Roland Tar cc/Trippleweave Construction / Tar Mac that was done at poor quality

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To whom it may concern,

On the 10/10/2012 I had a company Roland Tar Surfaces cc/ Tripple Weave Construction tar mac my premises. The job was done to the poorest quality as it was done in a hurry. When I complained the project manager Alex Mareya which was on the site told me that is what I paid for. He had agreed to do the job at R9 200 & is now telling me the initial quote was R16 000 & that he did me favour. He said the job has a 5 year warranty & it has only been a few days & now there are cracks & he refuses to sort it out. The tar surface is not evenly compacted & when I called Alex to inform him he says there’s nothing he can do that’s what I paid for.

I feel this is not a quality job they done & has to be rectified.

Please if this is not the correct place to lodge a complaint please can refer me to the relevant department.

Kind regards,

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  • Sa
      Dec 24, 2012

    I do disagree with the above comment as i think this is a competitor trying to tarnish the image of tripple weave. I have had i lot of jobs done by these guys and i must say every job was done beyond expectations. They are so good in doing their work and they do it diligently with utmost professional care. I will recommend them to anyone any-time. If you have issues with them try to find common ground with Alex. Am quite positive Alex is a reasonable and fair person.

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  • Wi
      Jan 29, 2013

    I agreee wit you. i had triple weave working for us. they are not bad. Talk to the guys esp. Alex and thing will be sorted out

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