Sam Miller Plumbing / Fraud / Scam

1 7425 Noblestown Rd, Oakdale, PA 15071, Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 724-747-5933


This will be the last time I hire someone off Craigslist without doing my background research. This guy is the real deal scam artist. Refuses to acknowledge my texts/calls/voicemails.

After wasting close to 5k on a full plumbing job, he refuses to answer my calls. He did such a terrible job that one line froze and the other line exploded. I'm out another several thousand dollars in delays and repairs.

When I call him from a new phone number, he will answer, apologize, and say he will be there the next day. It's a complete scam. He doesn't show up then he doesn't answer calls from that number I previously called him anymore.

But he will definitely call and answer his phone when he wants to get paid!

BEWARE ! No not hire this guy unless you want to be ripped off and not called back! BEWARE!


Feb 19, 2013

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