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I have ordered 2015 two bottles of men's Eva de toilette I haven't received any order yet I have been charged three times and I order two bottles of garcinia essentials once and I have been charged four times more after my first order I need my money refunded what should I do.

Oct 06, 2016
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  • Ro
      Aug 25, 2016

    Hi I have order ones from perfume company two bottles of Eula de toilette and I never received any still I have been charged three times for it. I have one number that can't put you thought anyone that can refund the money and also they are not able to do anything also they can't put you in touch with anyone.also the same time I order two bottles of Gervinho essential and after that they charge me four times for products that again I haven't received. Can you tell me what to do as I haven't got any right information about companies my emails to them get failing report my letters get refunding and there's no phone number to talk to them only one number that always says I am not allowed to put you through to my manger basically the system is good to collect money from people banks account that's all no delivery no customer service but still you have to pay money for nothing, !!!

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  • Ja
      Feb 12, 2017

    Are you able to help. I've had 2deductions from my bank account 2days is a row. I cancelled my subscription and the phone number has been disabled.

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