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RPM Auto Sales / Repair Problems

1 Lansing, MI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 517-882-2961

I entered a sales agreement with RPM Auto Sales at their Lansing location in Februrary 2010, for the purchase of a 2005 Dodge Stratus not knowing that I would end up paying more for the car than what it was worth. I have had repair issues with the vehicle from the start. I took my car to Lansing Auto, located in an adjoining building, in April because I heard a noise under the hood. The mechanic who was working that day diagnosed the problem as a bad air compressor. Because they were behind on their work orders, they gave me the contact information of another mechanic whom they work closely with. I was inconvenienced several times, until this person finally got the part. I stayed and watched the part being installed, because I didn't trust these people. Turns out the part was no good, but instead of replacing the part with a brand new one, they left the bad part in my car. I also took my car in last week to have a tire rod and spring fixed, but the problem still persists, not to mention my car is making more noise than what it was before my car was serviced. The repairs were made haphazardly, and they have the nerve to charge people before the work is done. They kept my car all day, and didn't give me an update on the status, but instead, I had to call them to see if my car was ready. I get to RPM just shy of 7:00 that night and they told me that if I was behind on my payments, then I couldn't have my car. I wasn't told this in the beginning. I was concerned, because 20-25 minutes after I'd called and was told my car wasn't ready, I get a call telling me to come pick it up. Lansing Auto did a sorry job repairing my car, and I refuse to pay them, or RPM, another dime of my money.

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  • Kj
      13th of Jul, 2013
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    Action need to be taken against this company. My father has been scammed by them and I hate that my father has been patient with them and going along with their [censored]ery just to get his truck fixed. They are glad that they didn't get me and they got a peaceful Christian man like my father. But I ain't like my father. They would have been straight dragged, molly-wopped, Ike-Tina Turnered, pistol whipped all up and through that place. I would have sued their ### of everything they got. I would have sued them so bad that their great-grandchildren wouldn't be able to afford a pair of dirty damn drawers! They better not cheat my father again or I will force myself up there and fight for my father against his will.

  • Ke
      23rd of Jul, 2015
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    I purchased a vehicle from RPM back in February 2015. After test driving the car I told them that I liked the car but it had some mechanical issues. My salesman Kyle, said that they would fix anything that was wrong with it and also told me that if within the first 30 days after purchasing it, if I found anything else wrong with it that they would cover the cost and getit fixed. We are now nearing the end of July and they have had my car into there repair shop 7 times and a total of 25 days and it still sits there today. Nothi.g, and I mean nothing that they said they would fix is fixed. When i call them to ask what the status is on my car they just tell me there waiting on parts that they ordered from a junk yard. I put 2600 down on this car and have set up my payments to come out of my account automatically every other week without fail. I am even paying an extra 50 a month to pay it off sooner. I am besides myself ad to what to do. I would like to walk away from this but have already inveted 5000 into it already. All I want is for them to fix what they promised but it doesn't matter what I say or do they are in no hurry to do anything they promised and to a good client. Purchasing from RPM auto in Lansing Michigan. Do not buy from them no matter what your credit situation is because you might as well bend over and take it up the a**, and hard. If anyone can help or give a suggestion as to what I can do from here, I welcome any suggestions, thank you.

  • An
      14th of Jan, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Do not ever buy a car from them. Their standard procedure is to clean a car out and if it runs put in on the lot for sale. They do not check out the cars first, that is why when you buy a car from them they automatically schedule you a mechanics appointment. - "to change the oil, etc". You are told to make sure you bring in your list of things you think are wrong and need to have fixed. The owner also owns a salvage yard in Flint MI. Be careful you may have just bought a salvaged car. The other side business he owns, Lansing auto repair and towing has people working for it which have made drug references in front of me. (popping pills). They sell lemons; if you call to complain they make your car take even a little longer to repair. You buy a car and it's in and out of the shop for the first 3 months, they have it more than you. They then hold a car hostage for weeks while you are paying for it, all of this within the first month or two of buying. They take advantage of people who don't have credit or have poor credit full knowing that you will keep paying because you have no other alternative or lose all the money you have already paid.

  • Da
      22nd of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    I made he mistake of buying a 2005 GMC Yukon XL from these douchebags. I talked to Todd who assured me the vehicle was in top notch shape despite having high mileage. I told him I needed to be sure because I was going on vacation in a month with my family to Florida. We no more than got to Florida and the entire fuel system went out. Lines, tank and pump were all bad. Rusted and corroded according to the GMC dealership. After being stranded here a month I had to fly home to go back to work as I didn't have the money to invest in a new fuel system and I was on the verge of losing my job. My family is still on Florida and they only care about me making a payment and not standing behind the quality of their vehicle they sold AND they refused to cooperate and work with me at all. They also never fixed what they promised to fix in the beginning of the loan. These guys are crooked and liars and theives. I have filed a complaint with the IG against them.

  • Ta
      23rd of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    I had nothing bad to say about RPM. I've purchased one car trading in one car and had no bad experience. That was with RPM of Saginaw, MI. I got another car from them but instead of going back to the one in Saginaw, my husband wanted to go to one in Lansing, MI. I gota 2008 Cadillac DTS. Beautiful car. My payment history was immaculent. They said I couldn't make my payments at the Saginaw branch where I live and they couldn't do direct withdrawal like they did in Saginaw. Car ran good for 6 weeks and transmission went out. My husband spoke with someone in the Lansing branch and it wasvrepaired with another transmission, which according to my husband RPM was helping with cost of repair. I kept mailing my payments on time every month only to find out they've been taking my payment and applying it to repair cost and not my car payments. Now it looks like I haven't been paying my note and owe them late fees and additional car notes. I didn't make arrangements my husband did for transmission. I signed only one contract and that was to pay my car note! What the other cost were should have had another contract showing me the diffence. Now I'm facing a repo even though I'm making my payments. Y can't they just add the money to the end of my contract. Instead of messing up my credit even more?

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