Ross store 0549 / unethical behavior

I bought a pants and something else (only 2 items) at store 0549, Tran: 2172, assoc: 673850, yesterday
when I got home my pants was missing, I called the store [protected] and I talked to Stephany (manager), she said that the pants is still at store
when I complain that I only bought 2 items why she did not put it in the bag? Stepheny replied "oh it does happened all the time, you need to come and get it, we do not mail it), she gave me phone number to complain but it was wrong 1-800-buyross. and she told me her boss is not at work today
This store is 45 minuted away from my house and so inconvenient to wast my 1 1/2 hr to go back and get it,
It is so sad that Stephany thinks this is ok and it does happens all the time, please take care of it that does not happened all the time to other customer
Sima Alavi

Ross store 0549

Jul 25, 2018

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