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Royal Indian Raj / RG Villas Developer ( ) Reacts Illogically To Legitimate Inquiries

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Points to Ponder:

If you're near the exit of a store and hear the security alarms go off as a customer exits, what is the normal ensuing scene that typically develops?

Does the customer:

i) Protest loudly and repeatedly to the security officer (and everyone else within earshot) that he had undertaken a legitimate transaction, but not bother to show the security officer his receipt?

Or does he simply produce his receipt; the proof of purchase?

ii) Run off to his lawyer and launch a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the security officer and possibly the store, without bothering to show the security officer his receipt?

Or does he simply produce his receipt; the proof of purchase?

iii) Tell everyone who might have any concerns about the legitimacy of his transaction to call him on the phone so that he could talk and talk and talk about the transaction?

Or does he simply produce his receipt; the proof of purchase?

The customer immediately produces his receipt; his proof of purchase, then merrily goes about his business.

Even a very young child, when accused of theft will turn his pockets inside in an effort to produce proof. Proving innocence with proof is an inborn human instinct. So why is it that all RIRIC offers to its inquiring investors is lip service? "Call us so we can talk."

If Royal Indian Raj wanted to simply and quickly silence its critics it would have offered immediate proof, and thereby made fools of all protestors in short order. Instead it posts "Corporate Statements" and other posts under aliases praising the integrity of RIRIC, while villainizing inquiring parties. It trumpets itself as the righteous party by launching a preposterously large lawsuit against it former Director of Communications, who their numerous search-engine-loving press releases fail to mention is also an investor in RIRIC.

RIRIC's representatives post libelous remarks on the internet about me, a former consultant, and while doing so conveniently neglect to mention that my company is also a RIRIC investor.

Questions to Ponder:

1) Why did RIRIC choose Nevada to incorporate? Was it because Nevada law offers maximum protection to the corporation and its officers, while affording very little protection to its investors?

2) Why doesn't RIRIC provide its investors with financial statements?

3) Whay doesn't RIRIC hold Annual General Meetings?

4) Why hasn't the Royal Garden Villas Developer built a single thing in over 10 years? Knowing that permit issuance often is delayed, why didn't RIRIC foresee the delay issue and use a small portion of the millions acquired from investors and villa customers to purchase land available in the Bangalore area, which already had permits in place while awaiting permits on the RGVillas property?

5) How could RIRIC reasonably believe that it could enter into the public stock market without audited financial statments in place?

6) Why did Royal Indian Raj wait nearly a year after lauching a lawsuit against its former Director of Communications to issue a press release on the lawsuit? Is this just a psychological ploy to regain consumer confidence and boost RIRIC's voice in the search engines? Is it intended to intimidate others who would voice their legitimate concerns? And why did the press release omit details about the countersuit launched against RIRIC by the former Director of Communications? Why did it not mention that the former Director of Communications is also an investor?

7) Why has RIRIC shrunk from over a dozen employees in its Vancouver head office, to a mere 4? And why were staff let go without proper notice and proper payouts? Why did the former employees and associates choose to leave and to cut ties with RIRIC?

8) Instead of sending out a newsletter announcing an absurdly large lawsuit against the former Director of Communications, why didn't Royal Indian Raj spend the time and money more productively by sending out an investor newsletter with supporting documents such as: past financial statements, past Annual General Meeting minutes, an invitation to the next AGM, and other various documents that RIRIC should be producing as proof of its transparency.

9) Why did RIRIC spend hours and hours formulating a slick press release announcing a year old lawsuit and then waste more time and money deliberating over it with a lawyer, but not spend 1 single hour compiling documented proof for investors?

If you were a prinicple in RIRIC would you:

i) spend hours on internet posts?

ii) spend hours talking talking talking?

iii) spend lots of investor money launching and fighting a lawsuit against a RIRIC investor?

Or would you simply flash the proof, thereby immediately silencing your critics, then get on with business?


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  • To
      7th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I hope the Benjamin family finally sees their day in court where justice will be done. I only wish the investors could have their money returned. Its so unfortunate that the Benjamin's greed hurt so many people.

  • Du
      18th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Royal Indian Raj customers and investors take note:

    California Law: Deceit and fraud are defined separately in statutes. Deceit is defined in Civ. Code §§1709 and 1710, while fraud is defined in Civ. Code §§1572 (actual fraud) and 1573(constructive fraud).

    Copy and paste into internet browser for Source:

    Below are just a very few court orders and newspaper/magazine articles exposing Royal Indian Raj and their crimes.

    Court Orders against Royal Indian Raj and International Newspaper/Magazine Exposure:

    Financial Institutions Commission orders Cease Marketing Order Against RIRIC :

    British Columbia Securities Commission Investigation:

    Invest Right Investor Alert: Beware of investment ploys touting foreign direct investments in India:

    Canadian Business Magazine – All About The Benjamins:

    Jack Nicklaus Withdraws Services:

    Royal Indian Raj investor gets royal runaround:

    Royal Indian Raj Scrounging for Money:

  • Ro
      19th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Greed is a bladed boomerang.

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