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1 Dublin, Ireland

Hello, ROYAL AIR MAROC, I come through this to request one more time a position from the company. My son had I flight booked from Sao Paulo to Lisbon, on 6th August 2014. However this flight had been cancelled without any notice. He just discovered it when he arrived at the airport. The company rescheduled his flight to Friday 8th and locate him in a Hotel, once he doesn't live in Sao Paulo city. But my problems are not only it. I've booked hotel and another flight with Ryanair, and these cannot be rescheduled. I don't think it is fair with me once I've never been notified about the cancellation. When I called the Call centre, I received the information that the company tried few times to contact the agency that sold me the ticket, but no answer. At same time I've been informed the time those calls happened was at 8 am in Maroc, however in Brazil it was 4 am. Of course none would answer the phone. So what I come here to request is at least that the company replace my ticket that was lost because of the cancellation with no notice from the company’s part.

This paragraph above I was complaining regarding the begin of the trip, leaving Brazil towards Lisbon, however to make my flight worst, happened another cancellation flight once my son was in Casablanca. Once there, he has been informed about the cancellation flight and that he would be rescheduled to the next day flight (Sunday). It made he miss the flight for the second time! Now I have to buy a new ticket to take him to Dublin, once again because of another cancellation flight. My question is: Is there any commitment of this company? I don’t think the only thing is get another flight and that’s all. I’ve lost 2 flights because of the cancellation that happened with no previous notice and this trip is costing me a fortune because of the company. If I don’t solve it with the company, definitely I will go to court, in Brazil and in Europe, because I believe I have my rights. The first cancellation rescheduled my son to 2 days later, then the second cancellation plus another day. Now he has to stay in Lisbon because the flights are too expansive. The first flight Lisbon-Dublin I’ve spent €157; rebooking + €122 and now if I want him to come straight away, + €306. So I don’t have this money available and then I’ll keep him the and get another flight a bit cheaper then this… One that I could afford. How the company can say that this is not their business?

Please I would like an answer as soon as you can, because my son still in Lisbon due all these cancellations and reschedules, and I would like to solve this issue without the necessity of going to social media or something like it.


Aug 13, 2014

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