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Royal Indian Raj / Truth

1 AZ, United States Review updated:

I certainly was a little upset until I investigated the Bangalore Airport Authority and the status of the BIAPPA Regional Master plan holding up the Royal Garden Project and the release of over 400 other projects in the vicinity. I am also advised of two articles posted by the Times of India in Dec, 2008 announcing the Master Plan approval date mandated by the Supreme Court and the 2ND announcing the notification of the Master Plan in Jan, 2009. Upon which permissions are given at the Royal Garden site. The Delhi Development Master Plan took about 8 years to clear with all the Indian Bureaucracy and the Bangalore North Master Plan stalling with a history of 5 failed governments over 4 years in Karnataka more than explains the malaise clearly beyond any ones control.

I also did a legal check they have been in the same place Vancouver for the last ten years. There’s no lawsuits on record with Royal Indian Raj except the one with the fired media guy Bill Zack out of New York and that's on line and clearly outlines what Mr. Zack is trying to do on line with his allegations/frustrations and theft of confidential customer and shareholder lists to which he sends information. The lawsuit by RIRIC is for Slander, Liable, defamation of Character, Theft of Confidential Data lists and other Proprietary Matters etc and the people helping Zack .It seeks damages in excess of 100M(USD).

A police check was done in Canada and in India they came out clean. I also tried to contact some of the compliant authors and many remain anonymous and aren't even shareholders or customers. I cant say that about DLF which has over 3000 lawsuits, Unitech with over 2200 lawsuits and mounting and Prestige in Bangalore with hundreds of law suits alone with there recent building issues including collapsing of buildings resulting in the entire top management getting arrested last week.DLF market cap went from 38B(USD) to 7B(USD) in less then 15 months with Unitech suffering a similar fate. So remaining private and having only ONE lawsuit with a fired disgruntled employee over here doesn't look to bad it actually tells me a story of how clean these people are.

Its pretty clear from my investigation that the Benjamin's and Royal Indian Raj are caught in the Indian and Karnataka Government bureaucracy nothing more and are the victims of a western individual who worked as the media director at RIRIC quarterbacking a misinformation campaign this last 7 months trying to defame there name and assassinate there character and trigger refunds among the customer base actually depriving customers of there profits. I also have found documented history of large land assemblies in Bangalore and other parts of India including Mumbai over there ten years as pioneers in the Indian Real Estate Sector both on-line, from the Government of India and from there lawyers including ownership of the RGV site by the principals. Its easy to see on a Google Search of there name under Royal Indian Raj International Corporation many recorded achievements including the Royal Garden City development in 2003/2004 as well the Indian Government giving them the 1st Foreign Direct Investment approval in the Integrated Township sector in 2004. That’s even on the Indian Government website. I even went to the Zack site and found plagiarized press releases with dates different from the actual Royal Indian Press releases on Google and on their company sites. Zack is also using his friend Mike Malette mentioned in his site whos quoting on this site.In light of this I went from negative to positive as its clear there’s a play to tarnish the firms’ image and its founders with a bad case of sour grapes.

Finally the people I contacted at the firm are more then straight forward and put me thru to the relevant Government ministers and senior people who have been diligently working with Royal Indian Raj including the Chief Minister of Karnataka and the Chairman of BIAPPA who have more than satisfied my inquiries regarding RIRIC’s application and the status of the Govt.s stalled Masterplan in Bangalore North. Royal Indian even shared with me binders of Due Diligence Documents evidencing there entire ten year history and all the contracts signed it is very well presented. The initial 17 acres is to be expanded to a larger land assembly on the Government Master Plan finalizing which makes perfectly good sense who would do other wise with out permissions. There are even other Royal Indian land assemblies in Bangalore north which are legally documented as alternatives. As well I was given names of many people who sought refunds and were paid out. It is only recently that the unprecedented recent world wide events resulting in 10 trillion in losses in USA alone among the biggest firms in the world including Freddie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Bill Zack misinformation campaign disseminated to RIRIC customers/shareholders/alliance partners that the firm has postponed retirement of the handful of refunds until the site permissions get in and structured finance is placed on the site. That makes sense as well Bill Zack doesn’t want the firm to get permissions and build the project.

So I am excited with the Times of India articles reporting what the Benjamin's and Royal Indian Raj have been saying all along about permissions and hanging projects. The Bangalore North Master Plan has been signed and is going to be notified in the papers and passed to law in Jan and the RGV project gets provisional permissions automatically. The project will be sold out on approvals and with the opening of the New Bangalore Airport in June after an 18 year journey with the Government of Karnataka. Land values have skyrocketed in the vicinity and so has my investment so after waiting this long seeking a refund makes no sense on a substantially sold out project where I actually have an appreciating asset and am making money. Soon Bangalore north is to become what Gurgaon is to New Delhi.

In my opinion Royal Indian has been bang on. On there pronouncements and there reporting on the market hang ups and Government position regarding the delays has been accurate and I thank them for there co-operation.

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  • Du
      18th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Royal Indian Raj customers and investors take note:

    California Law: Deceit and fraud are defined separately in statutes. Deceit is defined in Civ. Code §§1709 and 1710, while fraud is defined in Civ. Code §§1572 (actual fraud) and 1573(constructive fraud).

    Copy and paste into internet browser for Source:

    Below are just a very few court orders and newspaper/magazine articles exposing Royal Indian Raj and their crimes.

    Court Orders against Royal Indian Raj and International Newspaper/Magazine Exposure:

    Financial Institutions Commission orders Cease Marketing Order Against RIRIC :

    British Columbia Securities Commission Investigation:

    Invest Right Investor Alert: Beware of investment ploys touting foreign direct investments in India:

    Canadian Business Magazine – All About The Benjamins:

    Jack Nicklaus Withdraws Services:

    Royal Indian Raj investor gets royal runaround:

    Royal Indian Raj Scrounging for Money:

    Call the office at 604.685.7442 by all means. RIRIC was kicked out in summer 2009. Still promoting 610 - 375 water street vancouver as their address. Just on more big fat lie from the cowards. What a bunch of clowns!

  • Ro
      13th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Uh ... "Ranga: ... You're full of crap regarding your comment in the original post on this page: " ... the Chief Minister of Karnataka and the Chairman of BIAPPA who have more than satisfied my inquiries regarding RIRIC’s application ... "

    If the Chief Minister of Karnataka is so convinved that Collins Benjamin is a legitimate businessman. Why did the state of Karnataka arrest Collins Benjamin on CRIMINAL CHARGES for CHEATING and BREACH OF TRUST in late 2009?

    Keep talking "Ranga". The more you talk/type, the more you reveal that you are a lying sack of Benjamin.

    High Court of Karnataka Rules Against Collins Benjamin of Royal garden City Enterprises Ltd. Bangalore India:

    Petition to Quash Criminal Charges against Collins Benjamin Rejected by Judge

    After having a petition fail in Karnataka High Court, Collins Benjamin of Royal Garden City Enterprises Private Ltd. will face legal prosecution for criminal activity brought against him by The State of Karnataka JC Nagar Police, for “Breach of Trust” and “Cheating” under sections 420 and 406 IPC :

    View Judgment Against Collins Benjamin:

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