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Run Local Locksmith / Expert Locksmith - Automobile

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The keys of my BMW got locked inside it accidentally. I used the internet to find who can open its door without any damage. The first few calls to the service providers were either transferred to the automated voice recorders or were not responded at all, which I found quite strange. Run Local Locksmith not only took the call at 2 in night but also sent the expert automobile locksmith within next 25 minutes.

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  • Pa
      14th of Dec, 2010
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    My experience with Alex from RUN LOCAL LOCKSMITH was outstanding. He was very patient, taking the time to assess the damaged hardware left by the previous locksmith and finding the best match for our non-standard lock that he was replacing. He was also very courteous and arrived right on schedule. I will never call another locksmith!

  • Sa
      24th of Dec, 2010
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    I left my three year old kid in the room and went to the kitchen to take the food. Due to the force of wind, the door of the room got bolted automatically and my kid got locked up inside the room. The lock required the key to get unbolted from outside of the room and, to add to the problem, I got the key locked up inside the room as well.
    Though I could see what my kid was up to from the window, I had to seek locksmith help. I found Run Local Locksmith while searching through the net and called them.
    Thinking that it might take them some time to come, I tried opening the window panes for reaching the door lock. To may astonishment, the locksmith was here within the next 15 minutes and he did not take more than 10 minutes to open the door. So, the problem was solved with a remarkable speed.

  • Jo
      17th of Jan, 2011
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    I am a jewellery retailer and I use the ultra modern safety vault having three levels of access for the stock-in-trade. Being an electronic machine, its locks got struck up and jammed when there some electric fault in the mains supply. Even after the power supply was restored, the locks were dysfunctional. I called up the Run Local Locksmith on reference from the neighbouring jeweller. After making the initial checks and trying a few things, they were able to open it up after some half an hour of labour. I have never seen the tools which he used for doing the job. No doubt they are the best equipped to handle the most complex tasks.

  • Mo
      27th of Jan, 2011
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    Run Lock Locksmith saved 13 lives

    That a locksmith would be of such a vital help to me was not in my farthest imagination. I have a business of making the automotive parts and the best of access control systems are installed. Due to a short circuit a section caught fire with about 13 people trapped inside. The heavy duty doors went jammed. Coincidentally, a locksmith working in the next factory saw the blazes coming out and came running to our factory along with the owner of the other factory. He showed his ID card and sought permission to open it. In the next ten minutes, the door was opened, much to the relief of everyone. I called his company, Run Local Locksmith and informed and thanked them for the same. We gave him cash reward, not just his costs.

  • Ge
      3rd of Feb, 2011
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    Run Local Locksmith facilitated my Foreign Trip
    I had to go abroad on a foreign business trip organized by my company. With crucial company documents and the travel documents along with the passport kept in the safety vault of my cabinet, there couldn’t have been a more secure pace to keep these important documents. To mess up things, I forgot where I had kept the keys to the vault while I was packing at night at 2 AM to catch the flight at 12 noon in morning. After searching for the keys for the next 2 hours, I had to call the Run Local Locksmith company. It was good to have the locksmith within the next 30 minutes and it took him another 30 minutes to finally open the lock by 5AM. I thank them for their timely service.

  • Mo
      4th of Feb, 2011
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    I had to go abroad on a foreign business trip organized by my company. With crucial company documents and the travel documents along with the passport kept in the safety vault of my cabinet, there couldn’t have been a more secure pace to keep these important documents. To mess up things, I forgot where I had kept the keys to
    the vault while I was packing at night at 2 AM to catch the flight at 12 noon in morning. After searching for the keys for the next 2 hours, I had to call the Run Local Locksmith company. It was good to have the locksmith within the next 30 minutes and it took him another 30 minutes to finally open the lock by 5AM. I thank them for their timely service.

  • Je
      8th of Feb, 2011
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    Run Local Locksmith verifies me before unlocking the door!!

    I called Run Local Locksmith for unbolting the main door of the house. My husband had taken it with him by mistake on his week long trip. The other set was at his office whose key in turn was inside the house. I was quite amazed to find the locksmith ask me to prove that this is my house before he begins to open the locks. Usually, it is the locksmiths who are expected to show their IDs or licenses only. Thankfully, I had the car papers as well as the driving license which proved the same. After opening the lock and taking he apologized for inconvenience and narrated the reasons for asking the same. It is good to see such professionalism by the company for enhanced security. Other companies shall also emulate the same and the customers shall cooperate as well.

  • Ak
      12th of Feb, 2011
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    Run Local Locksmith provides services in snowy conditions, warms up hearts

    I was at my friend’s place, some 50 km away from my home, when it began to snow heavily and, being busy in the party, I forgot that my car is parked outside. When I came to the car to drive back home, I found that the ignition and the transponder keys of the switch of my car was not working. I found the run-local locksmith from my mobile and asked them to send a specialist for the same. I wondered whether any one would be coming in these weather conditions. To my pleasant surprise, he did turn up ion the next 30 minutes and changed the keys for me. Though I still could not go back home, I appreciate the sense of commitment of the locksmiths of the company.

  • Al
      17th of Feb, 2011
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    Run Local Locksmith is target of malicious campaigning

    What is all that crap that I am reading about the Run Local Locksmith Company? I had the chance to use their services myself on one occasion and provided their reference to two of my contacts. There were absolutely no issues with us at all. What is being reported in this forum in unbelievable and I are of the firm opinion that is the doing of some mischief monger who is making use of the internet medium for the malicious campaigning. There was no threatening body language or over charging or misleading us on any front. Rather, we found them to be quite efficient and focused in their work. And, if they do charge a bit extra, with prior information of the same, I do not think that they need to be labeled wrong in the public at all.

  • Av
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    Run Local Locksmith show remarkably good service

    I had to call for a locksmith when the key of the safe-lock of my iron cabinet was lost. I normally use it for keeping important documents and jewelry. I wanted to get the lock opened without any harm to the locking system or things kept inside. At the same time, I also wanted the locksmith to be reliable for that crucial work since it actually meant showing him the way to the safe where my valuable are kept. My friend referred me to the Run Local Locksmith and I asked for their services. The locksmith arrived in the next 30 minutes, a bit late than what was promised. After examining the lock, he told me the price for rekeying the same. That was quite reasonable. After working for about more than an hour, he was able to open the safe, but he desisted from opening it full. Instead, he moved aside and walked away, allowing me to inspect and check for all the belongings. I really appreciate this move and it showed his professionalism and impeccable personal integrity. Frankly, I paid him more than what he had asked for.

  • Do
      31st of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    It is with great pleasure that I write this comment to the general public.
    These comments are very disturbing. They seem to be written by the same person/people. And besides who attaches a picture everytime they post. The english is not written like it should be.
    I know that these people are not licensed. They are probably connected to Dependable Locksmiths, who were charged with many offences, and shut down.
    I find it very unlikely that when no one has heard of them before, all of a sudden they are in every State and even in Canada, that it is a SCAM. I have seen videos on these kind of so-called Locksmiths, they are not from this country, not that it is a problem, but that they don't play by the Licensing, training/education, customer service, adhere to a quote, lie about the difficulty of opening and drilling the lock...I could go on.
    This is written by a REAL Locksmith

    Call your LOCAL Locksmith

  • To
      2nd of May, 2011
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    I had to call a locksmith from Run Local Company for operating on urgently on my safe lock where my travel documents were kept since I had to board a flight the same day. It was good to see that the person arrived in a van and after showing his license, ID card, telling the price, he was quickly on his way to opening the locks. From the small screws, nuts, bolts and screw drivers, to the latest gas cutting equipment, I could see that the person has come well prepared for meeting my requirements. Without doubt, he opened the lock without any damage to the lock whatsoever. It was good to see extreme professionalism at work. Prices were well deserved as well.

  • Jo
      30th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Run local locksmith provides reasonably priced service

    This locksmith company busted my long held belief that locksmiths are opportunists and the meanest of all. The locksmith came with all his tools and lock picks for attending to the lock of my safe made of stainless steel. Arrival was timely, in about 25 minutes of making the call. He was polite, courteous, told me clearly that it was only about 20-30 minute work and also told the charges along with it. He did not make a tall order of the work to extract more money from me…very reasonable in charging for services.

  • Le
      5th of Jun, 2011
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    Home > Business News from The Birmingham News
    Yelp reviews of Alabama locksmiths don't add up
    Published: Thursday, June 02, 2011, 5:50 AM
    By Stan Diel -- The Birmingham News The Birmingham News
    Locksmiths can definitely help with your lock-and-key woes, but beware of online reviews. (The Birmingham News file)
    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- There may be no better place on Earth than Alabama to get locked out of your car, if glowing reviews of area locksmiths posted on a consumer review website recently are to be believed.
    A total of at least 84 positive reviews of Alabama locksmiths have been posted on in the past week. The Alabama reviews were posted in large, almost simultaneous batches. They seem to follow the same scripts and include the same misspellings and some idioms and syntax not rooted in American English. And many of the locksmith companies identified in the reviews don't seem to actually exist.
    The Alabama phone numbers listed in the reviews ring through to a Michigan company called Run Local Locksmith. That company, mentioned by name in a handful of the reviews, takes phone calls nationwide and refers callers to local locksmiths.
    A man who answered the phone at Run Local Locksmith said he was unaware of any Yelp campaign and said nobody was present who was familiar with the company's advertising or marketing. This flood of suspicious Alabama reviews comes about a week after The New York Times reported on Yelp's ongoing battle with overseas services that will, for a fee, write and post fake reviews. Many fraudulent reviews are posted by people working in India and making $2 to $3 an hour, the Times reported.
    Run Local Locksmith has the Better Business Bureau's lowest rating, an "F, " because BBB attempts to reach the company to address complaints about its advertising were not successful.
    This item was published in The Insider, a weekly column in The Birmingham News Business section.

  • Ro
      29th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Best Sacramento locksmith Services

    We called Locksmith Sacramento at 6:00 in the evening of a rainy Saturday after I found the door-lock of my entrance jammed. I got a quick response within 10 minutes and they came within half an hour. The price was exactly what the operator had quoted. I was extremely satisfied by their professional attitude.

  • Ra
      18th of Nov, 2011
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    Phoneix locksmith successfully installs the ultra-modern security system

    I was planning to open a Jewelry showroom and was planning the use of ultra-modern security system to ensure that safety of material and people could be maintained. While selecting the system was not difficult, find the right Phoenix locksmith company who could install this was not easy. After giving the chance to a few companies, it was the Run Local Locksmith who could do it without any hitch. I must say it was sheer experience and ingrained training at display.

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