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On 5/11/17 I made a merchandise purchase from the website for the amount of $90.45. I received an email on the same date from [protected] stating that the online payment had been made through their service. When I checked my bank statement the amount was actually greater, at $94.99.

On 5/25/17 I emailed [protected], the contact address for to ask where my merchandise was. I was sent a screenshot of a shipment sent from China that was still in a Chinese port. This is the first time I discovered the website and company was from China.

On 6/7/17 I received an email from [protected] asking if I had received the order. I replied no, and that I needed to find out immediately the status and location of my merchandise. No response. The following day I emailed again and filled a contact form out from the website stating that I needed a full refund for the order not received. No response. A day later, I emailed and filled out a contact form again stating that I would be starting a dispute/fraud claim with my bank and taking action to expose their theft. Again no further response from the supplier. They are a fraudulent online company who never sent the actual merchandise I purchased!

Jun 13, 2017
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  • Ol
      Jul 26, 2017

    This is a Scam! They have the same cheated on another site, same story! The goods come from China just horrible and not what I ordered. Now I propose to send my product with 30% discount! The website scammers !!!

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  • No
      Mar 20, 2019

    @Olgakuznetsova I had the same experience but with

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  • Ol
      Jul 26, 2017

    How can you punish these scams? Where can I go to try to return the money and to help others to avoid fraud? Help!

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  • Sh
      Jul 27, 2017

    @Olgakuznetsova Unfortunately so far all I have been able to do is leave it in the hands of my bank to get the money back, which I'm still waiting on the fraud case to close. I also sent an email to the Chinese consulate in my city, for what it's worth. Plus posting on all the online fraud sites. I wish there were a way to catch them and get them shut down and punished!

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  • Mm
      Oct 24, 2017

    Totally the same story!! Placed an order on and got worthless China stuff in stead of the 2 expensive brand articles I've ordered. Now they offer me to buy the same again with a discount of 30%.
    They have many many sites. Pretending to be european.
    Pls forward your complaints to the brands involved! They are stronger and know the ways to stop the sites or better to take stronger actions! The more bells gome in there the how stronger their case!!! So pls tell them asap!!

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  • Ca
      Mar 17, 2018

    [protected] and are a part of this scam. My credit card company is tackling this guy for defrauding me and everytime they catch Calgary ns like this they impose fines as well.

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  • Li
      May 16, 2018 did the same to me and [protected] is sending me fake tracking numbers and saying my order is still in China, when I ordered Italian product from Italian web page. I'm pretty sure the order won't arrive and they will not refund my 90 euro!!! But I'm wondering how my bank can help me when the order was made by my me and it was my will to give the money to that company, why would my bank take this case?

    I already went to police in Italy, lets see what they can do...

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  • Pi
      Oct 01, 2018

    I ordered expensive "Hudson" Men sweat pants from )( and after a month I received complete junk named label "Yongi" and I'm very pissed as well!
    After a search on the web I realized this is what these parasites do daily.
    Something needs to be done about this.
    I got a reply from ... yes, you guessed it ([protected]
    Hopefully they get what they deserve!

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