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Robet Metzgar



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Contact information:
Robert Metzgar
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
Robert Metzgar is a self proclaiming record producer in Nashville, Tennessee, more specifically, Hendersonville. He has scammed more people than one can count and is still on the streets. He pretends to be associated with some big names in the business including record labels, promotors, mangers and many other legitimate agents and the famous artists themselves too.
The fact is that he is not conneced with anyone other than criminals like himself. He pretends to be affiliated with big names like Capitol, MCA and Universal, but he is in no way associated or known by any of the reputable companies. He cons people into believing he will give them hit a song written by one of the well known names in the business, from a song pool which doesnt exist. He has been peddaling the same songs to many new talents for many years. His office is a fabricated front complete with painted gold and platinum records on the walls with self penned photos of all the big stars all around the room. Every aspect of his business is a scam with which he does very well with by grossing more than $300, 000 per year. He has produced the same quality albums for people starting at about $5, 000 and all the way up to $150, 000. He has taken a lot of money from people with promises to do work for the money but never does the work. He has memorized every excuse in the book to keep a person waiting patently for their product which normally never does come. After a person has been drained of their fortune and savings they are sometimes given 1000 copies of a recording that isnt even professionally mastered. He charges 5 times per copy to the unsespecting newbie and the finished product, if there is any, is of just above slum grade recordings. Robert Metzgar promises professional media wire releases for his artists and what they get is made-by-him free online wire releases. He lies and makes up stories about artists on his label making the charts but the charts dont exist. He has a few affiliates that he works with, for example Wayne Hall who charges Metzgar about $350 per photo shoot and Metzgar will charge his client up to $3, 000. The stories are endless with this creep, but be warned. Do not do business with Robert Mezgar for any reason. He is a con man of whom the D.A. office in Nashville and the FBI are closing in on. He will be in jail very soon and wont be able to complete your project anyway. Google search Robert Metzgar before you think about contacting him.

Robet Metzgar

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A  12th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Are Paul Jackson and Tim Webb connected to Metzgar?
A  16th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have worked with Mr. Metzgar and he is a liar. He did tell us that he worked for Universal Music Group and went so far as to say that if we paid money to LICENCE the songs then Universal Music Group in Canada was going to pay for all the production costs including recording and we were promised a meeting with UMG Canada and of course it never happened. I tried to contact the person which Mr. Metzgar said was the one interested in my artist and yet they never heard of her or Mr. Metzgar. They did not provide any funding whatsoever for any of the costs. Mr. Metzgar says he submits new artists to UMG all the time all over the US but because we were Canadian we had to deal with UMG Canada. He is well known for scamming many artists. He has been part of a tv investigation whereby he takes money from people who cannot sing and places them in the studio after paying him thousands of dollars. He tells the artists they are the best thing since sliced bread and that in turn makes many of them spend more with him for nothing. He promises to shop your album around once it;s done and also to set it up for sale in places like Walmart but once the funds are paid and the mickey mouse production is done, nothing more is done on Roberts part and in fact he says he did not say what he said. He does not sign the artist agreements and contracts, He tells all potential artists that he has worked with Elvis and helped to further his career. He told us that he worked with George Strait who is his good friend but he is not. In fact he told us to contact george to work with him and he was excited to work with the artist but he and his management had no idea who the artist was or who mr. metzgar was. He does not pay the studio's he uses for his artists to record at and in fact has been banned from the studio due to him misleading the artists whom he signs and records. We were warned by the producer at the studio and two sound engineers that metzgar was a scammer and often lied to the artists about their singing ability and or their career sky rocketing as soon as the album is released. Metzgar promised to have cd's done including all graphic design etc but did nothing. We did it all. He did ask that he get a cut of sales but the album, according to radio, is nothing more than a glorified demo album and not worthy of radio. He had a videographer but he quit due to not being paid although Metzgar was getting money from the artists to pay for the video;s. His administrative staff quit after he stole over 30K from her after he approached her for a short term loan with no contract signed and based purely on a handshake. He then accused her of stealing from him when she called him on it. She witnessed him misleading people many times. He is currently working out of a hotel room as he has received threats and creditors are after him. I have had many artists contact me to see if he is as good as he seems and I have told him to run not walk as fast as they can away from this scammer. I would have responded sooner but I didn;t see this post. My advice: Robert Metzgar is a scammer who will say and do whatever he need s to in order to line his own pockets. His contract meant nothing because it was completely fake. Thanks for the post and I hope this will sway others from dealing with him.

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