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The site is a complete scam, i dont believe any of the girls are real i personally believe men are using the girls pictures, and sending these contacts. i gare them to produce one legitimate person on that site that has made a conneection, every girl who has favorited me, is out of new york, i live in los angeles, what a strange coincidence they are so far away if i wantes to, i couldnt make a connection.

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  • Da
      Dec 22, 2011 is a massive scam, for all those unfortunate enough to be suckered in like I was, follow this link: to cancel your monthly renewal

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  • Ru
      Nov 20, 2013

    Verry much a scam - They ( uses what they Call Virtual Cupids as part of the "Internet experience". Simply put they have a few staff members acquire Photos of people (source unknown can only assume from the internet Facebook etc.) and then create a False Profile - They then send those profiles to its members, On occasion they will apply a message. I learned after 2days on the site -

    "Bronze Members" are limited photos (2 if I remember) but the "Virtual Cupids" have several photos, often times taken by someone else. They also have all the benefits of "Gold Members" (the ability to use all the applications associated with this site). There was a point where they would also have a Virtual Cupid Symbol on their profile.

    Before I reversed Charges via my bank (Sales under false pretense) and had the account closed. I was contact by at least 50 Virtual Cupids - I had 0 Contact by an actual Female Member. If I where to guess there Might be a 0.001 percent change that their is an Actual Female that uses that site.

    Contact your Bank - Get a refund - Sales Under False Pretense, Fraud will fit the criteria as well. I know my bank has a list of fraudulent sites - Every one of those associated with is on that list. They (the bank) had 0 problems refunding the charges.

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