Salvation Army / rude security tried refusing service dog then threw rude comments directed toward us while shopping

4315 N Broadway, Chicago, IL, United States

My Fiancee' and I walked into the store around 8:35 this evening... after calling to check the store hours (they close at 9)... I have a Great Pyrenees service animal for health reasons. I'm not sure if the man standing by the cashier was supposed to be a security guard or what purpose he served, but right when we walked in he promptly said "no dogs" (understandable)... I then told him "this is my service dog, not my pet".. He replied with "show me some papers"... I then explained to him that I do not need to carry papers and what he was doing can be considered illegal... My fiancee' didn't want any trouble and I just wanted to see if they had a hooded sweatshirt really fast, so she waited near the front counter and door with the animal. As I walked to the clothing, he yelled "you got 6 minutes before we close" even though this would've made it 8:42... The "security man" then stared at them the entire time and said "he's a service dog", the cashier then said "what the hell's that?" ... he replies with "for blind people" ... My service dog was eager to get back to me and wouldn't sit on command by my fiancee so she pushed on his rear to make him sit. The guard then says "a [censored]ing service animal that you can't even get to sit down?"

I did not know this was going on until I walked out of the store with her and she told me.

This is unreal service, and I can't believe they would hire people like this.

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