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Rolling Meadows, Tiny Teacups ?? / Marie Hall, Vicki Davis, Sissy, LInda, Mary, G Moore ??

1 Rolling Meadows RoadRidgeland, MS, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 601-955-0900, 601-605-8181, 601-955-2525, 601-953-0303, 601-955-0100

On 11/03/14 I was looking on internet for a Chihuahua puppy for my 6 year olds upcoming birthday. Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of happening up on an oodle website and I found the most beautiful little Chihuahua I had ever seen. I contacted the "sweet" lady and she sent me pictures of the dog I was inquiring about...Immediately I knew I wanted this sweet puppy, so the lady (I assumed was the breeder) stated she would be coming over to Lakeland drive, and would happily bring the puppy to me at my workplace that is on North State Street. I thought I had come across a jewel for sure.

About an hour after our phone conversation she showed up with a beautiful puppy. She had previously told me the puppy was 9 weeks old, but it looked really tiny. I had no reason not to believe this sweet woman, so I just assumed "again" that this was just going to be a little bitty girl. The lady that brought me the dog gave me medication that she said was for hypoglycemia, some pedialyte, and beef baby food. She told me that Chihuahuas were very anxious and may not eat well for about a week, so I needed to give them all of the above 3 times per day until she was "comfortable" enough to eat properly. Again, I thought this was the sweetest woman. So concerned for "her babies".

Before I even got the sweet puppy home she had vomited 2 times. I wasn't worried as (sissy, Vicki davis, marie hall or whomever it was I was dealing with) told me this could happen (you know, because Chihuahuas are so fragile and anxious). Long story I know, but anyway...we fell in love with Luna (what we named our puppy) and my daughter couldn't have been happier with her birthday present. Then on Sunday morning 11/09/14 my husband woke me up when he returned from work and told me he didn't think the puppy was going to make it...he was right. When he handed me the puppy she had poop all over her, she was crying, and cold. I heated up a soft blanket in dryer and wrapped her in it and prayed she would go quickly as she was suffering so much. My prayers were answered as she passed away laying on my chest before we could get her to a vet. I texted the "nice" lady that sold me the dog and she immediately called and was so apologetic. She offered me another dog "when she got one" but I told her no I did not want another one as we were devastated over this one already. She wrote down my name and number and told me she was sure I would change my mind and would contact me when another one became available. I told her thank you. Then the next morning, Monday, 11/10/14 she called and stated she had talked to the breeder and the breeder said she could not give me another puppy, but give me a discount. I then told her I thought she was the breeder and she said no she was not. At this point things started getting a little fishy to me so I started looking in to things more. Since yesterday, I have found many more people who have dealt with this woman and the exact same thing has happened to them. I also found on several different websites at least 60-80 adds for Chihuahuas, yorkies and maltese puppies...(of course there are different names and different phone numbers in the ads..but it is the same person as they have multiple aliases..and in some of the ads I am sure my little Luna is the puppy in the picture. The woman now doesn't want to talk to me, has told me I can only go through her attorney and has offered me my money back (if I sign an agreement not to talk about this any further). THIS HUMAN IS NOT HUMAN...PURE EVIL! AND MUST BE SHUT DOWN!!!

If anyone out there has had a similar experience with her or one of her alter egos...please feel free to contact me.


Thanks so much!!!

Lori Lee

Rolling Meadows, Tiny Teacups ??

Nov 13, 2014
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  • Vd
      16th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I want to see vet reports of the puppy. I believe it died of low blood sugar. You did not care for it. Show me vet records. I return the $300 in full because you do not need a dog. SHOW RECORDS FROM VET!!!

  • Ch
      4th of Dec, 2014
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    V Davis, you will definitely be getting reports from my vet including the bill.

  • As
      6th of Jan, 2015
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    I find it funny, V Davis, that this was the same thing told to me and my boyfriend from you. We gave our Yorkie all the medicines ON SCHEDULE. I would know because I was the one staying home attending to our dog day in and day out. I have owned several different small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Bulldogs, Pugs, etc. and currently still have two that have been mine from babies to present. (I have had them both going on 8 years now) and have never had an issue like that before!! And they are both Chihuahuas!! Thankfully, they were NOT bought from YOU!

  • De
      14th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    I purchased a teacup Yorkie from Vickie Davis which she told me her name was Crystal, I purchased the dog on 4/26/16 like an hour into driving with the dog she was having diarrhea I called Vickie she told me she wasn't doing that before she gave her to me, she said it due cause of the driving. So on March 28, we took Molly to the vet they gave her a special kind of food to eat & for us to feed her every 2 hours. On March 29 Molly was very ill & was vomiting out of the mouth was lump over & wasn't moving her sugar was under 20 banfield recommend us to Nashville Pet hospital Molly stay there from 4/2/16-4/4/16 we had to put Molly to sleep because she was unhealthy even when the hospital had her on the fluids she wasn't pulling thru. It's sad how the pitiful women is doing people

  • Vd
      25th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    This complaint went to court. Judge dropped the case. Remember a contract is a contract !!

  • Ho
      25th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @V Davis Me Vickie Hello I am looking for a Vicki or a James ethridge we bought a tcup yorkie from y'all in 2014 an my soul baby died of a horrible accident I am in search of one just like my sissy please help I need to see if you still have her parents and if they are still breeding I need a new sissy. I’m devastated and lost 601-405-3773

  • Ho
      25th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Hope buckley She almost 5 years old and we lost her almost 3 weeks ago 😭

  • He
      29th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    I purchases what was suppose to be a miniature Yorkie from "Sandy Peterson" on 8-25-16 at 6pm at a gas station in Jackson MS, Exit 102B off 55. The puppy was not the one in the picture when I arrived nor did I believe she was a miniature but I had already driven the 3 hrs and had my heart set on a new baby and my kids as well. She immediately fed the baby nutrical and Pediasure before even letting me hold her in the parking lot which I found strange. She had me sign the agreement and repeatedly insisted on me getting Rita to the vet by monday(the 48 hour guarantee) I paid her $700 in cash, the CKC paperwork says Perry Hall but cant make out the name on the agreement, which she signed IN FRONT OF ME!! She wasn't gone but several minutes when the dog began to cough which at the time I assumed may be allergies, one of my older yorkies was allergic to grass and Rita coughed when i sat her in the grass to potty. The more I looked at her and took the dress off of her she was brought to me in i realized there was no way she was a miniature as I have 2 at home. I called "Sandy" and she promised me she was and verbally agreed to "replace" her if she got over 3lbs(who just replaces a dog like its nothing??). She had told me on the phone when I called to inquire about the puppy that she was going home to bath her and get her paperwork together, she was not bathed she smelled horrible and had matted feces btw all of her paws and on her tail. She coughed several more times on the way home and I was concerned that she was not alert and active like a puppy her age should be. She coughed ALL night long, we go no sleep I stayed up with her the whole time. My vet was out of town for the weekend so I had to take her to an animal hospital Friday morning. They determined she had kennel cough, at this point I had not been able to get her to drink any water, she did take her nutrical and Pediasure the night before when we got home, she would not eat that night but she did eat a few of the tiny morsels of dry food Friday morning before leaving for the vet. The vets office got her to eat a few tiny bites of wet A/D prescription food while in the office so they did not check her blood sugar. They gave her the strongest antibiotic shot they could for her age(if its the truth) and weight and also an injection to help with the cough, they told me it would sedate her a little at 1st but easiest way to get her some immediate relief. That vet bill was $121. I contacted the number I had for the lady I bought her from to let her know how sick she was and that it is contagious so her other animals need to be checked and treated, she informed me she was not the breeder and it wasn't her puppy even though thats how she par trade it to me when we met and when she was taking my money and signing papers. She put it all off on the fake Perry Hall and assured me Rita was only in contact with one other puppy(she told me at time of purchase Rita was the last one for awhile and she was use to being kept in a play pen) it was at this time she told me her name was Sandy Peterson. She said well we arent responsible for Vet bills but Mr Perry will give you another puppy. After several hours she was completely lethargic so I contacted the vet and they said to get her back in ASAP, her blood sugar was a 34 when it should have been around 100, they immediately started her on an IV to supplement her blood sugar and at this point she started having Diarrhea. I attempted to contact the "seller" on my way back to the clinic because one of the concerns the vet had was that we were given the wrong age of the puppy and this is critical to proper dosages, I had to leave threatening VM/s to get her to call me back, she accused us of giving the puppy something to make it sick!!! At that point she added another name to the mix, "Mary" was the owner of precious pets(the breeder). I ask for her contact info and was never given it, I also ask for contact on Perry Hall whcih she claims in the number on the CKC paperwork, its a google number that no one ever answers.They did a test for parvo and it was negative, the admitted her because of the blood sugar being so low and her being so lethargic at this point I had to pay another $430 to the vet. I later get a phone call her fecal results are in and the is ate up with intestinal parasites, the vet checked it under a microscope and told me she was so infested there was no way this JUST happened. So for the most of you who have had dealings with the scag Vicki Davis you already know how most of the conversations went after this, hollering and hanging up then not answering. I called from an app that appears as a diff number, she answered, I got the run around AGAIN. Thats when I started doing my research!!! Bless Social Media for getting the word out quick!! Perry Hall, Maria Hall, Mary, Sandy Peterson, LInda, Sissy, Victoria, Barbara R Stevenson at 241 N Ridge Dr in Madison, Gena Stevenson also at N Ridge drive, ReGENA just happens to be Barbara's middle name!! At least 7 diff phone numbers, btw the 3 I had and all the others I found on her listings on Craigslist with the exact same pics and titles of the listings on Also had same guy on the VM for 2 of the numbers! The listing I found my baby under said Raymond, when I called she said Jackson, paperwork says Madison, she lives in Ridgeland, 206 Rolling Meadows Rd, all the craigslist ads at these 3 diff locations. As of Saturday she had 14 listings on, she denied they were hers, yet all of them had her number, she is the person that answered that number when I originally called to purchase the dog. Someone helping me research this person did a reverse look up of the image of the puppy I thought I was driving 3 hrs to get, it belongs to another website that takes professional pics of ALL of their puppies. NONE of these names or businesses(A1 Pets, Precious Pets, A1 Precious Pets) are registered with the secretary of state nor licensed to do business in the state of MS.

    Thankfully our baby pulled through and was released Sunday afternoon with another vet bill of $270 and is now healthy and happy and in good hands!!!

    This LADY IS A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING and needs to be locked in a kennel and treated just the way she does her puppies and the older ones she breeds. She needs to know what its like to have bottomed out blood sugar levels, intestinal parasites, parvo etc etc, she needs to Waller in her own feces and urine for days on it and be fed the bare minimum to keep her alive.

    Heather Bozant
    Gulfport, MS

  • Lo
      15th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Heather Ryan Bozant such a horrible woman!!! she did this to me and so many others...and now a new one has shown up...what a shame!

  • Da
      21st of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Heather Ryan Bozant She has done done this same thing to me and she really need to be stopped. I have a video of her this time. I also bought a Yorkie and it died within days I was out of 2, 000 for a 600 puppy. Mary is the name she told me also and then try to say it wasn’t her. She came a day ago to give me another puppy to replace the one I had and he became sick. He had vomit on one of his paws that looked like brown dog food but he started throwing up the same brown vomit with me not even 5 minutes of getting him. She yelled and said she was not talking to me anymore and hung up in my face. He is very rude and blames everything on someone else. And this last time she met me she had no license plate on her green ford pickup truck. The first time it was a silver ford van with dog kennels in it. The dogs are stinky something really has to be done. This is cruelty to animals and a hurting feeling for us that want a puppy she has added another name tiny pet connections A1 tiny pets tiny toy pets this puppy is having diarrhea and vomiting. The same as the last puppy and I got him yesterday. She’s a terrible person!!! Daphne Garrick.

  • As
      3rd of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    My question is does this woman always meet buyers or has anyone been to her home? With the number of puppies for sale, and all the dead puppies, I can't imagine what the breeding conditions are. Mississippi needs STRICT laws on puppy mills.

  • Ka
      11th of Jul, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I have had the same experience. I purchased a Yorkie from this lady “A1 Tiny Pets” that I found on for $500. When I called, I received a call from another number stating she had the female Yorkie available. I asked for a picture of the exact dog that was available but when I arrived to pick up the dog it was noticeably different than what I was sent. I had my dog less than 24hrs before she passed. The first night I had her she vomited nonstop all night. She had bloody stool. She would not eat or drink. She also was so weak she could barely walk or hold her head up. The vet said she was in horrible shape and I should contact the breeder to get my money back. She was infected with parasites. And died on 7/11/18. I contacted the lady asking for her name and she yelled at me saying I didn’t need her name and hung up. I called back to be yelled at again after asking for a refund or another dog. I am glad I found this site. I will be suing and I will put an end to this. She deserves to be in jail. She is a thief, scammer, and animal neglected. The animals she sells are not healthy.

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