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Ross Department Store / Total Dissary

1 Southlands MallAurora, CO, United States Review updated:

Entering the neighborhood Ross Department store, my daughter and I noticed the store looked like it had not been stocked in awhile. Very empty racks, along with each isle, excluding glass and cooking isles, had multiple items we moved to the side of the isle just so we could move down them. The place looked neglected with dirty shelving and floors. Oily defuser bottles spilled out over shelving with other merchendise laying in it. Almost as many shoes on the floor as on the rack. To many things wrong to mention. Just the worse I have ever seen a store, of any kind. With this being a new store, we could not stand the mess and left without shopping.

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  • Al
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    The staff I encountered at this store location was VERY unprofessional! They embarrassed me in front of numerous costumers, questioned my integrity, insinuated I was lying by trying to scam $14.99 from the store.

    I reside in the area and shop at this particular ROSS store frequently. Recently, I purchased four dresses from the store and a few days later went back to return one of the four dresses. The dress still had the tags on it and I had my receipt. Apparently the description on the receipt did not match the description on the dress when it was rung up eventhough the amount on the tag (still attached to the dress) and the amount on the receipt was an exact number amount ($14.99).

    As soon as the cashier realized this, she began speaking to the other cashier in Spanish. I guess she thought I wouldn’t understand what she was saying, but in fact did. Eventually a girl in charge of the dress department came over and treated me very poorly as I tried to explain the situation. Basically, she said that the dress which I was retuning had not come from their store and that “She knows her dresses”. She proceeded to walk away as I began to try and get clarification of the situation. I told her that I had in fact purchased the dress from that store and that it still had the tags. She then told me that the tags were not in the “right place” and insinuated I had somehow put them there! Keep in mind all this was done in front of numerous costumers. As a result of being indirectly accused of doing something I hadn’t done and not getting any help form anyone, I proceeded to ask for the supervisor. The supervisor then asked me what happened and I, once again explained my situation. She treated me just as poorly as the other employee. After she refused to refund me, I stood there like a fool trying to convince her I wasn’t pulling a scam! Why on earth would I do this for $14.99? She then gave me a look which was very belittling, reluctantly approved a refund and said “If I came into the store again and tried to do this, I would not get refunded” and she walked away. At that moment, I have never felt so small and embarrassed.

    I have NEVER in my life contacted costumer service for any reason of dissatisfaction, nor had to ask to speak to a manager or supervisor. This experience was so belittling that I cannot not warn others about the level of unprofessionalism at this particular ROSS store. Needless to say, I will NEVER take my business to any ROSS store again and I will encourage my family and friends to find a shopping alternative as well.

  • Mi
      19th of Sep, 2011
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    Ross Stores needs to start at the top and work down, and clean house. Working for Ross is minium wage, so the people on the most part, are not very educated, people friendly, young, so on...Ross does not care about the employees, and communication is one of the biggest faults of management. One boss visited the store, and bragged about his new BMW. That is what everyone wants to hear on minium wage. Dummy. Always a challenge, not knowing if the hours will be cut, or if a question needs to be addressed, no clear answer is given, because there is none or management does not know. The store at Northtowne, Reno, Nevada is a joke. Everyday is a circus. Ask Jean B. a question, quaranteed she will not have an answer. Amazing she is a store manager. She is one dumb lady. Gives employees tests with the answers, guess thats ok. Must have been what Ross did to promote her. She could not have done it otherwise. The store could be great, fun, professional, courteous, but everyday the imcompetency runs a muck with managment. Amazing. The only good turn of events is David and Nicole. Both are amazing, and great to work with. Thumbs down to the rest. Jean needs to get off her butt, quit talking about her grandbabies, and learn the store. Period. Recognize your employees that show up everyday on time, work hard to bring your treasures out onto the floor, and do their job. Really a simple concept. Amazing no one in corporate is smart enough to figure that out. They're are so many positive potentials for this store, but not sure whom or what is holding it back. Truly a joke working for Ross. Thats all I got for now. MC

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