routine cleanings & braces / keeps cancelling, rescheduling my dental appointments and billing issues

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Negative 5 stars! I have been going to western dental for 19 months for my braces on the orthodontic side.

February 2014 I got my wires changed on my braces and one of the brakets after being tighted started to hurt really bad. The dentist told me that was normal and to wait a couple of days and take advil and the pain will go away. Well, the next couple days it was hurting so bad that I could not sleep even with the advil every 8 hours. I went back to the dentist who look my mouth again, I showed him the pain and he said no swelling or redness just keep taking the advil. I took his advice again for 3 more days and my tooth was still hurting. I went back again, and he took the bracket off and saw that there was food that was stuck in there causing a snag between my gums and tooth. He told me it was red but to keep taking advil. I said I need something stronger such as IBUPHREN. The dentist would not prescribe to me and told me to keep taking advil. I had a vacation planned in Panama City, Panama in March 2014 and I left on that Sunday evening and was still in pain. Once arrived in Panama my whole side of my face was swollen and I was in such pain. I went to a dentist there and was told I had an infection in my gums. I was given antibotics for 14 days the whole time I was there with IBUPHREN for the pain. When I returned from Panaman and had my appointment again with the dentist I told him what happen. He was perplexed that he didn't see that. I now get prescribed IBUPHREN from my own personal doctor.

The front office staff is incompetent and so un-professional. Everytime I schedule a cleaning on the dental sid, they always, always get my day or my time wrong. The first time I scheduled my cleaning was in 2013 but they kept cancelling and re-scheduling which pushed me into 2014 when I finally got scheduled in 05/2014. Then I had to wait to have my wires taken off on my braces first which took about 5 minutes, then I sat in the lobby for 21/2 hours. I finally was called to get my x-rays done to a new xray person that had to keep taking pics of my teeth because she could not place the x-ray correctly and was having trouble with the machine...that took 30 minutes. Then I was told I was ready to get my teeth clean which I sat for another hour waiting...then the dentist came and looked and me and said he was ready to clean my teeth but I had to pay a co-insurance before he would do it. What co-insurance? My insurance covers this at 100%! What is he talking about? He then called the girl over I showed her my benefits from my insurance and who I spoke to at my insurance and asked her to contact my representative before they charge me for a co-insurance. The girl came back and verified that I was covered at 100%. Then I waited another 30 minutes before he finally starting cleaning my teenth. The dentist told me to come back in 7/2014 for a follow-up. I scheduled my follow-up on 07/03/14 which I came in on time at 2:30pm and check in. I sat for 30 minutes and walked up to the desk and she said I didn't have an appointment. I gave her the appointment card that showed that I had a follow-up visit on 07/03/14 at 2:30pm. The young lady said it was not in the system and she doesn't understand how that was possible for me to have an appointment. Perplexed she went and talked to someone and she came back to tell me that I would be seen shortly. I waited another hour with me being the only one in the waiting room and she asked me was I waiting for someone because they were about to close? Now I'm perplexed because I have an appointment it is 4:00pm and your telling me you don't know why I'm here waiting??????. I just left!

Last straw!!!

I had a made another appointment on 10/21/14 at 2:30pm for a cleaning and the front office cancelled without calling me or emailing me of the cancellation. So I rescheduled for 11/21/14 at 2:30pm. I did receive a call to verify my appointment and a email, and then when I arrived I was told my appointment was cancelled again. I asked the reason? The young lady said because the doctor is out. So, I went into my ortho appointment and the dentist asked me to make sure I schedule a teeth cleaning. I told him that I did schedule a cleaning on 10/21/14 & 11/21/14 but both cancelled saying the dentist is out to do my cleaning. Perplexed the dentist than said I have seen him here all day...when did he leave? I said that was the lie they told me so I will reschedule. Again I scheduled an appointment on 12/27/14 at 8:00am and I arrived at 7:55am, and was greeted by the front office girl saying my appointment is not until 11:30am. She then looked at the ortho side girl and she said I have you for the ortho side to take off your wires at 9:30am. I pulled out my appointment card that showed 8:00am. The first girl said I don't know how this is possible when you are showing a different time, I then said you gave me the appointment. She looked at me and said "No I didn't!" REALLY!!

Dec 29, 2014
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