Roth Royale / Complaint: Balance Negative

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I felt compelled to place a a positive experience to offset negatives. At first, I let these complaints influence me; however, my experience has been quite opposite. I give Roth Royale a 5 star rating. My first order was amazing! When I put them on a necklace it looked so Beautiful. When I wore it the first time, my friend said my necklace was STUNNING…..And it was. I had some problems with my second order where I got sent 4 beads that I did not order. I think they just substituted them with 4 that I had ordered. I was leery, but after talking to Ross at Roth Royale he credited me for those beads promptly. That is such Great Customer Service! They are getting a new shipment of beads in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see them and place another order.


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