniss card as any Goverment agency would not provide you with any bodies name for security perposes.)
    5- Please DO NOT inform her of where you are working. ( She will take inventage of it)
    6- She is a shoplifter ( Evidance/ Witneses available hop request)
    As a Tronto based model; You do not have to pay to be a model and or a talent to be cast by Mala SINGH any modeling agency will love and appreciate your talent and wouldn't charge you X amount of Money to not even put your pictures online.
    For more about this charming SCAME artist please ask and I will tell you how to bust her.

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  • Je
      18th of May, 2011

    I was a SAMA Model and in my experience definitely think she is a certified scam artist. I happen to be very good looking compared to her other models. I did a few shows for which i was not paid for. However, she only agreed to pay me $50 for one show which was never paid after the show was complete. She was nowhere to be found. I then found out after speaking to another model that she had been paid while myself and many others were not. I guess if you were lucky enough to put her on the spot she paid the small fee of $50 which is nothing considering she's making thousands from both her models and sponsors/show organizers. I have been gathering evidence for a while now and plan to execute both civil and criminal proceedings against her. I'm currently in Law school, and while I have not fully attained my degree i definitely have much knowledge on fraudulent practices. I have consulted with my lawyer and he has assured me there is definitely a case. The sole reason why I am posting this is to get other "models" to testify against Mala Singh in the wrongdoings she has done to each person respectively. Like many others I paid her $500 for a phony amateur photoshoot and am yet to even receive $1 in return. I still have the contract which I signed to be apart of the organization. It states that in order to cancel it, one must send a letter by overnight courier, certified mail, or in person obviously. However, nowhere on her website is her address found. It makes total sense since another complainant in this post has written the various false addresses she uses. I have personally emailed her to receive her mailing address and simply do not get a reply back. I have everything saved and recorded which will be used in court. The reason why she is getting away with fraud is because many people she is recruiting are immigrants or simply uneducated individuals who are very gullible towards her approach, as she is a master manipulative. Therefore, please come forward and post your thoughts and personal stories regarding Mala Singh. The more people we have the more guarantee we have that she will be charged with Fraud over $5000 which is an indictable offense, that may result in jail time, or at the very least house arrest. She will also be banned from doing business with the public ever again. Case Law will be used to determine these consequences. The civil proceedings is definitely not as important to me as the criminal charge. For the reason that, although karma will strike her we need to speed it up because she has been operating this joke of an agency for over a decade. I still have a close friend who is actively working with her, who is also gathering evidence for this case. All good things come to an end, even for someone who feels they are untouchable like Mala Singh, and when they do her life as she knows it will do a 360. So, like i said, I already have a few people who are victims and are willing to back up this case, but the more the merrier, and the stronger it will get. I am still in the process of consulting certain confidential information with my lawyers, so when the clearance is given I will post a private email which individuals can come forward. In the mean time, post here.

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  • Ac
      31st of May, 2011

    People you are being fooled by Mala Singh of Sama Models, the biggest fraud and con artist there is. She owes so much money and never pays, she figures she will get away with all the scams. She was arrested for vandalism, wow, what kind of class does she have. Who would want to be in her league, nasty woman. She needs to be shut down, how is she still operating a business, why isn't the government doing anything about this? She owes the government money and they are just letting her go so easily. This woman needs to be destroyed.

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  • Fi
      12th of Jun, 2011

    First of all, Mala Singh isn't even east indian. So, if she tells you that she is related to a famous indian person, she is deceiving you. She is west indian. I know this because her and her family used to be friends with a relative of mine. Second, she pulls these scams and is able to cut corners because her father and brother are both lawyers. So, it is very easy for her to get away with all the things she has been getting away with.
    If you are approached by her to join her agency, you should probably do your homework. My advice is to go to the Actra website and read some of the tips provided on the site. Just because you are not a union member, it doesn't mean you should not know what to look for in a decent and honest agent.
    I have heard many horror stories about Mala and her agency from people who are still on her roster! Wake up people! Get the hell out of your contract via a lawyer or stop accepting work from her because you are not being paid or paid enough for what you do. You should never give her any money to sign up because she cannot guarantee you any work. An agents job is to submit your pics ( which don't have to be done with her) to a casting agent who decides if they want you to audition or see you for a model go see.
    I have seen Mala show up on sets. No agent should ever show up on a set to spy or babysit her talent. It is rude and unprofessional. Not in my years of working on set or doing a photo shoot has my agent ever been there. She has been told repeatedly not to interfere with the production and has been asked many times to leave. She has even showed up on a set where another agency was used for indian talent and had the audacity to ask casting and the talent who is representing them! Is this the kind of person you want representing you?!
    I would suggest to the people on her roster to come together and take her to court TOGETHER! And everyone on her roster to not go to any auditions or sets or photo shoots. You'll be surprised by how much money she will lose by all of you not bringing in any money into her agency...she will go out of business.
    If you want to make it as an actor and or model, go to other agencies but like I stated earlier, do your homework. Don't sign ridiculous contracts like the ones that Mala has been asking people to sign. A three year contract?! No legitimate agent does that! As for photo shoots, find a reputable photographer. A digital camera does not cut it!
    To the person(s) who paid her $3000, why would you hand over that kind of money!? The only time you give money is when you are done the photo shoot and the money goes to the photographer and hair/make up person. And they would never ask for $3000! I have paid $200 to $400 for a session which includes the actual session, hair/make up and a disc of my pics. And if I wanted to make prints then I pay for the amount of prints I want by negotiating with the photographer after I sit down with the agent and decide which ones would be best. Or better yet, find a student photographer if you don't have that kind of money. They will be happy to do it for free or a small fee as they need pics for their portfolio too. Just be careful with Craigslist ads for models. This is for headshots or pics for a portfolio. If you're booked for a paying gig, they provide everything for you. And if you are not sure as to how much you should be paid, ask your agent before you take the gig. If it doesn't sound right then don't do it..simple as that.
    Fight for what is rightfully yours! Don't let Mala's threats prevent you from taking legal action. Go to the better business bureau. Go public...go to the news. Take a stand and put an end to some one who is stealing your money, mis-treating you and is a poor representation of your culture.
    God luck with your legal proceedings and all the best in your aspirations of becoming a successful actor/model :) Namaste

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  • Sm
      2nd of Sep, 2011

    To all the affected people from this fraud mala singh, i feel your pain and the hard working money you guys lost and your precious time. I would like to make your professional profile. i'm putting a sample as well for you guys to see. the cost will be almost nothing and u'll pay after your shoot is done. will provide you the copyright to use your own complete shoot by urself and by having a soft copy. plus the images will be all edited, fixed, airbrushed if needed. try it once, i knwo you guys has lost your faith and money but there is no harm to give it a try with someone who is a real professional, honest and sincere. Just let me know how much you can afford, at-least i would help somehow to make you guys feel a little bette as all you has been bitten by this lady MALA ... the great faker of all time. may God help you all and save from people like her. You can send your enquiries and concerns or for more images of your shoot please email : [protected]

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  • Ai
      26th of Sep, 2011

    Hi Everyone.
    SAMA did have a dance division as well. The team that lead that truly felt that SAMA would be a great combination of dance and modelling. We had all worked hard to prepare routines and did our best to make sure all dancers/actors could be their best on stage. That being said, we all knew that no agency should require a fee from their artisits. I remember when i had first joined. I refused to pay and that was fine. Mala never forced me to pay her money. Although the way the agency is run is obviously somewhat shady and under the table, Mala had never put a gun to anyone's head. I agree that many people have been cheated (hence the high turnover every month/cycle), and i empathsize, but before giving a stranger money (esepcially cash) you should do your research. Again, what Mala has done to you all i know is not right, but see it this way. How many of you deep down know you are not models? Would you have done anything to be on stage? Obviously when looking at the SAMA website we can see that there are a great deal of talent that does not fit the mold of model-in fact how many of us have said "[censored], that is one fugly looking girl/man". In actuality, Mala probably saw that these not as attractive models would not have been given a chance with any other agency and preyed on that. This is tough, but let me tell you about my time. I know i am not a model, but i am not bad to look at as people have told me.i can think back to my time on the runway. I LOVED IT! although i did not have to pay anything to be on stage, i could tell that some of those people would have. For those of you who are not good looking, did you not love being on the runway? The lights, the high pace backstage with cloths flying everywhere, pumping music, energy? These are things i loved about SAMA and will always remember. I know a few dancers/models would ask me if i made money. I did, BUT, i would always tell them, "don't do this for the money, do it bc you love being on stage". Yes, from what i have seen and read, MALA has not done right by any of you. But we are all adults and should know better. Mala was always kind to me, and i do not know if it is right to insult her at this level. Yes, if she has cheated you and robbed you, then she is a criminal, but that is where it should stop. As a body, we need to take this to higher levels. We have the media and can notify the newspapaer and they could blow this up. But we might be lazy thinking that someone from this complaint board will do it-but that is not working bc people are still being harmed. So do something. BUT do not insult a woman by calling her these vulgar names. Attack her actions not her being.

    I do not think calling Mala or Shyasta a whore is appropriate. We do not know that for a fact. I know both Shysta and Mala, and they do not deserve those titles. Shysta is a very loyal friend to Mala, and like any friend would defend someone who she cares for-so we do not have the right to attack her for that. In fact we should commend her loyalty.When i worked with Mala, i know she was friendly, which could be seen a flurtatious, but that was about it. Its her job to talk people up, which i really no different than any other agent.

    In short, there is truth to what everyone has said. Mala has done things that have harmed a great deal of people. But lets keep things professioal and talk about her actions, and not insult her as a person.

    After all, if and when a legal body was to read these posts, they would disregard and ignore posts that are poorly written and are not based on logic.

    Curious to know everyone's post after this one.

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  • Rr
      29th of Sep, 2011

    Mala Singh is a liar and fraud. she has no contacts, and cant get you a proper modeling job at all. she cant even organize a proper go see or pick your portfolio up on time. she herself doesnt know what is going on never mind organize you. her portfolio shoot is BS, and frankly speaking as a model you arent supposed to be driving her around. she is supposed to have you attend a list of go sees, where you may or may not get booked, and for the assignments make sure you are presented properly. which she fails to do. and frankly is she is so amazing, why is she tiring her self all over the place? why arent her assistants handling models and their bookings? because she doesnt have one! being a founder of an agency, arent you supposed to be well organized, equipped with a team and send have a clean slate? ...and FYI I talk from experience. I got saved, hope the other girls are lucky as well.

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  • Jy
      11th of Jul, 2012

    Last month Mala called me and asked me to come in for an audition. She gave me an adress in Brampton which I thought was her office. To my surprise, it was her house. There was a "photo shoot' going on in her basement with a cheap digital camera! She asked me to pay her $500 for representation and a photo shoot. I knew better than that and told her I would get back to her. She seems very sweet but she is deceiving. You need to be able to tell the difference. And yes the contract I signed (before I went to the basement to see the horrible photo shoot) said 3 years!

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  • Zo
      15th of Jan, 2013

    sir / Iam Zohaib Ahmed main modeling karna chata houn mujy bht shok hai form karachi

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  • So
      1st of Feb, 2013

    I wish i came here before signing the stupid contract with this lady. She is definitly a fraud. Mala Singh will tell anybody they can be a model to get their 500$ fee to sign. She takes any girls in, most of them dont even fit into the catagory of being a model. She gives people false hope that they may get many opportunities. Her saturday classes are ### and she takes young girls to parties and whores herself and them out. Giving them such a bad impression!...I went to a few of the parties and there all these old truck driving men, she wants you to go and whore yourself out and make you look like a slut!!..I would never EVER reccomend anybody to go through her ### agency...if you think you are going to make it to being a super model and you have the ability to make it to front cover magazines, you're definity waisting your time with SAMA models. This lady tells you so many lies of the jobs and money she can get you, but all she can get you is stupid parties with weirdos and old uncles... why is she always danicng and drinking with all these men when she has a family back home, her husband is apart of the business..why doesnt he come? why is she all up on men like a hoebag, she looks like one biggest question, why does she live in MALTON if shes so rich?? boggles my mind. you should just shut down...when you sign up with sama models go check out their models in person before you sign and take a look at the calender ahah makes me laugh..and it makes me laugh when i look back to how desprite she is into getting people to sign and making them believe they can be in hollywood movies...puhlezzz!

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  • Ma
      18th of Jun, 2013

    Please post her brother's name and the name of the law firm. Mala Singh uses them to harass and threaten people.

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