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I ordered a robe as a gift for a relative. I gave it to her 2-3 days after I received it. She returned it to me about three weeks later because it's too small. I wear the same size that she does and agree that it is too small. I attempted to return it to the Rose Garden Boutique but they said that my attempt to return was outside their 30-day window for returns. I feel that this was out of my control and that there are extenuating circumstances. The tag is still on the robe. Now I am not sure what to do. I am stuck with a $180 robe that doesn't work for either my relative or me. I am not going back to Rose Garden Boutique to buy her a larger size, that is for sure. I would like to return the robe, receive a refund, and never do business with Rose Garden Boutique again.

Feb 02, 2017
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  •   Feb 03, 2017

    Too bad so sad. 30 days is generous. Give it back to your friend, she now owns it. She should not have waited 3 weeks to tell you it did not fit.

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