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I received a call from Salon save (former pac promos) regarding payments due on my contract. They threatened me to report the debt, and contact collections agency.
does anybody have been contacted by theses agencies? And does this affect your credit score??? does salon save go that far?

If it's allegedly known that this company is a scam, do they really have an interest to contact them?

thanks for your answer

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      Apr 30, 2012
    Salon save - unathorized withdrawls
    United States

    I cancelled within three days they still cashed my check. They call me a month after saying they will take me to collection.They harrased me until I paid them $40. Then they keep taking money double the amount. I called my bank and they will try to reversed but only some. I keep email them with no reponse what can I fo?

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  • Do
      May 02, 2012

    they have contacted me too with the same threat. this company is such a scam. DO NOT INVOLVE YOURSELF WITH SALON SAVE! please let me know what you did. i so regret ever signing up with them.

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  • Ll
      Jun 19, 2012

    I just got the same phone call! I NEVER sign up for anything, especially not things like this. I decided to give it a try, and regretted it immediately. I decided to cancel, and of course since it is a total scam, there is no phone number to call, just a cheap website. So I emailed the address on the website and they told me I have to pay for five months! Which I just can't believe. So I canceled my credit card. And now I have the same phone call, saying it will affect my credit score and they will report me to the credit bureau if I don't pay for the five months. I really want to know do/can they actually go that far? what have other people done?? I cannot pay them any money for a service I have never used and do not want, and I was deliberately misled by the girl who was selling it. I asked her more than once, how do I cancel? And she said "you just call and that's it, whenever you want." I don't know what to do!

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  • Ls
      Jun 19, 2012

    Total scam!!! Gratefully I cancelled my card
    And opened up a new one before these blood thirsty scam artist could take another dime!
    It was an inconvenience, Yes, however now I am receiving threats at which I am laughing at. This fraudulent company will not put a dent on my credit score especially for an amount under 100 bucks. Don't ever sign up with them!!

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  • St
      Oct 19, 2012

    I signed up with salon save at UCLA last summer. It sucks that you guys having a hard time, I think it's a good promo and Ive going to Steven Mata salon in LA since then. It's a great salon, 5 star reviews on line and Ive used all of my visits and been using my 50% off pass for my hi-lights every 2 mon. I love my stylist.
    Maybe you just got unlucky with a salon (stylist) choice...who knows...You can do research abouht those salons on line and see which on is good ;)
    You do of course have to pay your $19 a mon., but I think it's worth if you find the right place. I dot think salon save is a scam, I think some stylist do a bad job ...

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  • Va
      Mar 27, 2015

    If you guys live in California, you have 3 days or 72 hours to cancel your membership! I got spooked by all the comments and complaints and comments about this company being a scam so i did a lot of research and found out about this loophole. All i did was email the company and tell them about the law and they approved my cancellation. All i have to do now is mail them back there promo packages. so there's still hope for people who feel like they got trapped into this.

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