Rose Garden Boutiquecanyon group chenille robe

Read the reviews and save yourself hours of cleaning up lint and $200.00.
When I received the robe I washed it on gentle cycle after contacting the store about shrinkage.
No, it doesn't shrink it loses half it's weight from shedding threads and lint.
This is terrible fabric, sheds enough lint to stuff a bed pillow not to
mention the pills on the inside will pull out stitches if you try to pick them off.
I was advised to shake the robe outside after washing and it covered the area
in white fluff. I had to delint the cloths I was wearing, the washer, the dryer
and the floors. Unbelievable.
There are no returns.., .zero.
Now I know why they don't have reviews on their website.
To the Goidwill this goes, I don't need a reminder of this shabby usiness with
no customer service.

Nov 30, 2018

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